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Depth of Personality—–The Legacy of Retrograde Planets

blue lip girlI use myself as one of my main lab rats. I have several Retrograde planets–Saturn, Neptune, Mercury and Chiron. I am a Gemini. We are thought to be shallow. I have a Cancer Moon which is not a shallow moon at all. However, I am a very deep person for a Gemini. I think the depth is a result of Retrograde planets.

Chiron Retrograde inspired my thinking along these lines. I have had a lot of pain. It is hard to know if I have had more pain than average person.  However, I  have had very deep pain. The nature of a Retrograde planet is that it winds and winds  in a circular manner like a snail shell. It  works in the manner of Hansel and Gretyl  lost in the woods with only the bread crumbs to lead them. They must follow a winding path if they are to find their way out of the dense woods. That is the nature of a Retrograde planet. There is no native with a Chiron Retrograde who will be shallow. There is no native with a Chiron Retrograde who will not suffer the pain of the interior walk to the depths and, hopefully, make it out.

Mercury Retrograde makes for a unique way of thinking. One must dig down to the bottom of any subject before one can learn. One must build step by step in a, sometimes, annoying way. However, once one incorporates the knowledge, one can use it in very creative ways.

I have Mercury in Gemini, Retrograde. I have a strange thinking process. I used to be bemused by it. I would be ashamed, sometimes, but now I have come to peace. There are some things that other people do that I can’t. I cannot follow mirror images. I was in a dance group and I could not follow the mirror image of the teacher. I had to go to the home of the teacher for private lessons. Once I learned the dances, I was fine but I had to be standing behind her to learn.

I take guitar lessons. Again, I cannot follow mirror images. I have to face the same way as the teacher to follow his hand motions.

I cannot learn exercise machines for the life of me. Eventually I do, but then I am too embarrassed to show my face in the gym. I exaggerate for entertainment purposes but I hope you get the picture.

I have to learn everything from the ground up. I cannot skip a block or I lose the whole concept. However, once I get it, I can fly in creative ways. That is Gemini in Mercury Retrograde, as I experience it.

Neptune Retrograde makes for a very deeply spiritual person. If the native does not find God in a traditional way, he will look for God in  non traditional ways. There seems to be an unstoppable quest to know why the native was born and for what purpose.

Saturn Retrograde makes for self doubt. If you see the most seemingly confident person and that person has Saturn Retrograde, you can know that there is a great deal of self doubt. These days, we call it low self esteem.  Whatever the name, this native does not feel he is worthy enough. He feels a sense of inferiority. It can be overcome, though, as Saturn rewards persistence. Think of it this way. If you eat your vegetables, you will grow big muscles.

Uranus Retrograde struggles with his uniqueness. He feels he is weird. We all do, really. However, it is the strong person who can know that we all are weird and that our weirdness is part of what makes us beautiful. The Uranus Retrograde native may feel as if he is more of the “weird kid in the corner”. He needs to embrace this and make it part of his allure and not his baggage.

Pluto Retrograde must work very hard to find his personal power. It will not come easily as in a Putin. It will come slowly and laboriously. That is the nature of the Retrograde planet. He will be forced to understanding the workings of power before he can claim his own.

Venus Retrograde may be the hardest of Retrograde planets. This native struggles with love. Love becomes a winding hallway such as  in  garden mazes of old. Think of an Englishwoman walking through a garden maze. It winds and turns in so many unexpected ways that she may despair of finding the exit. When Retrograde hits the planet of love,  one has a difficult state of affairs. Love seems very, very complicated such that one may despair of finding one’s way through it’s maze.

I have not had enough experience with Jupiter Retrograde to write about it. However, I will add your responses if you provide them!

I cannot personally speak to the other Retrograde planets but I await your responses!

20 thoughts on “Depth of Personality—–The Legacy of Retrograde Planets

  1. amiannKristieJenkins

    Venus Retrograde in Scorpio, in the 1st (conjunct Sun), for me, means that it is hard for me to accept or really know when someone truly loves me and it takes a very long time, for this to be ‘proven’, in a sense. The nature of this placement has been an unconscious or hidden one until here lately, since I’ve gotten to ‘know’ myself, through Astrology.
    Looking at my life, the people (very few) that there is zero doubt about whether they honestly love me no matter what, have proven time and time again for over at least a decade that they’ll love me regardless… regardless of how I’ve let them down, regardless of anyone else and regardless of even myself trying to push these people away.
    When I love, it’s as intense as intense can be and it’s for life. Regardless of whether there are a thousand reasons for me to not love the person, it never goes away, ever, the intensity dies down but the actual love never dies. I must add, that loving people from a distance, who are poisonous or unhealthy for me, or my family, has become somewhat of a theme in my life, throughout the years. Even though this is usually very painful and full of separation anxieties (at first), cutting these ties have only been the ‘healthy’ route to take. Not to mention for the sake of self-respect. So this is my take on Venus in Retrograde. Gives her love readily, easily and forever while finding it hard to accept the same in return.
    ~Kristie Jenkins~

  2. amiannMoontoadie

    I agree with you there. There is something about that Rx planet that makes it deep. I have Merc Rx 12th/1st (2degrees off the AC), Chiron Rx 10th and Neptune Rx 5th.

  3. amiannJess

    I have jupiter retrograde in the 8th. I think it makes it difficult to find joy. This may sound sad, but the lesson here, I believe, is true faith in oneself. Luck doesn’t come easily until one truly feels they deserve it.

  4. amiannVivian

    I can say that you have it Hard Ami

    Saturn is hard but in a retrograde, ah boy

    I have some planets in retrograde as well and sometimes I myself feel retarded or debilitated

    I have Chiron in Cancer retrogade in my twelfth house which is still a mystery to me as it is to most

    My jupiter in leo. Well Jupiter is in the twelfth with chiron as well retrogade. I guess I dont believe in luck and have always been taught to work extremely hard for what you have (many planets including north node in Capricorn)

    I have mercury in Sagittarius in 5th house retrograde . As if mercury wasnt already bad in Sagittarius. I do alot of thinking. I feel if I say things right off the bad, I will end up with my foot in my mouth although it has happened.

    But the worst one , which hurts me and makes me question my entire existence must go to my Mars in Taurus 10th house retrograde. I mean mars is supposed to my drive. In taurus and we got problems but then we have to add retrogade. Its terrible. I feel like a go getter but people dont see that. Its in the house of career and everything is going …SOOOOO SLOOWW. I wonder if I will ever live to see myself doing what I love…ever? I feel it most because I love work and I want to have a career. I kinda feel left behind. It doesnt just affect my career too, am a very slow person in pace , I used to deny it until my last supervisor told me that I am a slow worker. Not to mention I can never express my anger. Like I have all these pent up energy and resentments and even if I try to curse , it comes out wrong. It holds me back from saying and doing things I want to when I want to.

          1. amiannVivian

            @Ami I understand but I want an easier life… can i have that? I understand that retrogrades move backwards or indirectly in a chart but have you found any info about when it will start moving forward (directly)?


  5. amiannVivian

    @Ami I believe it was my

    Moon Square North Node along with Venus conjunct North Node and Saturn Conjunct North Node.

    My North Node is oppose Chiron

    Also I forgot to mention my North Node is Retrograde 🙁

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