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Addictions Based on Your Sun Signs

This seems to have quite a bit of truth in it 😀



zodiac addictions

6 thoughts on “Addictions Based on Your Sun Signs

  1. amiannzakiahakakatie

    Even though I am a Gemini Sun I am not into smoking at all lol. Doctor says I am allergic to the smoke; my mom smoked when I was growing up. Even though I am not a Cancer Sun that is the addiction I relate to 😀 I absolutely adore a certain someone and love spending time with him, even if we are just talking on the phone or facebook <3 I think about him all day. He has taken me to so many places and we have had so many adventures together; I love to cook food for the picnics we have 😀 I love him <3 <3 <3

  2. amiannJoyce Marie Thompson

    Well I’m a Pisces and I can tell you right now, drinking has never been a problem and deffinatly not an addiction for THIS PISCES!!

  3. amiannVanya

    I like smoking way too much and…I have Sun in Gemini! Thank God I’m not addicted I avoid smoking most of the time (only do it sometimes by myself thinking about my existencial problems lol). My ASC is in Pisces, and huh I like getting a little happy with booze. I’m glad I have a reasonable degree of self control. Smoking+Alcohol= bad combo 😛 😛

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