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Dejanira(157)—– The Victim Asteroid In The Chart

girl black and white bath tubHow do I make sense of the Dejanira Asteroid in my chart?

This is a reader’s question and a great one.. Dejanira is the asteroid of the victim. Each person has each and every asteroid. The difference is in the prominence. A prominent Dejanira will make for abuse. People get angry when I am so definitive. What do you want me to do, cloud everything until my article becomes the kind of mush that dominates most of the field of Astrology? Not me, I will call it as I see it. The reader is free to read or not, but I will not succumb to political correctness *SIGH*

With that out of the way, let’s get started. Dejanira is Asteroid Number 157. One can find it by adding the number 157 to the extended chart option on There are many ways to derive information from the placement of Dejanira in your chart.. First of all, any asteroid that touches PERSONAL parts of the chart is personal. This may seem self explanatory. The personal parts of the chart are as follow—The Ascendent, Descendent, MC, IC, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

Saturn, Jupiter and Chiron are not considered personal planets, so I would put them on a secondary level of importance. Neptune, Pluto and Uranus are generational planets, so would be on a tertiary level. Hence, if Dejanira conjuncts any personal part of the chart, at 3 degrees or lesser oeb, one has a prominent Dejanira. I will add something else here. The Child Asteroid(Number 4580) seems to be a powerful indicator of one’s childhood. When Dejanira conjuncts the Child Asteroid, abuse, always, seems to occur.

So, one must ascertain the location of the Dejanira Asteroid, with respect to one’s personal planets. Dejanira seems to make for more of a victim when it touches passive planets such as the Moon and Venus. The Ascendent seems to be a  particularly hard placement for Dejanira, as well.  I would rank the Dejanira placements, in terms of difficulty as follows. The hardest placement is Dejanira conjunct the Moon. Second would be Dejanira conjunct the Ascendent. Third may be Dejanira conjunct Venus. In the case of Dejanira conjunct the Moon, I have seen Borderline Personality Disorder in almost all cases. If one does not have BPD, one has sustained severe childhood abuse, usually sexual. This is my experience working with hundreds of charts.

Dejanira conjunct the Sun seems to bode for a life of being a victim, but it does not seem to wound as deeply as the above placements. The same seems to hold true for Mars and Mercury. The Sun and Mars are what are called active planets. This is what the Chinese call yang planets. Hence, the person does not seem to take the victim mentality as deeply. However, Dejanira conjunct any personal planet may set the native down the path of victim hood through no fault of her or his own.The person did not choose his chart. He has the power to respond, only. All charts can be overcome by God, too.

I don’t look too closely at Dejanira by House. This is due to the fact that asteroids assume prominence when in exact conjunctions and other aspects such as trines and squares, if the orb is very small( one to two degrees) Conjunctions are always the strongest aspects. Let’s look, a bit, at Dejanira by house. The 1st house may bode for one to be a victim, more than other houses. The reason is that we wear our 1st house on our sleeve. Any planet or asteroid that resides in the 1st house will be part of our outer apparel. Hence, with Dejanira in the 1st house, one may have the “vibe” of being a victim. Dejanira in the 12th House may be be a person who hides the victim part of himself. This native may even victimize others because he is suppressing his own victim nature.  Dejanira in the 7th may be a person who is victimized in marriage. Dejanira in the 10th may be  a person who is victimized in his job or by society, in general. Dejanira in the 11th may be a person who is victimized in groups. This is not a look at every house but just an idea of how Dejanira may behave in the houses.

Dejanira would, also, play a large role in the person’s life, if it were conjunct the North Node. In fact, I should have added this to the personal placements because it is one of the most personal. The NN is one”s purpose. Hence, any asteroid which conjuncts the NN will show one’s purpose. With Dejanira, one will learn the lessons of being a victim. Hopefully, one can transmute the lessons into helping others after one has learned them, himself. However, this will not happen until one masters them on one’s own.

Dejanira conjunct the Vertex and the Anti-vertex are prominent points, also. Dejanira conjunct the Vertex means that victims will come to you. Dejanira conjunct the Anti-Vertex means that you will come to others as a victim.

Once again, I know I have not covered everything but will stop here, so the article  does not get too long.

I await your Comments, as always.


183 thoughts on “Dejanira(157)—– The Victim Asteroid In The Chart

  1. amiannKelly

    Wow this was great! There is so much more information that you delve into that I’ve never heard of and I have a huge library of books on astrology. I’m with Mike, I can only imagine how in depth a book would be if you were to write one…love your posts!

  2. amiannlittletwinstar

    oh wow, didn’t expect it but i have dejanira conjunct sun 2 degrees. was told that i was a kidnap and torture victim in a past life. this is therapeutic haha. (Y)

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow dejanira conj the Sun

      I don’t believe in past lives but be careful in this life that you don’t SEEM like people can take advantage of you. Watch your own vibes that you don’t send out the signals that you have low self esteem or confidence. 2 degrees is kind of wide for an asteroid so it is not as bad as if it were exact

  3. amiannshootingstar

    Great article. I am curious though, I have Dejanira conjunct north node in aquarius in the 4th house. It is 2 degrees, is this too wide of an orb? And it is opposite venus, victim of a possessive lover, maybe? I do attract those types (venus sq pluto). Also, I had to tell you this…my best friends brother murdered his girlfriend and himself, his north node was exactly conjunct nessus, her moon was conjunct dejanira and both her moon/dj were cnj his nessus and north node. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome, my Friend. 2 degrees is a close enough orb for Dejanira conj the NN.WOW about the Nessus/Deja relationship. If anything is TNT, it is this relationship. It brings up alllll our past pain and abuse and has the implicit promise of healing it from the love of the partner. Powerful, powerful energies! xxxxxx

  4. amiannmelissa

    Hi Ami!!

    I just found that I have Dejanira (8H Cancer) quite prominently in my chart. [Also Sun conjunct Eris, hehe!]

    Sun square Dejanira
    Moon square Dejanira
    Jupiter sextile Dejanira
    Pluto trine Dejanira

    I read in a forum that IQ posted in and he said the Sun square Dejanira makes someone a victimizer. That really scares me! I have gone through a lot of abuse from both parents+step parent and have PTSD as a result. I really hope that I am not that type of person!!! Eek!

  5. amiannmelissa

    What do you think of Dejanira in the 8th house? I am pretty sure I was violated as a child [very weird memories, yuck…and a pedophile tried to kidnap me once too] as well as being raped twice as a teenager. Dejanira in the 8th specifically in Cancer seems like it would fit that scenario. I am wondering what kind of effect Cancer has on the 8th house. I am thinking that there would be some message of my Mother in there since the sign is Cancer, but I am not sure.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I don’t really look at the asteroids by house or sign. I think their story is told my close conjunctions and even closer other aspects, such as squares. I await your orbs and we will go from there, my Friend.

  6. amiannVictorian

    Amy my dejanira(21) is 1 degree conjunct my south node in pisces(20) and one degree trine my Venus in scorpio(21). I’ve been looking on line for understanding yet no info on this aspect. Please would you shed some light on dejanira conjuct ketu (south node) in 11 the house. I’m wanting knowledge to protect myself. Thank you kindly.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You may be comfortable with the victim energy but you can use this to help others and probably will not be victimized in this life, as far as I can tell from this aspect alone. That would be my guess from this one aspect, anyway, V!

    2. amiannMay

      I Have 35′ 59 Pisces Ascendant Opposition Dejanira In Virgo 25′ 40″.

      Can You Please Explain More Of The Aspect That I Have??. Thanks ♡♡♡

  7. amiannLeia

    Okay… i have Dejanira conjuct moon. I think it’s @ 3 degrees. I have never been sexually abused but honestly this post scare me.

    1. amiannName

      I have the same conjunction (plus chiron) and didn’t experience abuse, either. I think the asteroid could lead to us playing victim with our emotions and struggle to admit that we are not always a victim; it doesn’t need to be abuse related.

  8. amiannKristyn Robinson

    Thank you for sharing this information. I have Dejanira conjunct Chiron within 4 degrees and within 1 degree of my MC. Have you seen any charts with these aspects and how would you interpret them?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Kristyn! Sorry for the long wait to get back!. Chiron conj the MC is super hard cuz your pain may become public, which no one wants. Deja conj the MC amy be victimization becoming public, so these would be hard. my Friend.

  9. amiannAlin

    I have sado exactly conjunct moon. The person who loved me at first sight have the dejan exactly conjunct his true lilith and my mean lilith.
    He was my first love. He seemed to enjoy my bossy attitude. At that time, i felt very difficult to understand about our relationship.

  10. amiannAnett

    Omg my daughter has Dejanira conjuct her AC and Venus I think? I’m pretty new to astrology but that is how I understood this from reading this chart

    She’s only 4. and we have a pretty happy normal life/family so far.
    but reading this really scared me ;_;
    Can I expect something might happen in the future? Maybe in her relationships because of Dejanira conjucting Venus?

    1. amiannEmily

      Hey Anett,
      Not sure if this helps? I have Dejanira conjunct My Venus too but OPPOSITE the Ascendant and at times felt I was bullied verbally and teased by other girls growing up (never to extremes though). I have high sensitivity and feelings about bullying in general and I now work as an EA/counselling in a school. Funny how things turn around. A lot of my life lessons have involved learning to stand up for myself. Do not be worried.

          1. amiannMaria

            But what if i have my 7th house lord in 8th house lord?

            I m a virgo ascendant.
            Aries in 8th house. 7th house in pisces

  11. amiannRven

    I have Dejanira conjunct my Asc. I have been a victim early in my life, but at this point in my life I don’t think anyone would call or perceive me as a victim. It is also conjunct Sun/Jupiter, both conjunct my Asc., which may lessen the impact.

  12. amiannRven

    Let me add that I think the Dejanira aspect requires someone(s) to cross your life path and be the abuser(s). Wouldn’t you say this is the case as it takes two to tango in synastry/relationship things?

  13. amiannsunophile

    Sun trine Dejanira at 0 degrees. NN conjunct Dejanira in Aquarius. Currently in love with a manipulative alcoholic with lots Aquarius in his chart, including Venus and Mars, and he wants to try kinky sex but I don’t feel safe enough. Should I run?

    Also, when you say NN conj Dejanira makes for “victim lessons,” what would that mean?

  14. amiannPriscilla

    What does Dejanira in the 8th house in Gemini mean?

    It’s sextile my natal Chiron, in 10th house in Leo, by a 1’ 35” orb.

    It’s also Inconjunct Uranus, in the 3rd house in Capricorn, by a 0’ 25” orb.

    It’s also squaring Jupiter, in the 11th house in Virgo, by 4’ 16” orb.

    And it’s sesquisquare Mars, in the 1st house in Libra, by a 0’ 12” orb.

    I noticed the child asteroid is also in my 8th house, but not conjunct Dejanira and is in the sign of Taurus.

      1. amiannPriscilla

        Which aspect do you think would be more noticeable in my life? A major aspect with a bigger orb or a minor aspect with a smaller orb?

  15. amiannGabby

    Hi Ami!, I just started to read your blog and I really like it, this is my first comment here so, that’s reason you never saw me before; anyways, keep sharing the good work! c:. Okay, going to the topic; what do you think about Dejanira Sextile Lilith?, how would it affect me? (If you need to know more: Dejanira in Pisces at 27 degrees 1st House sextile Lilith in Taurus at 28 degrees 3rd House). Thank you! ^^. (By the way; I’m sorry if I have grammar mistakes, English is not my native language)

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Gabby and so glad you are here. This is a rather small aspect so unless it is exact, then not too much of anything but if exact you may use raw sexuality a lot in your life as part of your identity and part of how you “come across”

  16. amiannE

    I have Dejanira conjunct my ascendant exact (both 5 degrees sagittarius, though Dejanira is in the 12th house), and also conjunct my moon and Uranus. Though the conjunction is 5 degrees with moon etc so not quite as significant as the one with my ascendant.

    And yes, I’ve definitely felt victimised by life itself and by my dad when I was young. He was harsher with me than he needed to be (I also have sun square Saturn) and I’ve eternally felt like the worst daughter alive even though I’m clearly not. But was also later bullied by classmates and outcasted.

    I mean, lots of people get bullied but these things had a tremendous impact on me and it’s taken me a very long time to even start to not feel like a victim or that my personality and image is that I will be “struck down” by anything or that I am chained and disabled by personality issues (anxiety, depression, I also have melete conjunct my sun). I don’t consider myself weak necessarily, just often put in a position where stuff like this happens or I am the one on the lower side.

    But I’ve also used all this victimisation in artwork and it does clearly have ties to my identity whether I want it to or not. It feels better to make expressive positives about it instead of being passive or moaning (self pity isn’t pretty).

    Anyway. Interesting! Also to note, my moon is conjunct my karma exact… sooooo… yeah. I do accept that this lifetime is vey much about processing emotions and other lifetimes where I possibly was the victimiser… ? Idk if that’s true but it feels that way a lot of the time.

  17. amiannRalph

    I have been studying astrology a lot more and using people around me to clarify meanings of aspect chains. Denajira isn’t really about abuse. Denajira is resilience. Where we do not give up no matter the cost to ourselves. When we fall we refuse to not stand up. We accept the situation or action and keep trying. This is why it is so dangerous in synargy. Normal when something is harmful to us or not working, we move on, speak up, or stand up to change it. With Dejanira we do not do this. Allowing this pattern of behavior against us to take hold.With healthy boundries, self awareness, and self esteem, you speak up from the begining not allowing that pattern of behavior to take hold but unaware we do not.In essence we abuse ourselves by allowing it. From another person or house we would take action but instead we become submissive/subservient. There are no bad aspects merely positive or negative expressions. Good and bad are pure human perception. In the grand scheme of things what matters is the after effects and growth it inspires not the how. Unfortunately pain is the harshest and greatest teacher.

  18. amiannAC

    My Dejanira is conjunct Venus (1 degree) and Mars (2 degree) in the first house.
    Sado is conjunct Marc (2 degree). Lust and Vesta is there as well conjunct Venus and Mars (2 and 1 degree).
    I don’t remember being abused in the childchood but I think I attract situation when I’m abused by someone and I like suffering…it makes me stronger.

    I’m recently met someone where his NN is conjunct my Mars, Dejanira, Sado, Lust and Vesta. His Nessus is on my Vertex, opposition my Sun and anti-vertex (1 degree). My north node is conjunct his Dejanira. Its been a lot of suffering on my part…devotion and pain. But I’m still happy that I went through that..haha

    Dajanira and Sado on my Venus and Mars – 1st house – Am I’m abusing myself?

    1. amiannAC

      Forgot to mention that his Chiron is conjunct my NN (pain motive) so his Chiron and Dejanira conjunct on my NN. He’s been bullied in the past. He still needs a lot of healing..

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        Well, I do not like relationships with Chiron conj the NN, if it is close( up to 5 degrees) In a marriage, pain seems to be the theme. If you are not married, then you would not be stuck lol

  19. amiannAnonymous

    I have deja square moon and venus, inconjunct to neptune and quintile chiron if anybody could tell me what this means?

  20. amiannIngrid

    I feel so sad right now. I came across what you wrote about Deianira and the Moon. I had never heard of this asteroid. I checked the chart of a relative who has a lot of psychological problems and who I have always been so sad about and there it is – bang. Deianira right on her Moon. I always thought she might have been sexually abused, and there it is.

      1. amiannIngrid

        My sense is that it was incest by her father or brother. I would like to know in order to understand better my own father her brother who I always sensed a weirdness around physicality with me and it really affected me. I think it was her father. Are there any indicators of incest in a chart? I’m so grateful for this guidance…

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          YES. you can see incest but it may take the whole 5 days it takes for me to do a natal chart. You could look up the asteroid Sedna, extreme betrayal by the father. You could check her child asteroid. Do the synastry of her father with her chart, too. Let me know what happens, I!

  21. amiannIngrid

    Hi again, have just realised Dejanira is 3 degrees from her Moon so maybe not relevant..? Both in Scorpio with Jupiter there too. Moon square Pluto in Cancer. Pluto Sun conjunct (8 degrees in Cancer). Nessus square Pluto, trine Venus. Child square Sun, opposition Mars.
    Eros conjunct Saturn in Pisces, trine Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio.
    It feels like there’s a lot going on… any comments would be so welcome thank you thank you….

  22. amiannIngrid

    I have to tell you I cannot thank you enough for this. I agree you should write a book and get all this out there. This exchange is holding me as I uncover, truly feel and grieve for my beautiful wounded aunt who I have been so upset about and now I finally understand her tragedy and that if my family. Her transits right now are astounding. Transiting Nessus exactly on her Eros and vice versa, transiting Pluto opposite natal Sun/Pluto, Transiting Sun/moon conjuction right in middle of her Sun/Pluto, T Uranus on Natal, same for Jupiter and Venus, etc. She had a 10% chance of surviving an emergency op she had yesterday, and she is still here. I just so want to be able to see her again now that I feel I know how courageous she has been in her life. And I suddenly understand everything. The signs are so strong. Here are her natal chart aspects. I don’t have my grandfathers birth details yet.

    Grand cross: Sedna/Child/Juno (Aries) opposite Mars (Libra) at 90deg to Pluto/Sun (Cancer) opposite True Node (Cap)

    T-square: Lilith/Neptune opposite Saturn/Eros square to Chiron

    Moon in Scorpio conjunct Dejanira (2’50)
    Moon wide conjunct Jupiter (9 degrees) in Scorpio
    Moon opposition Uranus, trine Saturn/Eros (exact conjunction)
    Moon sextile Venus (exact)
    Sun conjunct (8degrees) Pluto in cancer
    Mars square Pluto/Sun (= classic sex abuse indicator)
    Saturn conjunct Eros in Pisces (<1deg) opposite Neptune in Virgo
    Venus in Virgo opposite Saturn/Eros in Pisces
    Venus trine Nessus in Aries
    Child Sedna tight conjunction(<1deg)
    in Grand cross (as above)
    Lilith (harsh aspects= classic Sex abuse indicator):
    Lilith opposition Saturn/Eros (<1deg)
    Lilith conjunct Neptune (3deg)
    Lilith trine Uranus (4deg)
    Lilith semisextile Pluto (1deg)
    Chiron (harsh aspects= classic Sex abuse indicator)
    Chiron square Saturn
    Chiron square Neptune/Lilith
    Chiron inconjunct Jupiter
    Nessus sextile Mercury
    Nessus square Pluto

  23. amiannamiann Post author

    Ok In that case, a life theme is likely to be of victimization. I believe Jesus can overcome everything, though, so please don’t lose hope!

  24. amiannLuna

    Hello, I’m a little late to the party, thank you so much for your post. If possible, I’d like to know your opinion on composite north node tightly conjunct dejanira. The north node in a composite is the purpose/experience of the relationship (I’m sorry if I’m wrong about this) and dejanira is the victim – will the couple be learning lessons as a couple? Or will they bring out each other’s victim side to the relationship? Thank you!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      The relationship will have a theme of victimization and it will, likely, feel bad.Exactly how this would play out I am not sure. Thank you for your post, Luna.

  25. amiannLori

    I have child asteroid 21° in virgo and moon in virgo19° and dejanira in virgo at 17° in the 9th house. I have had sexual abuse happen too many times in my life. By a family member when i was young 3-6 about and raped by a group of strangers when i was 16 and raped by a boyfriend at 20 years old that resulted in my beautiful daughter. I just want to say it was not my father who molested me. He is the greatest man. If it weren’t for him. I don’t know what would’ve happened to me.

  26. amiannminka

    Dejaira also contributes to the physical appearance? ..
    I know three girls who have an ascending trigone and they are extremely beautiful with a very sweet and angelic face (as if they did not kill a fly) ..
    Coincidentally, the three suffered sexual abuse during their childhood

  27. amiannKristina

    I think I have left a message on your site before about this, and I have done a lot of research, but I still haven’t found anything on the topic.

    I have Dejanira conjunct Nessus with 0’ orb, incredibly right conjunction, sextile Sun, also with 0’ orb.

    I am wondering what significance this might have.

  28. amiannChrissie

    Does the quintile still count? I have Dejanira Quintile My Ascendant and I’m the survivor of a childhood sexual assault…although it happened one time.

  29. amiannJanay Matthews

    Hi Ami Anne. I have the Asteroids Maniac, Black Lilith, Dejanira, Sappho, and Nessus Conjunct Mercury, South Node, and my Midheaven? What does that mean? It seems like at times that I’m more than just mentally ill, like I have dark sexual fantasies like bdsm wishing that I was raped and tortured for pleasure and that I have a demon or beast inside my head because I can say some of the meanest and harshest things when I’m abused, bullied, and provoked by cruel, harsh, heartless people. It’s like I’m in the battle with the dark forces especially between dark vs light in my natal chart most of the time. It’s like since I have Moon conjunct Pluto both in Scorpio in house 12, I can feel almost everyone’s positive and negative, collective unconscious thoughts. I’m diagnosed with a mental illness of Dissociative Identity Disorder, Schizoaffective Disorder with bipolar and depressive symptoms, and general anxiety. I wish that I was born with a healthier brain or mind. I don’t mind The asteroid Maniac because it brings out my eccentricity but Nessus can go out somewhere into thin air, forever.

  30. amiannKaylen

    Hi! I am so happy to have found your blog and begin learning about the Nessus and Dejanira, specifically. I find them very telling in a chart! I have Dejanira conjunct my 12H Sag NN (1 degree orb) and while that was an initially shocking find, it has helped me delve deeper into myself and my NN.

    I would like to ask a synastry question if I may! My current partner of 1 year’s Nessus is conjunct his Pluto with a 3 degree orb in Sag in his natal chart. In our synastry, his Nessus/Pluto conjunction conjuncts my Dej/NN conjunction all within or less than a 4 degree orb. Specifically, his Nessus conjuncts my Dejanira in a 3 degree orb and his Nessus conjuncts my NN with a 2 degree orb.

    My brain is spinning with interpretations of this! I would be very grateful if you could tell me your typical interpretation of such synastry placements or any related comments you have. Obvious physical/verbal abuse is not currently present in our relationship. He has natal Taurus asc/sun/mars/mercury so he can say hurtful things when he’s mad, as most humans will, but I have seen so much worse! Since my NN is involved in this conjunction, could this potentially be a “beneficial,” relationship for me, in that I may use it as an opportunity of spiritual growth?

    Thank you so much in advance!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      If you can ask me one simple part of the question, I will try to help. It is too complex for this message board. Thank you so much for your kind comments and Welcome, K!

  31. amiannElizabeth

    What do you think about a person having Dejanira conjunct Saturn and Icarus conjunct Venus? I guess these 2 might have a correlation and specifically in the love life.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      They have to be close(1-3 degrees) Deja/Saturn–the person struggles not to be a victim and can overcome it in time. The other one is a person who is too rash in love . Welcome!

  32. amiannNatasa

    I just realized my bf has Dejanira on his Mars in Aries exact in 8th house!
    Can you tell more about it?
    Also we have Child asteroids exact conjunct in Aries, but born 12 years apart?? Similar childhood?

  33. amiannCassie

    I can’t seem to find anything online about a person that has chiron conjunct dejanira (libra 1st house). I think it can be an ongoing theme of having people abuse you, or people taking advantage of you from a very young age. Maybe growing up with a victim mentality, might be hard to let people in.

    Thanks if you can help!!

  34. amiannaram brouillon

    hi ami, love your site 🙂 . i have my descendant directly conjunct algol and have never gotten a good answer as to what that means. but i’ve just started dating someone whose dejanira is directly conjunct my descendant and algol. was wondering if you had any thoughts about this? 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you Aram. You made my day!You may really find doozy partners. I would be very careful if the Algol/DSC is a close orb(1-3) Well, with this person, it may not be that bad cuz she will not be the abuser as much as the victim. To put it simply, with your Algol/DSC, you could attract some really bad women. Tell me your experience so far.

  35. amiannJellem

    I met someone who has Dejanira (in Capricorn 11th house) conjunct a little less than 3 degrees to his moon (also Capricorn 11th house), but it is retrograde, and both are closely opposite his Nessus (5th house Cancer). The retrograde is confusing me, and the fact that they are both within 1-2 degrees opposite his 5th house Nessus. Would it be possible to beg you for a short interpretation?

    In case it helps Moon has a square to 8th house Pluto rx. Moon is also trine his Venus and Mars which are exactly conjunct. But one side of the Venus Mars conjunction has his SN and the other side sits Chiron. Dejanira trine Chiron, Nessus sextile Chiron. Lots of other aspects of course but figure those are possibly most important. (In case it doesn’t help, you can just ignore this part).

    P.S. I really appreciate you and your site and love that you don’t give in to people who try to bully you into being politically correct.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you Jellum. You made my day! Retrograde is not that important with asteroids. Deja conj the Moon is really hard. Did he have bad abuse? This opposes Nessus is hard too but the Dejanira is worse for the person than Nessus. The Nessus person is a fighter. The Deja person gives up and becomes a helpless lump. The 2nd paragraph is too much info to deal with on here. I hope I have helped a bit though, my Friend.

      1. amiannJellem

        I see, I did not know that about the retrograde. I am not sure if he had bad abuse. I do not know him too well, and I am still a bit of a novice to astrology, but there seem to be other aspects in his chart that hint he might have been a victim of abuse or otherwise had a hard childhood. I feel bad for him, but I have to stop trying to help at this point, because he keeps trying to hurt me.

        He is sometimes sweet, but more frequently he seems dishonest, secretive, and/or manipulative. I sometimes feel like I am talking to several different people. He is ultra sensitive to everything I say, and if I say anything that he even remotely sees as rejection or that he dislikes (I figured out that if he wants to know my opinion on something related to him or his personality, he phrases a question in the 3rd person, so I never know it’s about him) he cuts me (emotionally) and intentionally tries to hurt me badly. I can tell he is doing it on purpose. His anger and cruelty is intense and runs deep. Was trying to figure out what it was, because even though I know astrology is not fatalistic, I was hoping to atleast have a bit of a warning for the future.

        So is it Nessus opposite moon that makes for the fighter? Or Nessus opposite dejanira?

  36. amiannJJ

    I run charts with people who fascinate me to see why and learn. There’s a person I could theoretically meet (and our NN/SN conjunct exactly both ways) but something puts me off. Composite Moon trine Dej and trine Nessus in a grand trine, exact? Q: would easy aspects make the energy better? As in, would it all work itself out in perfect balance like that? Could it be healing? In synastry, his Nessus is sextile my SN and trine my NN, exact, so might bump into him anyway.
    Also is composite Sun conjunct Neptune good or bad? Few minutes apart. Higher octave of Venus could be good but I can find nothing either way.
    In a natal, I’ve seen a lot of people with Dej/Nessus conjunct up to 3 degrees (not me thankfully) and they seem to have a lot of issues but I can’t tell what exactly. Any clues? People always discuss synastry with those two. Does it balance out with natal conjunction?
    Is a bad interpretation inescapable? As in, a man with Nessus exact sextile NN, are they always a brutal predator or simply with a high libido since it’s a “positive” aspect? I want to understand the energies at play without risking personal harm.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Astrology is certainly very fascinating !I wish I could do more, but I can only answer simple questions on this message board so if you could phrase one question in a simple way, I will try to help, Love.

  37. amiannJJ

    Alright how does Nessus and Dejanira play in the same natal chart if they’re connected e.g. by conjunction or something pleasant like a trine? How does that affect the person or how they interact with others? Is one always more dominant or do they cancel out?

  38. amiannLiv

    Hi Amy

    My Ascendant at 29 degrees Sagittarius is conjunct a potential partner’s Neptune at 28 degrees Sagittarius, and square his Dejanira at 28 degrees Pisces – could this mean that he might vascillate between idealising my outward demeanour and feeling confused or victimised by it?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You won’t be able to see the reality of each other until it is too late but if you have good Moons, it won’t really matter but if you have a bad Nessus or something, it will be bad later.The Deja is not as bad as the Nessus. His victim side will be in a compartment. It is not a huge aspect but Neptune could be. If I did a one question chart on you, you could see more.

  39. amiannMatilda

    Hello! Firstly, thank you so much for this illuminating article. As soon as I read about this, I had an instinctive feeling that Dejanira would be prominently positioned in my chart. As suspected, it is conjunct my Ascendant. My Ascendant is 10 degrees Virgo, Dejanira is 7 degrees Virgo. I was wondering if this means that it is considered ‘tight’ and will have an effect (I *feel* it is, but I would really value your opinion.) I could definitely relate to it as I’ve been bullied, victimised and scapegoated throughout my life… to the point where I generally believed I was somewhat cursed. I had a sinking feeling as soon as I read about it! I’d also like to ask if you knew of any other resources or places in which I could find some more detailed, quality sources on Dejanira. Again, thank you so much.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      YES, I am so glad this helped you. 3 is a factor but much better than exact.I seem to be the best source on the web. I have many articles. Put it in my search engine. You can ask me some general questions here, too.

  40. amiannLLazuli

    This is so fascinating. I found quite many incidents of these asteroids among my close family relationships… Additionally, it keeps bothering me that now when Pluto is 24 Capricorn, I find my Dejanira 24 Cap conjunct 24 Cap NN of a man I just started dating, these square my Child and his Sedna 24 Aries. I do not have anything else near 24 degrees among my planets or astrological points but he has plenty. How big of a red flag is this?

  41. amiannchules

    Hi, thank you for this read. My Nessus(moon decan) makes a hard opposition line to my Moon in the 4th. Dejanira is 5 degrees away from this placement in my 4th(under cap in the saturn decan). My child star is in the 5th under cap. I was severely emotionally abused by my mom and moderately physically abused….i believe this placement shows this….

  42. amiannName

    I got this conjunct my Capricorn moon and Chiron – exact. I haven’t experienced abuse or anything, so do you think this asteroid could represent playing the role of the victim with one’s emotions? I’m curious.

  43. amiannMelkee

    HI Amiann! I am new to your site, I have been reading so much. You have so much information it would take me a year, but that wont stop me. So interesting. I am commenting in hopes you could touch on Nessus and vertex, you mentioned “Dejanira conjunct the Vertex means that victims will come to you.” What would it mean if Nessus is conjuct vertex? Anything significant? This conjunction is also happening in the 7th house, Nessus 0*, Vertex 1*. So they are tight

      1. amiannMelkee

        In his natal chart this occurs. His Nessus is conjunct his vertex in the 7th, we are married. Does this mean I might abuse him? Also something interesting is my vertex is opposite his his north node. It is abusive in someways. I actually had to leave the home for a short time because I couldn’t take it anymore. I feel we knew each other before this life, idk if you believe in multiple lives. Am I to blame for this struggle

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          I don’t do vertex in opposition, just conjunction. Yea, I would say you abuse him and may not know it. Do you have Nessus strong in your own chart. It takes 2 to tango BUT the charts never lie lol

          1. amiannMelody

            My Nessus is not very strong it is alone in the 5th house Leo. No aspects to anything. That is very interesting about his Nessus conjunct his vertex in the 7th. I don’t know that I abuse him. Maybe in some deep unconscious way which in turn make him so aggressive to me sometimes.

          2. amiannMelkee

            My Nessus is not conjunct anything. It’s all by itself in the fifth house. I don’t see how I abuse, but like you said they don’t lie. Maybe I subconsciously do it and he retaliates based off that. I have read also some negative things about Pluto being in my 7th house that I can bring out the worst in people.

  44. amiannSuzi

    Thank you for this post. I have Child and Dejanaira in the 2H, but not aspecting each other. However, Dejanaira is conjunct Uranus by 2˚ and Uranus is conjunct my NN. Do you think that would apply? I have heard when planets are conjunct, they’re like a blender of the qualities. I have yet to understand how it works when there is a line of conjunctions like this though. I have a line of them in 12H through 1H involving 3 planets and my AC. (Mercury 12H conj. AC, AC conj. Pluto 1H and Pluto conj. Sun all in Libra.)

    So I don’t know if Dejanaira could in a looser sense, be considered to be conjunct NN. What would you make of it?

    I have been through a lot of psychological, emotional, and spiritual abuse and some physical. I have Asperger’s, which makes me a magnet for abuse. I have worked hard for many years to resolve this and believe while I can’t make my brain “normal” confidence and self esteem are very powerful once you learn how to cultivate them. Mine were stripped from me at a very young age and I’ve been on my own since, trying to understand how to get them. Asperger’s means I have a unique perspective, which might be the Uranus part.

    And what I am working on doing with it NN-wise, is using the 15 years of intense personal study and 5 years of college study to help educate people on oppression, domestic violence, and other social issues through healing and empowering self for social change. There is a lot more involved here but that is the nutshell. I am still healing though, so it’s all in process/progress still. Interestingly, I have Nessus conjunct my MC, which I thought could mean that I’m bringing these subjects to the public light, as I’ve heard Nessus can also mean being abused and not the abuser.

    Lastly, I found Palestrina (4850) (asteroid of creative arts) accidentally because I transposed the numbers for Child (4580). I thought it was kind of like the tarot card falling out of the deck because Palestrina shows up in my 2H also! And I am in a band and my friend said my voice makes him cry. So I think I am supposed to help people by singing and writing about transformation from victimization and abuse to empowerment and social change. I am a Libra Plutonian to add to the theme. My chart is very much a theme of power balance, love, relationships, and healing society through ourselves. Shadow work. Even Pluto and Eris are opposite each other in my chart, which I wonder if it isn’t feminist themes and patriarchy.

    So I find this all very fascinating and am interested in the “abuse” asteroids because it is such an integral part of my life and research even before I found astrology. The list of abuse, mistreatment and ostracizing in my life is very long. It helps to know that there is a reason for all of it, which astrology is helping me piece together more and more everyday.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I don’t think the aspects you mentioned at the top really explain your question. For the message board, I would need a simpler question and maybe 2 aspects. For a deeper question, I need to do a chart reading, my Friend.

  45. amiannIsabel

    This website is really great. 💕

    What if his Chiron and Saturn touch my Dejanira in Virgo, which is the 12th house for both of us?

    His Nessus does touch my sun in Cancer, our 10th house, but our connection doesn’t make me want pain or abuse from him. It feels gentle and sweet but also very intense.

    We are both Libra Rising.

    He is a Taurus sun/Pisces moon, trine my Cancer Sun. My Gemini moon touches his Gemini child but not close. My Leo child touches his Jupiter.

    We have Jupiter in our Composite 1st house, as well as Pluto.

    Our composite looks like layers of a grand trine Air with conjunction of Sun Mercury and Venus conjunct in the 8th house in Gemini

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you so much! I would really have to do a chart for you to answer a complex question. If you want to ask me about 2 aspects in a simple way, I will try to answer!

      1. amiannIsabel

        His Nessus is 3 degrees from my Mercury in Cancer.

        Cancer also happens to be my Venus, sun and both of us have MC Cancer as well

        Thank you

          1. amiannIsabel

            Yes. He seemed so perfect and he is a psychiatrist who treats the issues I have been having, so I trusted him. But he has been playing mind games and I give up.

  46. amiannCherokee

    I was reading this and you said it’s rare for this astroid to be in an ascendant. Well it happened to my daughter’s chart. What does that mean? There was no explanation.

  47. amiannIsabel

    Why are shrinks the worst? I thought that was lawyers! I am not sure if he is playing mind games or I am just hyper vigilant. I haven’t even met him yet. Is there somewhere I can post our composite chart to see more before I decide if I should give him a chance?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You could have me do a chart reading but I would need to charge and I like synastry more than Comp. Shrinks are the worst. I know of what I speak.

  48. amiannRodney Lochner

    What would Dejanira square North and South nodes mean? North Node is 12’42° Virgo, Dejanira is 14’32° Sag

    And what is too wide an orb? I have Venus in Saf 9’30 and Dejanira 14’32° Sag.

    Are the orbs for all asteroids 2-3° max?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yea, Venus and Deja is way too wide. 2-3 is the orb for asteroids. With the Deja and the Nodes, the victim part of you may thwart your finding your life purpose.

  49. amiannMay

    I Have 35′ 59 Pisces Ascendant Opposition Dejanira In Virgo 25′ 40″.

    Can You Please Explain More Of The Aspect That I Have??. Thanks ♡♡♡

  50. amiannAlexandra

    Hi Amiann! I am very, very worried … My daughter has dejanira (18 ° 42 ” cancer) conjunct the moon (16 ° 37 ” cancer) conjunct the vertex (16 ° 55 ” cancer), all in the 8th house … My husband has nessus at 19 ° 16 ” cancer … does it mean he will abuse her?

  51. amiannMaryAnn

    What if Dejanira is conjunct someone Sun orb 1 degree. Will they choose to victimize or maybe marry someone who seems to be a victim? Found this in someone’s natal chart.

  52. amiannJJ

    I checked Johnny Depp’s chart and Dejanira is 4 degrees conjunct NN. That’s interesting.

    In synastry, would Dejanira on the DC be bad? Could it be healing, since it attracts? What about Chiron conjunct Dejanira, would there be a healing?

    Natally, I’ve got Jupiter opposite Dejanira, wouldn’t that be a good thing, to minimise victimhood?

  53. amiannAlex

    Hi! I think I accidentally messaged you thinking it was to comment sorry about that! I was just wondering what you think of dejan conjuct directly Chiron? Sorry about bothering you hope you had a great New Years!

  54. amiannCarla

    I have dejanira in conjunction with the moon in capricorn. I don’t know if I have Borderline, but I have many disorders including anxiety and depression diagnosed. It’s hard.

  55. amiannJade

    Hi miss AmiAnn, I’m researching all the deep Asteroids and I came across Dejanira. I was wondering what if Dejanira conjuncts other asteroids?? In particular, Eros and Angel.

      1. amiannmerve

        Thank you what about
        nessus: 22 leo
        mercury: 21 leo
        mars: 24 leo
        eros: 26 leo

        child:1 saggitarius
        deja: 6 saggitarius

        what do you think about this one ?
        am I abuser??

  56. amiannAngel

    This topic is so fasinating, I have been stumped on an aspect. Karma is conjunct Child and Venus, making a conjunction to anothers Dejanira and Venus in synastry. Can this aspect create toxic bonding?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      The Dejanira/Venus person will tend to be abused when he is in love. The other person does not have to abuse him, like you for example, but somehow it will happen to him

  57. amiannTea

    Dejanira is the 4th leg of my t-square. Opposing Moon, squaring Mars and Uranus within a degree. I tend to kick back against being victimised but do feel the pain of it. Transit Pluto will conjunct natal Dejanira off and on over the next couple of years so, should be interesting..

          1. amiannTea

            Yes, though not in the most traditional sense. I doubt I would have coped without faith.

  58. amiannTina

    Hi Ami, I love your work! Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge xx
    You mentioned that Déjà conj moon in all cases you’ve seen have borderline personality disorder. I’m suspecting someone I know has it too. I’m intuitive and psychic, and I received a spiritual download that she does have it. In her chart, she has an anaretic degree Pisces sun, which initially rang alarm bells for me. She has Déjà conj her north node, and her north node squares her moon. I’m wondering how that energy plays out for her? Especially due to Déjà being involved in that t-square with her moon and the north and south nodes of the moon. Thanks.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you so much and thank you for being here Tina!

      Her confidence is weakened in general and her father may not have been strong. A theme in her life will be abuse and her heart will war with her life purpose

      1. amiannTina

        You are so welcome Ami ❤️
        I have learnt so much from your information, and I am so appreciative.

        Thank you for sharing. Makes total sense about her father. I know of the ‘war’ and power dynamics her and her father went through. She has a natal sun opposite Pluto, but in signs that quincunx. So I don’t think she’ll be able to ever see what’s truly going on with that quincunx energy at play.

        I also realised after I commented, she has her moon opposite Chiron. And that is adding extra wounding to her moon, and being felt by Deja via the connection. And her moon is conj Pluto. So I know it’s all playing out subconsciously for her.

        I also realised my Chiron is opposite her moon too, so all this abuse she directs at me, is just an external projection of her internal ‘stuff’, via her Capricorn Mars squaring my Libra Venus conj fixed star Spica.

        FYI…this woman is my (90s movie) single white female. No joke!!! Without the murder and living together. And it was through your info on asteroid bilk that I started understanding how that energy is playing out. Her bilk conjuncts my north node and I have white moon Selena conj my north node exact.

        Again, thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge, as I have gained so much awareness from your articles ❤️

        1. amiannTina

          OMG Ami!! Just that paragraph you replied with has enlightened so much for me, and the cogs in my head are turning!

          “Her heart will be at war with her life purpose.” I have an exalted moon that trines my north node and sextiles my south node. That’s why she wants all that I have and have had. If she try’s to be me (or a better version of me than me…it’s seriously nuts) she believes her life will be better.

          Thank you again Ami.

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            Tina,you are so welcome. It is so good you are studying astrology. It will be worth every minute!. You can understand things no one can really understand and your life can make more sense! xxo

          1. amiannTina

            You are 100% correct Ami. Astrology has made sense of so many things I couldn’t understand without the knowledge of astrology. Until we chat again, and I pick you brain on other asteroids and the energy of other aspects (hehe), sending you a big hug sweetheart. xox

  59. amiannChandler

    Hi Ami, thank you for your work you brought some clarity into my life through it.

    So i have dejanira in my 1 house at 27° right next to my pisces ascendent at 25° next to Jupiter at 29° in pisces.

    Well I found out that my last 3 ex – girlfriends had either balbustre conjunct their nn / sun / or balbustre sitting conjunct in 2° right on my moon and bilk conjunct 2° on my jupiter.

    So the girl i am now dating has her Sun conjunct ballbustre AND sado – i wondered why she has got a sado maso whip in her bedroom … getting better for the worse what do you think *haha* besides that gaslighting and some other funny stuff is going on.

    BUT slowly but shure i get to notice the patterns.

    So can you answer me this question – is there light at the end of the tunnel?! Can i overcome this victim mentality and also can i change my own beliefs to not anymore attract those kind of women?

  60. amiannAshley F

    I have a twin sister, 1 minute apart due to an unplanned C-Section (that probably didn’t matter but I digress) we both have our North Node conjunct Dejanira [Dejanira Libra 6°46′ // Libra North Node 6°58′] in our 4H and we both have been placed in the “victim” role for so many different reasons in our lives. Also, our father has his Dejanira 7°26′ Aries conjunct our 6°58′ Aries South Node (we also have Juno at 5°35′ Aries RX & Saturn at 0°54′) Thanks for the read!

  61. amiannEleni

    Hi Dear Ami🌻
    My Dejanira is square my Sun 0° 32′
    Dejanira conjuct Neptune 2° 57,
    Dejanira Conjuct Karma 1° 45′
    Dejanira sextile Pluto 0° 46′
    Dejanira sextile Mercury 2° 10′
    Dejanira sextile Hekate 0° 43
    Dejanira sextile Kaali 0° 37
    Have I any hope to overcome the victimization?

  62. amianngail

    I have been having flash back about my ex-husband from years ago. he was abusive & eventually committed suicde. when angry he could not control his actions. After shooting a 22 at me, he missed, he was psychically observed & Suggested he be committed. his family opposed it so I divorced him. He understand he’d be committed if he ever touched me again.
    I was never abusive to him but nessus are both in Tarus 2 Degrees apart, in
    Nessus conjunct each other, his dejanira exact square to my sun in my 10th cusp, Chaos exact conjunct my moon. His juputer exact conjunct to my saturn, in my12th.
    my Dejanira 10 tarius, nessus 7 tarius.

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