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Do You Want To Do A Simple, Simple Synastry( The Chart of Your Relationship)?

I am going to be very direct here, and not mince words. This is my experience from doing charts, as well as my personal life experience, as I watch how the charts mirror all my relationships.

The number one planet for closeness and intimacy with another person is the Moon. When you have the synastry chart in front of you and it looks like Greek, forget all that and zoom in on the Moons. Observe the manner in which one person’s moon touches another person’s moon. You will have won the bonus prize if you have moon trine moon.You want the orbs to be close, not more than 8 degrees. The closer the better, of course. One can understand the nature of the orbs by thinking of a fire. The exact orbs have the intensity of sitting right next to a roaring campfire. As the orbs move away, the intensity diminishes.

Hence, if a couple has an exact Moon trine Moon, they get my major vote of approval and the major amount of bonus points. This couple will have the intimacy of childhood best friends. If you have Moon trine Moon with a platonic friend, a business partner or a child, you will feel it and you will know it. It is the sense of a deep and easy intimacy with another human being. It is a rare aspect. One must consider the multitude of options in any two charts. There are many hundreds of possibilities. So, to find a Moon trine Moon will be a rarity, but a very special and precious one.

Second to Moon trine Moon would be Moon conjunct Moon. I don’t like this one as much because the people can be “too close”. By this I mean that they can be so similar that no one can pull back with a different perspective. However, it is still a wonderful and binding aspect to have and my second favorite synastry aspect.

What I would NOT want in a relationship would be Moon square Moon or Moon Oppose Moon. I have friendships with Moon oppose Moon and there is not a gut level understanding of each other. For a friend, one may share other traits such as a creative simpatico, which I have with this particular person. However, if I am very upset and distraught, the person does not understand me. A Moon trine Moon person, would.

Moon square Moon is worse than Moon oppose Moon, as it is more locked in. Moon square Moon may even make a relationship impossible. I can’t say that, as I don’t know all relationship nor all people, obviously. However, from my gut, I don’t see how this relationship would work.

The Moon aspects will show heart closeness and effortless bonding and intimacy. We, all, want this. That is why I judge all my relationships by Moon aspects. One cannot demand that all one’s friends have Moon trine Moon. However, if the Moon aspects are not favorable, don’t expect to make lemon-aid from lemons. You may be close and share many things, but you will never have that easy, effortless bonding that exists with Moon trine Moon and Moon conjunct Moon, in my humble opinion.

After seeing if you are best friends material, lets see if you are each others “type’. This is not related to emotional intimacy, but, rather, what you find beautiful. This is a liking of the person’s “way”. Venus is the planet, here. Venus shows that which we find beautiful in another person. Venus, also, shows that which we are attracted to in art, music, home decor, clothing, cars etc. It is important for one’s Venus to be compatible with a lover. It is not as important with a platonic friend, obviously. My Venus is not, often, compatible with my friends. When this is the case, they may not get my humor, as humor seems to be an aesthetic.

With Venus, we can use the same template we used with the Moon. Venus trine Venus would be the best. Venus conjunct Venus would be equal, or second. It is hard to say with Venus. Venus conjunct Venus may be first. However, they are both good. Venus oppose Venus would function in the same way as Moon oppose Moon, in that your tastes would be different. You may have an opposites attract. It may be able to be dealt with, in the context of the relationship, unlike Moon oppose Moon which would be a deal breaker, for me. However, your tastes in the things you find beautiful would be different. I would not want a relationship with Venus square Venus, as the square does not allow for movement, in my opinion. I think your essential tastes would be very different. That may make for dissension. One may not even be attracted to the person, at all. I cannot say this, for sure, as I have not had that much experience with Venus square Venus, in synastry. My feeling is that the people may not be attracted to each other, at all.

The Mars have to be somewhat compatible or the people will not understand the drives in one another.If one person has a” stuck in the mud” Cancer Mars, he would not need someone with another ” stuck in the mud” Cancer Mars. One would not need a dreamy Pisces Mars. One would need a go -getter Scorpio Mars or an Aries Mars. You can see how out of tune an incompatible Mars could be. With a platonic friend, this would not be too much of an issue. However, with a romantic partner, it would. You need the man’s Mars to enhance yours and vice versa. Again, a simple template for the Mars would be Mars trine Mars as the best. This way, you are different but compatible. Mars conjunct Mars may make the relationship too intense, as you would both get angry at the same things and in the same way. There would not be enough balance, in my opinion. Mars oppose Mars may not understand where the other is coming from, in terms of what the other person wants from life i.e. goals. I would nix Mars square Mars. You may have a combustible fling, but long term looks bleak, in my opinion.

I have simplified the aspects for ease of this article. Not everyone has a Moon to Moon, Venus to Venus or a Mars to Mars. There could be a Moon to Venus, a Sun to Mars etc. I am trying to simplify something which could have many permutations and combinations.

On to Jupiter. Jupiter enhances what it touches. It infuses it with joy, confidence and ebullience. Jupiter is like a fairy godmother. It just gives joy. Even in a square, Jupiter is not bad. At worse, it may make one too generous, too confident and too expansive. However, Jupiter is always a light touch, even in it’s squares and oppositions.

Lets look at Jupiter, a bit. If you take any planet and conjunct it with Jupiter, you have the best part of that planet emerge, as if hit with fairy dust. Lets talk about the natal chart, a bit, just to understand Jupiter. If Jupiter conjuncts Venus, you have a person who has “big love”. I can feel this in people, as I love this aspect. The person EXCUDES love. If Jupiter conjuncts the Sun, the person exudes a confidence and am optimism, which others want to be near. If Jupiter conjuncts the Moon, one has an emotional warmth. So, Jupiter is kind of an unmerited gift, one could say.

Lets get back to synastry, which is the subject of this article. If someone’s Jupiter touches you, you will feel buoyed. You will feel joyous. You will feel as if you can take on the world a la Rocky. We will look at some specific ways that Jupiter can touch, in synastry.

When you think of Jupiter, think of the walking on air feeling you have when you are in love. Think of people dancing in a musical. Think how you feel when you get a promotion or a raise. Jupiter IS the” feel good” planet. If a man’s Jupiter touches your personal planets, he will make you feel good in the domain of that planet. If his Jupiter touches your Sun, you will feel better about who you are. If it touches your Moon, you will feel really good, down deep, in your innermost regions, your deepest emotions. If it touches your Venus, you will feel full of love. If it touches your Saturn, you may feel as if you go from a stick in the mud to a glorious, confident lady. This is the general sense of Jupiter. You can extrapolate to other things.

Saturn, on the other hand, is the opposite of Jupiter. Saturn restricts, as if it pours a cup of cold water on your head. When Saturn touches personal planets, you may feel sour or discouraged. However, Saturn can be a glue, in synastry. Saturn can be the hand of a stern father, without being mean. It is more this, than a cruel disciplinarian. However, one may FEEL as if Saturn is mean. You can extrapolate how Saturn would feel when it touches personal planets. It would have the opposite effect of Jupiter.

I will talk about Pluto, a bit. Pluto is one’s primitive emotions and passions. Think of a majestic tiger roaming, free. He has no social niceties. Pluto does not, either. Hence, when a man’ s Pluto hits your moon, YOU may throw away your social niceties. Get the picture? When a man’s Pluto touches your Venus, you will feel like the most erotic creature in the world. *Sigh* What a problem to have? As you can see, Pluto is a powerhouse. Look for him in synastry, particularly when a man renders you speechless, with knees shaking.

Uranus is the planet of electricity. Uranus is well known for flings as it may start hot and heavy and end burned up, such as a surge of electricity burning up actual wires. So, if your synastry is strongly Uranus dominant, without the Moon and Venus, I would expect a short but wild bus ride, such as a trip to nowhere and landing where you least expect. By Uranus dominant, I mean the man’s( or your) Uranus conjunct the Sun, Moon or Venus.

I have an interesting tidbit with which to end. Check your guy’s Descendent. This is easy and reaps a lot of information. He will admire the TRAITS of his DSC. He will not be attracted to the actual sign on the DSC, usually. However, this may be his ideal woman. This is good to know. Do the same for yourself, to see what you admire in a partner and what you aspire to, in yourself.


I hope this article helped and was fun. A Gemini always like to have fun 😀



32 thoughts on “Do You Want To Do A Simple, Simple Synastry( The Chart of Your Relationship)?

  1. amiannEric

    Hmm, I like this article. Is it possible to have a trine within a moon in your partner’s chart if it’s not within 8 degrees? I.E. Leo (8 degrees) + Saggitarius (20 degrees)?

      1. amiannEric

        You said “You will have won the bonus prize if you have moon trine moon.You want the orbs to be close, not more than 8 degrees.” If I don’t have 8 degrees within my Leo (8 degrees) to my partner’s Sag (20 degrees), is that still considered a trine or no?

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          A wide one, but yes, it would be a trine. The further away from exact weakens the energy of any aspect such as sitting near a fire or sitting further away. 8 -10 degrees would be felt, but more ambient.

  2. amiannLina

    “For a friend, one may share other traits such as a creative simpatico, which I have with this particular person. However, if I am very upset and distraught, the person does not understand me.”
    This is so true with opposition and square! I had the same experience with a good friend with moon in Pieces in opposition with my Moon in Virgo. We are not friends anymore. 🙁

    So, I do definitely agree that Moon trine is de best for al relationships and that they could last for very long time becuase of good, deep understanding. Such a good explanation and the right order of what is most important to look for in relationship.
    Thanks for posting it.

  3. amiannSurin

    Hey, Ami. It’s me Surin. I’d like to thank you, coz I now can take Saturn effect that bad, especially in natal chart. You’re right, Ami. Saturn will help me to get higher and mature ^^

    By the way, I have a question. Do moon trine moon, moon conjunct saturn, moon conjunct asc give an magical connection ? I haven’t talk with him. Frankly, I’m too shy. We haven’t met yet too. But I don’t know why I see him as “something”. And I checked his chart (though I don’t know his exact birth time) and draw a synastry with mine. That’s how I knew all aspects I mentioned above.
    Again, plenty of thanks for you, Ami 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You are so sweet, Surin. You are very welcome.Moon trine Moon is pure magic. Moon conj ASc is pure magic. Saturn conj moon may be too much but some people think there needs to be something like this to act as a glue.

  4. amiannJen

    My current partner and I have moon square moon (Scorpio-Leo) with 4 degree orb. However, I don’t think that’s a deal breaker. We had DW 2 degree orb Moon trine Jupiter, and that certainly helps our relationship lol. Not sure if Juno and Chiron plays a huge role in synastry, but we have moon conjunct Chiron, venus conjunct Juno, juno trine moon, etc etc.

    One question: what does Chiron conjunct pluto in Sagittarius in a synastry chart indicate? My partner is the Pluto, and I am the Chiron. This is one of our 0 degree aspects.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I would think this may be very painful. He may come to you to deal with his deep, primal issues but it may feel SUPER painful to you. However, YOU tell me what you think because I have not seen this aspect.

  5. amiannJen

    When I met him, I felt as if I was obligated to help him. Like it was almost my destiny. Maybe my venus, Mercury and moon in scorpio conjunction helped me pick up on his “problems” without him needing to mention anything. Though it is very painful to open his conflicts and my own (because it is mutual), I want to go through the pain and help him.

  6. amiannMaria

    I was wondering.. how many contacts we need in a synastry to determinate a physical attraction?
    For example in mine with my partner we had a Mars conjunct Venus, a Moon trine Mars and a Mars conjunct Ascendant … are three contacts “enough”?

  7. amiannama

    so i met someone with moon trine moon and venus trine venus and venus trine pluto. do you think all that can help minimize the fallout of mars square mars (retro gemini and direct virgo)? oh yeah the virgo mars is also trine a cap sun (which opposes a cancer saturn)?

  8. amiannAshley

    Innnnteresting 😀

    What about a mans Scorpio pluto trine a woman’s Cancer mars/black moon Lilith conjunction?

    That’s what I have with someone whom I’m attracted to..

    We also have trine moons both 25degrees.. Mine Gemini and his Libra. My jupiter and Uranus are also apart of this with Jupiter at 25 Aries opposed his Moon and my Uranus is at 24 Sag sextile to it. He has chiron 25 Leo and Saturn at 28 Aquarius! So it’s like every ‘yang’ angle is covered between us!

    We also have conjucnt venus mine at 17 Gemini his at 19 Gemini.
    Conjucnt ascendant mine 11 Pisces and his 16 with his mars at 19 Virgo

    Sorry to bowl you over with all of that…

    I’m just excited to see how much you rate trine moons 😀

  9. amiannYianna

    Hi there!
    Great article!
    My partner’s Saturn squares my Mars, my Jupiter and my Ascendant but by 8 and 9 degrees.. Are these aspects having any impact on our relationship ??
    We are in a relationship for 3 years .
    My Saturn also conjunct his Moon by 5 degrees.
    I have a friend who has his Saturn in difficult aspect with my Moon by 8-9 degrees and this is the only aspect in our synastry with Saturn and I can feel it very strongly in our friendship since I often feel a pressure and stability from his side..
    With my partner I can feel sometimes a controlling and restrictive behavior from his side ..
    That’s why I’m wondering if those aspects in our synastry might be playing a role..

    Thank you and best wishes!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I would have to really do a professional chart for you to really answer. 8-9 is wide and you may not feel it. Saturn conj Moon may make you kind of critical of his emotions.Thank you for your kind words, Yianna!

  10. amiannAki

    I like how u simplified everything, im strtong to get scared now that i met a guy where our Moon trines Moon, Venus trines Venus, Pluto conjuncts Pluto and lastly, Pluto sextile Sun. Im scared to even be close to him.

  11. amiannCarol

    Hi there! Loved ur article. I have. in synastry moon trine moon 4 degrees and sun trine moon 8 degrees… But have Saturn oposed do sun too…
    In synastry se have Júpiter sextile venus in double 0 and 1 degrees… In composite venus conjunct Júpiter 0.
    Idk about him but for me is intense and big, line from another lives. Everything hapened so fast. Venus conjunct uranus but is 8/degrees idk if is strong. Wanted know how to get ur interpretation.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      There are too many questions here for me to really answer well. I do think Moon trine Moon can overcome a lot so in that sense, you have a great thing going. To really give you the info I think you are seeking, I would need to do a one question chart for you, Carol.

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