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Are You Mooning Me?

I had the pleasure of a look at four Moon placements yesterday. By the end of the day, I had a possible answer to a question I have been deliberating with my ace researcher S.P. Why does his Scorpio Moon not feel like a Scorpio Moon? For background information, there are three legendary placements in Astrology: Mars in Scorpio in a man,Venus in Gemini in a woman and Scorpio Moon in either sex. If you get into an Astrological community, your calling card will be one of these. At any rate, SP and I have had many conversations about why he does not seem like a Scorpio Moon. I had three separate conversations yesterday in three separate places and have come to a partial answer about SP’s and my question.

One conversation was with a 12th House Moon native. He very sweetly opened up to me. It took such effort of will for him to reveal his feelings.It was akin to running a marathon.I could feel how hard it was for a 12th House moon to reveal his deepest heart to another person. The next conversation was in a study group looking at a chart.One Astrologer said that if a person has the Moon on the angles, the person will be very emotional. The chart under observation had the Moon conjunct the Ascendent. The woman was very very emotional. She took prescription drugs as a way to deal with her severe anxiety. I asked about the Moon conjunct the MC. This placement would make for an emotional person as well. However, the person could easily show her emotions to society.

I took all that and went back to S.P’s moon. Why does a Scorpio Moon not feel like one? The answer is it’s placement in the first house, to a large extent. The first house is what we wear. The first house would be the kind of car you drive. You may drive a BMW er. You may drive a Volvo. You may drive a truck with a gun rack. You may drive an electric car. You may drive a classic car. At any rate,one can see what you drive as the first house reveals who you are. You may like this or not but it is true. What you have in the first house, you wear on your sleeve, like it or not.

Back to S.P’s Scorpio Moon. The Scorpio Moon is notorious for being big and bad. The hallmark trait of the Scorpio Moon is it’s intensity combined with it’s propensity for hiding his emotions. Can we say powder keg? This combo can be scary . The Moon does not like to be in Scorpio as it is the Fall . The Moon does not like to be in a sign that thinks his lover is having an affair when he goes to the corner store. Poor Scorpio Moon. It is the hardest place for the Moon. However, the house placement becomes all important when dealing with such questions as to why an astrological placement does not function as it reputed to do.

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