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Moon/Pluto in Synastry

Some things are too intense to exist. Moon/Pluto would be a contender. The moon is your deepest heart. You show it to an animal, a child, a lover and God. When your moon touches a person’s Pluto, you join a club of a few. This is the love of a mother for her breastfeeding baby and a love of a woman for her lover, in one. The love is not of this world. The connection is not of this world. It is Healthcliff screaming for Kathy, as he runs through the moors. Moon/Pluto in synastry is once in a lifetime.It is your one and only. You will die with his name on your lips. This goes out to all you Moon/Pluto’s with love and understanding.

The Sugarbabes tell it as it is.





323 thoughts on “Moon/Pluto in Synastry

  1. amiannAL

    i have Pluto/moon opposition and he has a conjunction in his. i’m almost glad we don’t have Pluto/moon contact in Synastry, sounds like a torture it they were!

  2. amiannela

    awwwwwe, this was so beuatifully written i had to reply, i have Moon/Pluto aspect with someone only its a trine (synastry), does this apply to a trine as well or only conjunctions?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      YES yes yes about the trine. That is easier than the square as it is not contentious as square are. The trine is just heavenly! Thank you for your kind words. I do understand that energy.Moon/Pluto is unique in all of synastry imo.

  3. amianname

    what about when both have the aspect? person A’s moon is trine the person b’s pluto, and the person B’s moon is in opposition to the person A’s moon. As well as person B’s Sun is square person A’s pluto? do they have any chance to resist each other?

      1. amiannLou

        You mean it would be no possible to resist such combination even if you try hard?? Oh God…I´m lost then. I´m trying my best to stay away from him, I don´t think our relationship stand a chance, and although we have DW, his Pluto is impacting ALL my planets except for Mars, even Chiron and NN. I´ve read somewhere that somebody´s Pluto on your NN means they will change your life dramatically. Oh Lord….scary. Yes, it must be once in a lifetime but this is tortuous

      2. amiannIsabel

        So i realized we have Pluto-moon sextile with him as moon in Leo and me as Pluto in Libra

        My Moon conjunct his Gemini ASC

        BUT we also have moon-Mars squared double whammy ( my moon is Gemini /Mars Scorpio and his moon is Leo /Mars Virgo)

        And his Pluto exact conjunct my Mars at 12 degrees Scorpio

        Does Pluto square moon mean mental illness ?

        He also has Uranus square mercury …. which you mentioned

        Also in February when my due date was August 31 he told me that the baby’s due date is his birthday. When the baby was born August 29 he told me it was his birthday and I asked specifically to make sure he meant it was his actual day of birth

        So which is it?? Why would he lie about his birthday to make me think my baby and him share a birthday??? What would be the point ??? I didn’t confront him but I can’t figure out lies like this that defy reason??

        What kind of a doctor gets sexual with his pregnant patient, says he wants to help her, drawn to her, liked her a lot, can’t get enough of her, then disappears after the birth?

        We have Venus/mercury square with his in Libra and mine in Cancer. Is there a way to understand and communicate this? I just love him so much I have dreams about him and asking me not to leave me!

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          WOW this is not good. You better be careful. He could lose his license and it sounds like an bad accident waiting to happen. Pluto sq Moon is putting your passions in a box and they come out another way like in an addiction or in rage. Merc sq Uranus is brilliant but crazy. Pluto conj Mars in synastry is great attraction that will likely get violent

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Squares can be sexy in a sexy”aggressive/passionate” kind of way but they can not be resolved so you would need other harmonious aspects so you could communicate. with him besides being passionate. Come on my Forum and you can bring this question( and any others) It is free and I would love to have you.

  4. amiannaly

    I have this with my boss at work. His Pluto conjunct my Moon. He tells this guy I sit next to not to talk to me because it messes with my work(which it doesn’t). The guy I sit next to is afraid of my boss now. lmao.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Are you super attracted to your boss? Moon/Pluto is rare, as the Moon person must have a critical degree to hit the Pluto person. Pluto stays the same for many people of the same generation, so people born close to one another will have Pluto conjunct, which is no big deal. Moon conj Pluto is rare. How close is the orb? Orbs are key 😀

      1. amiannPisces-peach

        Ami I have this with my boss. It is intense and feels like a whirlpool. His pluto is conjunct my moon. The orb is 1 degree 10 seconds. I had the same aspect with my first husband, who went berserk when I left him. After 4 years working with my boss, I recognize the attraction and I’m glad I know astrology or I would fall right into this abyss.

  5. amiannAnnie

    Hi your description about moon/Pluto is very intense and deep. I have this aspect with a guy that I like. My moon square is Pluto and his moon is trine my Pluto. What you think about it?!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, I love Moon/Pluto. Everyone should experience it once, in his life, as it is unlike anything else. For the square, there can be power plays. You have the trine, too, which is good. A few squares make for passion and tension, so I would not think badly of this!

      1. amiannAnnie

        Thanks a lot! I feel a deep connection with this guy, like even if we are not in the same city I can see what is feeling, what is doing like our souls are tied, is weird. I also have my moon opposite his mars and my moon square his Pluto. My Venus trine his mars and my Saturn is conjuct with his sun. I just feel is like a drug for me, like is the air that I need to breath to live…

        1. amiannisis8star

          OMG similar synastry Saturn opp his Saturn Sun, My moon trine his Pluto (tight orb), my Pluto conjunct my moon (less tight), Junos trine, Chirons trine …In composite all 5 personal planets conjunct Neptune in H7….In Davison, five planets retrograde…. I happened to be making a video when we crossed paths in teh street so I have the recording of the moment we set eyes on each other and the First Meeting chart is just as intense…The first night after we met we dreamt about each other and he told me he loved me in my dream…..4 weeks later he left the country and it is like I can hear him in my head…The connection is INCREDIBLE..despite an alarming age gap….. Moon Pluto is something else… Totally a major past life thing/ karmic encounter out of nowhere! Thanks for this assessment, it helps to know that I can’t really get away from him even if I tried despite being adamant about remaining single for the last 2 years and shooing off admirers left and right lol.. And the most interesting thing is I felt nothing until 2 weeks – this was no love at first sight thing,, it just crept up out of nowhere… I can see it is going to be quite the rollercoaster….
          Anyone else noticed the assistance of asteroids or retro planets with their moon-pluto connections?

    2. amiannAnjie

      OMG — I’m just fighting my way back to sanity after a 2 year long relationship with his pluto square my moon and my pluto square his moon. It is very intense and scary to feel this way about someone. He never has to worry about me forgetting about him!!!

  6. amiannevi

    This is actually enlightening, thanks!

    I have Moon/ Pluto square and he has a trine and my Pluto trines his moon. I don’t expect we’ll ever be together, but it now makes sense that I can’t really give him up despite my being an overall pretty reasonable person… 🙂 I guess my own square doesn’t make things any easier and maybe his own personal trine reinforces our aspect, or am I wrong?
    Darned ill-timed births!…

  7. amiannAva

    Is Pluto trine Moon the same as Moon trine Pluto? I was told the guy I have deep feelings for has his Pluto trine my Moon. What does that say about how both of us feels with each other? Or does it say more about one person than the other?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Ava! Yes, each person feels it differently. The Pluto wants to control the gentle, fragile Moon. The moon is besotted with the primal, passionate strength of the Pluto.

        1. amiannL

          Your post made me laugh. 😄
          I sort of feel the same with my situation. I am the moon. He (Pluto) scares me but it’s like I’m the incapacitated space ship being sucked into the Death Star’s tractor beam (Star Wars reference) and a little bit hopeful once I’m on board it will be absolutely delightful. 🤭🥰😊

  8. amiannAmai

    I’ve got moon -pluto square in my natal chart, and in synastry his pluto is square to my moon…..i don’t know him well, but the soul to soul feeling is so intense……i’m totally obsessed

  9. amiannLena

    Hi! Sorry if this is inappropriate, but is Moon trine Pluto supposedly sexual or intense? I feel that it could possibly indicate that unless it’s our Venus/Mars synastry. LOL.
    My boyfriend’s Pluto (Scorpio) is trine my Moon (Cancer). It seems pretty deep 🙂

      1. amiannLena

        Well I’m fairly new to astrology so I know the basic stuff (not so much about orbs!) but when I checked it at in their synastry chart it is 0

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Not too much gushing. I love gush. I am a Cancer moon. That close of an orb is almost exact. It must be wonderful! Yes, an orb like that would kick up the intensity in a MAJOR way!

          1. amiannLena

            Ha! That’s awesome! You know after reading some of your other moon/pluto synastry stuff I researched the synastry aspect. It said it that it’s karmic too.

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            I don’t believe in past lives so don;t do past lives readings but Moon/Pluto is the most amazing synastry aspect of all!

          3. amiannLena

            Ugh, sorry for so many questions! But, who feels it more, yearns for it, needs it forever? Pluto? Moon? Both?

          4. amiannamiann Post author

            That’s Ok. I like questions 😀
            The Pluto feels he wants to control the tender moon and the moon wants to submit. each feels it differently.

  10. amiannCarine Donnelly

    I like your explanation!! Explains alot.
    I have my Pluto tribe his moon, mercury and Neptune.
    We are not together but feel like I’m doomed to have him
    In mind, heart and soul forever. I am Sun Cancer and he is
    a Cap Sun. Uggg

  11. amiannBoomshakaRaka

    I have a moon-pluto DW *trine and sextile* with my crush and My pluto trines his venus and all of them don’t go over 1 degree. Our Moons sextile and his Sun conjuncts my Moon and my Sun trines his Moon and our Suns, Venus’s and Mars are opposite. I kinda feel like this could be a Rose and Jack titanic esque relationship lol, Do you think so?

          1. amiannBoomshakaRaka

            Its so hard to explain lol, I’m an Aquarius so it will take me awhile to actually put it into words haha. Its kinda like every emotion mixed into to one, a big contradiction. He scares me because he can make me feel so intensely but I love it. I want to baby him and dominate him while at the same time I want him to dominate me and baby me. He feels so familiar but mysterious to me. When I think I know everything about him he shows another layer of himself. I tried to get over him several times but I realized that it won’t happen, the feeling is too strong. I feel like its meant to be, like he has my heart in his hands and I hate how vulnerable I can be to and for him. It is really irresistible, idk if its the moon-pluto dw or the lilith-sun dw though lol.

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            Lovely description. No, it does not sound like Lilith/Sun as this is raw sexuality. The depths of emotions combined with passion is classic Moon/Pluto!

    1. amiannisis8star

      beautifully written – totally helped me understand why the short month that we knew each other were so bloody intense…. my pluto has gone away for three months but asked to move in with me on his return…. this is going to be epic lol…. It Phoenix transforation time…. Feel like I have been waiting for him all my life…

        1. amiannChloé Walker

          I’m not sure what to do, my heart is hurting, broke ties with this guy, third time now, we have many contacts, my Pluto square his moon, his Pluto sextile my Venus, Mars conjunct Mars and his Pluto sextile my ascendant (in cancer). I’m so lost, I want to be with him but he doesn’t, he has the stronger Pluto, with Pluto in Scorpio, my Pluto is in Sag. He has Cap sun and Virgo moon and Venus, Mars And Mercury in Cap and I have Sun in sag, moon in libra and the same cap stellium in Venus, Mercury and Mars. So stubborn, both of us. Don’t want to leave, but it feels useless, does he feel the same?

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            I would have to do a chart and really study it to answer well for you, my Friend. I am sorry you are hurting. I can feel that you are!

  12. amiannCappyGal

    I have had a 3+ year on/off relationship with a Virgonguy whose Pluto is SEXTILE my Scorpio Moon at .12degrees orb.

    Perhaps also of note, his Venus conjuncts my Pluto at 1.50 orb, his Pluto conjuncts my Uranus at 4.51 orb, his Sun conjuncts my Pluto at 6.04, his Pluto conjuncts my Jupiter at 6.51, his Pluto sextiles my Neptune at 1.00 orb…

    AND his Gemini Moon is SQUARE my Pluto at 1.28 orb (double whammy!)

    What do you make of all those Pluto aspects? Obsessed is an understatement!

    On my part at least. Is he as obsessed with me as I am with him? I’ve always known I am irrationally drawn to him, I’m beginning to think he’s similarly drawn to me. Due to the fact we are each single-parenting teens, and don’t want to uproot our respective crews, we only see one another 2-3 times a month, although we talk daily. Or do when we’re not on a “time-out” with one another, which happens because my emotions (Scorpio) get to be too hot to handle. I just have to back away now & again.

    Once in a lifetime??? Wow. How does a sextile differ from a Trine here?

  13. amiannvirgal

    Hai. Read your description of moon /pluto aspects. was very impressed. I have moon conjunct pluto in libra in natal chart. I am a very intense deep person. How would the relationship with a moon in libra man be? In other words, he too has moon conjunct libra natally. How does that work out in synastry or composite?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, you are both very, very intense. You would understand each other but might not have enough balance. I really don’t know as I have not experienced this or done charts of people who have. You would have to teach me! xx

  14. amiannAmai

    Hi, i’ve been here already letting you to know about moon/pluto–obsession– and i would like to know despite this aspect in synastry if you also have pluto sextil venus in synastry as we have it?..would love to know about…thank you…

  15. amiannGrimeyGrimes

    I have a venus-pluto dw, moon-pluto dw, sun-moon dw, sun-pluto dw, moon-jupiter dw and venus-mars dw with my crush that I am already claiming as my future husband lol, is it safe to say he is equally obsessed as me?

  16. amiannDragos

    My Pluto is trine her Venus and opposite her Moon.

    Her Pluto is conjunct to my Sun, Venus and Jupiter.

    I know for sure that I’m obsessed with her, but how does she feel about me?

  17. amiannRhia

    What if his Pluto squares my Sun / Moon / Mercury? It feels intense but I’m also wary of him if he’s serious or just playing mind games.. His Moon and Uranus conjuncts his Pluto in Libra. While I have my Mars / Saturn / Pluto / Eros in Scorpio. Also, my Pluto in Scorpio conjuncts his Venus / Mars / Mercury / Juno / Psyche. Who is more in control of this situation? Are these heartbreak aspects? Thanks!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hmm Rhia
      Great questions. If you want to post your chart in my personal Readings Forum with this question, I could answer better. Put on the asteroids Nessus and Dejanira, too.

  18. amiannGrace

    I’ve yet to find what the Pluto effect is on children. I think you explained Moon/Pluto very well. Can you elaborate this placement with parents/children?

    What does Uranus conjunct Dejanira (2′) conj Nessus (approx. 6) I’ve never seen Uranus with Dejanira. 8th House natally.

    Secondly, everyone discusses Pluto on lover relationships. My mother’s Pluto (0′ Leo!) is conjunct my Sun and Child. No words to describe this. My poor brother has her Pluto closely conj his Cancer Moon! This may sound romantic in a relationship, but is a disaster in parental/child roles.

    We are both Leos. Cancer Moon and Cancer rising. One word: Painful then, painful now.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Aww Grace! You can come and put up your charts in my Personal Readings Forum and ask any questions. Hmmm_ Moon/Pluto with children. I am really not sure, Friend.

      I will ask some of my Astro buddies and see what I can find. Uranus conj Dejanira is another one I have not seen either.

      I would really love to discuss all of this in an easier setting because I would like to ask you questions. Please, register to come on my Forum and we can talk more!

  19. amiannlovelost

    I met this guy at a time when I was having a separation from my husband and was not looking for anyone. As soon as I talked to him, I felt this magnetic pull, as if I have known him for 1000 years and all I wanted to be is near him. We couldn’t stop talking , texting, and all we wanted to do was see each other. His Pluto (in Libra) trines my Moon (in Gemini) at a 0.3 orb (i don’t know much about astrology but i found it on a synastry calculator). I have never been so obsessed with someone in my life or felt so crazily and completely irrationally attracted. I have since gone back to my husband to try and work things out (we have a child) but I cannot stop thinking about this man! Darn you moon trine pluto!! I cannot get him out of my psyche and do not know what to do!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      GREAT post, Lovelost
      I could not do what I do if people did not write to me about their experiences, such as you have. You described Moon/Pluto to a tee, down to the last detail.Let me ask you a question. If you could never have met him, would you take the experience back or were you glad you had the one grand love of a lifetime?

  20. amiannsolstice

    My pluto in scorpio is in opposition to my partner’s moon in taurus. My feelings towards this man are intense but I just can’t read him sometimes. How does this aspect affect our relationship?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Solstice
      You will prolly want to control him and he will prolly submit to you, in a way. Perhaps, he feels overpowered but the Moon feels it as intensely as the Pluto imo

  21. amiannJill

    I feel like a love-struck teenager again about a man I re-met at a school reunion, thirty years after we last saw each other. We had been good friends as teens. At the reunion he confessed to me that he’d had a huge crush on me at school. I felt the emotional floodgates open. Nothing has happened but I would like it to. We have very strong synastry including my (taurus) moon trining his Pluto (virgo) at 0.67. I have natal moon trine pluto also (1.31 orb). His pluto conjuncts my sun (taurus) at 1.62 and he has natal sun (virgo) conjunct pluto 3.47. How do natal aspects affect synastry if they appear in both? And will he be feeling the same? Thanks.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Jill
      Yes, I think he will be feeling the same with that very close Moon trine Pluto. I would stand on that fact. If you have strong Pluto in the natal, you are kind of an intense person, anyway. So, you would not be AS blown away as someone without as strong of a natal Pluto but you will still both be seeing stars!

  22. amiannJill

    Sorry – I made a mistake – my pluto (virgo) conjuncts his sun (virgo)1.62 orb and in his natal chart, he has sun conjunct pluto. So much virgo because we both have pluto in virgo (close in age) and his sun is virgo (moon pisces). I am sun and moon taurus. As you might expect we have close sun moon synastry – lots more of the usual sun venus/venus mars/ mars mars. Lots of Neptune, Lilith and North Node as well.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Sun conj Moon is best friends and TRUE soul. Moon conjunct Venus is a feeling of heart love and finding each other beautiful and close to oneself. Moon oppose Pluto is sexy kind of fighting. It is a super attraction aspect with that sexy, “violent” edge. By violence, it is a sexy fighting kind of thing, not true violence. I would not look at the last one unless it was exact. With exact ones, I would pay attention but the minor aspects don’t have the power of the major ones.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I don’t really use this aspect, Jennifer. It must be very close. It is like a square, like 2 parts that are hard to reconcile but I stick with the major aspects.

  23. amiannmary

    What would these aspects in synastry mean?
    His jupiter conjunct my ascendant 3.21
    His ascendant trine my sun4.36
    His jupiter trine my sun 1.33
    His uranus conjunct my ascendant 5.09

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You and he have a spiritual connection too. You will bring your intellect to help with his life purposes and goals, Mary. It sounds like a lovely synastry. What is the story behind it?

  24. amiannmary

    Thank you so much for your help,you are so welcoming.We also have a couple hard aspects.It is slightly complicated. Different cultures,backrounds,race.If that wasn’t enough we also live on different continents.He lives in the canada and i live in sydney

  25. amiannmary

    We try to meet as much as we can and stay in touch .We talk everyday.I am not a beliver in long distance eventhough we do have a connection

  26. amiannMine

    I have met a guy who radiates something very lovely that I feel deep inside. We both have a religious/spiritual understanding. I feel so deep and tender in a romantic way I have never felt for anybode before – as if there is a strong bond of soul connection…

    We have different double whammies:
    My Venus Trine His AC 2

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, your Venus conj his IC is a very deep feeling of intimacy and as if you are close in such a way that it feels like family. That synastry is lovely!

  27. amiannMirra

    It`s so interesting! Really! And it is true. I met a man who make totally mess in my head. And soul. His Pluto aspects my planets 6 times! Here:
    Pluto sextile Moon orb +1

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You are a very good girl and get the prize because you put the orbs 😀

      Your Pluto touching his ASC is strong. You will make him weak in the knees. I know from experience how that one feels.

      You and he will have a very intense relationship. It may be TOO intense, in terms that it could get violent. I am not saying it will but watch out for that potential when you fight. Tell me about the relationship, Mirra dear.

  28. amiannMirra

    We are colleagues. Not exactly but something like this. Let`s say we are two different sides to one professional field. We know each other for 2 – 2,5 years. First was just a professional contact. Now we are something like good friends. “Something like” because we never stay 1:1. Sometimes party together but there are at leas 3 colleagues and sometimes even 50.
    So! 🙂 No doubt I`m attracted to him. But do nothing on it. The thing is both of us are married. And we do not forget this fact not for a second. Our relationship is pure, gentle, friendly. But….I feel the heat! In my oppinion he feels it too. But not sure. And how can I be? 🙂

    May be it is important to know that we have Sun/Moon conj. (DW). Wide aspects really (orb. 9

  29. amiannMirra

    Yes. May be 3 or 4 times he helped me for very, very important things for me and my family. With his influence. Professional influence. And untill now he didn`t want anything from me.

  30. amiannMirra

    Thing so. The only things that scares me it is this powerful attraction. It is like there is some invisible thread between us. Will we resist? Cus we trying…And we handle with. For now

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Don’t go against what you know is right imo. You will pay for doing that and it won’t be worth it. Do you have Aldebaran or Betelgues conj something. I have them conj Venus and the Sun, respectively. They give you great honor, riches and respect BUT if you lose your integrity, you will go down and the fall will be bad.

  31. amiannMirra

    Hm….Interesting…Ok. Aldebaran and Betelgeus are in same sign to both of us.
    Aldebaran conj. Aldebaran and Betelgeus conj. Betelgeus.

    In my chart Aldebaran is 7

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      With Fixed Stars, i think we allow a 2 degree orb, maybe 3 tops.It would be conj Saturn for you. This is actually an important place and kind of the situation you describe. Saturn tells you to be good and do right. You are struggling with this. I fear for bad things happening to you if you go with this guy when you both are married!

      Betelguese conj his ASC, so it is powerful. He needs to be careful, too. He as many, many gifts but he could throw them away and suffer. One must heed these things, I think, Friend.

  32. amiannaquilla little

    I met a man 12yrs my senior and I feel as if I met my KING even thou we are total opposites I feel as if thats what keeps us interested in one another. My Pluto in Libra trines his Moon in Gemini. I have Leo in my mars where he has aquarius in his venus. However he has Virgo in his mars and I have Capricorn in my venus. Our Mental Rapport is lovely! But their are other aspects that worries me. However, If its just another learning experience it was one I will not ever forget.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Sounds interesting, A.L. Moon/Pluto trumps most everything in the synastry. You can come and put up your charts in my Forum, if you want. What do your Moons do with each other, other than that Moon/Pluto trine?

  33. amiannLeah

    Hello, I am wondering about the situation when man has anscendant-moon-pluto conjunction in his natal chart. And woman has moon opposite pluto in her natal chart. That give these aspects bigger significance for both parties.
    Then in his natal to her draconic chart : his anscendant-MOON-pluto conjunct her pluto and opposite her moon. What does it mean for him?
    From what I know it has to be a very deep, strong, life long and once in a life time connection but not the easy one. Am I correct? Can you please elaborate on this? TIA

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Leah 😀
      I don’t do draconic so will answer about the natal. Yes, one must look at the natal first as that is the make-up of the person. In these two cases, the people are familiar with Moon/Pluto energy. Hence, it will not blow them away the way it would for someone like me who has none of these. However, I think Moon/Pluto will be very strong, in synastry, for these people and anyone.

  34. amiannLP

    I have double-whammy Moon trine Pluto with my former housemate, with whom I am still friends. He is also 20 years younger than me. He’s 26 and I’m 46 (albeit in quite good shape and looking much younger than my years. I also never had any children.)
    We have gotten along famously since day 1, and now that we don’t live in the same house, maybe something could transpire, but he is SO much younger, it doesn’t seem right.. We have incredible synastry, though! I’ve actually never seen better synastry with anyone else I’ve known or dated!
    I haven’t told him I’m attracted to him because I’m so much older and don’t want to be creepy. He likes me, but I don’t know if he likes me ‘in that way’, because again, I’m so much older. What do you think…?

    His Pluto at 9 degrees Scorpio trines my Moon at 7 degrees Pisces
    My Pluto at 22 degrees Virgo trines his Moon at 20 degrees Capricorn (his Venus is also there at 22 Capricorn so we have a Pluto/Venus trine too.)

    We also have Sun/Moon conjunction! His Sun at 5 degrees Pisces conjunct my Moon at 7 Pisces (with his Pluto trining in there)

    We also have Venus trine Mars, with his Mars at 2 degrees Taurus and my Venus at 6 Capricorn, and along with this his Neptune at 7 Capricorn conjuncts my Venus!

    My god!

    I don’t know what to do… I’m just glad we don’t live together anymore because that could get tricky. I adore this guy, and feel like we’re ‘star crossed lovers’ because of the age difference. We’re like soul mates, but the timing is wrong because we incarnated 20 years apart. If we were the same age, I feel like we would be together in this lifetime, for our whole lives. But as it stands, I feel kind of sad to have met a true soul mate that I can’t really be with on a practical level, or not for very long. I’m sure we could have an intense little fling, but I’m not sure that’s a good idea. Help! 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      What else do your Moons do with each other. List the aspects and degrees, please. Did you know I have a Forum where people can post charts. I can do a much better job for you there.

      1. amiannLP

        Thanks Amiann! I will post the charts in the forum and see what you think of our aspects.

        The main moon aspects are listed above, particularly the Pluto/Moon trines we have both ways.

        His Neptune at 7 Cap also perfectly sextiles my Moon at 7 Pisces, while my Venus conjuncts his Neptune as well.

        Anyway….I will go post the charts..thanks!

  35. amiannLP


    I am a woman and I just posted a long text on how my male friend (and former housemate) and I have double-whammy Pluto trine Moon in synastry, among other important things, such as Sun/Moon conjunction, his Sun, my Moon, in Pisces.

    We have:

    His Pluto at 9 Scorpio trine my Moon at 7 Pisces
    My Pluto at 22 Virgo trine his Moon at 20 Capricorn

    Wondering what you think of this? Advice? Interpretation? Kind of intense, right?, if everything you say about Pluto/Moon aspects is true. And yes, there is a 20 year age difference between us. I am a 46 year old woman and he is a 26 year old man. We are just friends at the moment and don’t know if it will ever be anything more, but we definitely have a soul mate connection.

    I don’t know why my previous post got deleted…??

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I am sorry about your losing your post, LP. I hate when that happens! Well, this is intense, intense, intense. I am not that big about age differences. It is so hard to find a person with whom to share your soul that I don’t think age matters that much. With this synastry, you will be feeling it. Let me know what happens because I will have you on my mind lol

      1. amiannLAP

        I just posted the charts in the forum in the ‘Personal Readings’ section with topic title ‘Moon Trine Pluto in Synastry – both ways!’


  36. amiannEric

    Ok I have this very intense situation with a woman where I work. She is definitely attracted to me. I keep finding her staring at me….STARING (and I don’t mind lol). She says she misses me after not seeing me for a few days. The work situation is a bit of a barrier though for the time being. We got into a conversation about astrology and was amused when I saw the synastry. My Sun Mars conjunction lands in her 8th house and is exactly trine to her Scorpio Mars. Her Moon is exactly square to my Pluto. My ascendent is exactly conjunct her 5th house Jupiter.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome, Eric. With the square, it would be more of a sexy fighting kind of feeling. You can put the synastry up in my Forum, if you would like. If you do, remind me of the situation and I would love to look!

      1. amianneric

        Thank you amiann 🙂 Our Moons are not conjunct but do make a wide sextile. My Moon however is conjunct her ascendent via her first house and her Moon is conjunct my descendent (6d) in my seventh house.

          1. amiannEric

            Well, actually it is a bit further that previously thought. It’s 8 degrees and that also makes the Moon Pluto square a bit more wide ~ perhaps that’s a good thing lol.
            The composite is eye opening as well but best to just see how things develop……

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            I really do not trust the Comp. Usually, the synastry is good and the Comp bad or vice versa. I go with the synastry. 8 degrees is valid for a Moon sextile and will show soul, Eric.

  37. amiannLP

    My Moon/Pluto guy disappeared completely, before anything ever ‘happened’ romantically/sexually, and before our friendship even deepened. Oh well, on some level I expected that and am not surprised and it’s probably for the best.

    I have long comments in your forums section from a few months ago, if you want to reference the situation. I commented above, too.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi LP! Sounds like Chiron was at play there, too. I can’t remember the details but I remember you, of course! I am sorry it did not work out, my Friend 🙁

  38. amiannLP

    Yes, Chiron was there to some extent and also Neptune. Yeah, I think it is for the best but it kind of makes me sad he even cut off being friends with me. I had sent him an email telling him of a new band coming to town and he never replied and then I noticed he had removed himself from my list of email contacts, or maybe he had removed me from his. It was just kind of rude, and a bit pass/agg, I thought. Anyway….. no big deal. I only knew this person for a few months and he was so much younger than me that it never would have been practical for the long term. Again, all for the best.

  39. amiannVictoria

    Goodness, I felt these aspects long before I read anything about them! What are your thoughts on this:
    My Taurus Moon trines his Capricorn Moon
    Our Plutos are conjunct ( Virgo)
    Our Plutos are both trine to each others Moons
    My Mars square his Pluto, His Mars trines my Pluto
    My Venus squares his Pluto, His Venus sextiles my Pluto
    Moon- Mars – Double conjunction whammy
    Venus-Mars- Double conjunction whammy
    Venus- Neptune -Double conjunction whammy
    My Sun is Cancer / His is Scorpio
    ** Does he feel this too? I get a sense he might!” A bit overwhelming and hard to describe!

      1. amiannVictoria

        It’s a working relationship. I didn’t feel anything strong at first, but suddenly was blindsided with all of “this” out of left field. We aren’t around each other often, but each time we are, it’s more intense for me than the previous time. Due to circumstances, we cannot get involved. I have no idea how he feels, but this is exquisite torture for me. I have never felt this strong a need to be around someone or hear his voice, or for them to reach out and touch me, in my entire life. Ever. I’ve looked back on all relationships and crushes, and nothing has ever hit me like this. I’m keeping it bottled up nicely though. I just did not want to feel alone in this . Would love to know how these aspects might be effecting him. Sometimes I get a quick glimpse of something in his words or actions, but he shudders it quickly, as do I. We are both loyal and respectful people, and I don’t think we would want to hurt anyone with a liaison. What in this world ( or another) is happening to me?

  40. amiannMimi

    I have this with my mother. I’m the moon and she’s te pluto and there’s less than 1 degree difference. I always felt our relationship was more special than others.

  41. amiannObsessed

    I’m going crazy! I want this man even though I know he could possibly hurt me. I always felt like I was supposed to be his, like I belonged to him.

    We share a moon conjunction in leo

    His moon in my 8th house

    My moon in his 4th house

    Tons of saturn aspects

    And moon square pluto dw

    I have moon sq pluto natally.

  42. amiannBesc

    Hi there,

    But how do I know who’s the moon and who’s the pluto?
    I have Moon trine Pluto and Venus, Venus in 8th House and Venus Conjunct Pluto in our synastry.
    How’s that going to work out?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      YOU have to tell me who is the Moon and who is the Pluto lol.However, this synastry is super connected and super sexy and looks to be soul mate aspects but I would need to see the whole chart and you are welcome to put it in my Personal Readings Forum!

      1. amiannBesc


        and that’s my question, cause I don’t know who’s the moon and who’s pluto? How to I find that out?

        and we also quarrel quite a lot, im pisces and she’s virgo

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Come and put your chart up, my Friend. I am going on the Forum to finish up the many people I have ignored in the last few days and so I will be free, hopefully, to look at new charts

  43. amiannTrinika

    This is my first time doing this and I’m curious know if we good for long term in a relationship. We understand one another great but, will that be enough for a long term relationship if possible.

    Washington, DC United States 10/13/1981 05:14 Julian day 2444890.88
    Adjust 4.00 ST 5.33 Lat 38.53 Long 77.02
    Boligee, AL United States 12/22/1977 03:13 Julian day 2443499.84
    Adjust 5.00 ST 8.24 Lat 32.45 Long 88.01






    Sun Conjunction Pluto 3°28′ 95
    Moon Trine Neptune 1°25′ 67
    Moon Opposition Pluto 1°20′ -67
    Mercury Sextile Sun 0°18′ 222
    Mercury Trine Jupiter 0°29′ 98
    Mercury Sextile Saturn 0°15′ 90
    Mercury Conjunction Ascendant 0°11′ 175
    Mars Square Moon 0°13′ -220
    Mars Trine Venus 2°29′ 63
    Mars Conjunction Saturn 4°58′ 67
    Jupiter Conjunction Pluto 4°06′ 59
    Saturn Conjunction Pluto 2°46′ 68
    Uranus Opposition Moon 2°21′ -68
    Uranus Square Saturn 2°24′ -64
    Neptune Conjunction Venus 0°27′ 117
    Pluto Sextile Venus 1°08′ 49
    Ascendant Trine Moon 1°05′ 98
    Ascendant Square Venus 1°37′ -117




    This function compares the active chart to a file chart.

    Below is his synastry chart :
    Boligee, AL United States 12/22/1977 03:13 Julian day 2443499.84
    Adjust 5.00 ST 8.24 Lat 32.45 Long 88.01
    Washington, DC United States 10/13/1981 05:14 Julian day 2444890.88
    Adjust 4.00 ST 5.33 Lat 38.53 Long 77.02






    Sun Sextile Mercury 0°18′ 222
    Moon Square Mars 0°13′ -220
    Moon Opposition Uranus 2°21′ -68
    Moon Trine Ascendant 1°05′ 98
    Venus Trine Mars 2°29′ 63
    Venus Conjunction Neptune 0°27′ 117
    Venus Sextile Pluto 1°08′ 49
    Venus Square Ascendant 1°37′ -117
    Jupiter Trine Mercury 0°29′ 98
    Saturn Sextile Mercury 0°15′ 90
    Saturn Conjunction Mars 4°58′ 67
    Saturn Square Uranus 2°24′ -64
    Neptune Trine Moon 1°25′ 67
    Pluto Conjunction Sun 3°28′ 95
    Pluto Opposition Moon 1°20′ -67
    Pluto Conjunction Jupiter 4°06′ 59
    Pluto Conjunction Saturn 2°46′ 68
    Ascendant Conjunction Mercury 0°11′ 175




    This function compares the active chart to a file chart.

  44. amiannMoon

    I have moon trine pluto synastry with a guy I met 2years ago.Im the pluto person,he is the moon.I also have my pluto trine his venus.My venus conjunct his mars and my venus conjunct his sun.His sun,venus,mars falls in my 8th house.I have never felt such an obsessive desire for someone.When I first met him,I could not get him out of my mind for 18 days.I was thinking of him every single second.He moved to another country.We still chat on and off and the passion is mind blowing.We travel just to see each other.I feel I have a very strong karmic connection with him.Even if he does things I absolutely hate,I just choose to ignore it and want to believe he is a god.Does he feel the same for me?Or is this just an unrequited love?i also have my saturn sextile his sun.

  45. amiannMoon

    Thank you:).Glad to know he feels it too….is this a rare aspect in synastry or is it pretty common?because I don’t think I can ever feel the same or be obsessive about more than one person this way…it’s a crazy obsession,I sleep thinking of him,dream about him,wake up thinking about him…I feel like this obsession will be my undoing…….neither of us has confessed about being in love.Who is the initiator in this case?

  46. amiannOracle

    Thank you very much for the description of the Moon/Pluto aspect and giving us the opportunity to briefly describe our experiences with this rare and never to be taken lightly aspect in synastry. I’m currently dating a gentleman that I have this aspect with. He is already talking about marriage and I have left my boyfriend for him and he is currently leaving his girlfriend for me. This is crazy and I have never loved a man like this before. I’m Pluto in Virgo, he is Moon in Virgo both in 29 degrees exact conjunct! We also have a double whammy my Moon in Aquarius trine his Pluto in Libra. We have Sun conjunct Vertex we were destined to meet, he lives around the corner from me. We met while I was exercising doing my daily walk and we continued to run into each other until we stopped and talked. At first he would say to me, hey sexy!! We have his Chiron conjunct my Descendant, and his Jupiter conjunct my Ascendant. My Moon conjunct his Midheaven, his Mars opposite my Sun and his Eros conjunct my Psyche just to name a few. I am Sun in Capricorn and he is Sun in Cancer. I am 13 years his senior and this is just way out of the ordinary for me. Whew!!! We are very much in love, he out in the open with expressing affection which makes me feel uncomfortable, but I’m adjusting. I’m not going to lie, this is very frightening. He also looks like he could be related to me and there is much familiarity about him like I swear I know this man! Very strange but real and comfortable and very trusting.
    We each have Sun square Pluto natally, I have Lilith tightly conjunct Midheaven and Pluto in 10th house. He has Lilith in wide conjunction to his Midheaven but in 9th house. We also have Sun conjunct Pluto, Venus conjunct Sun, Venus conjunct Pluto, Mercury conjunct Sun, Mercury conjunct Pluto and Mercury conjunct Venus all in Libra in the 8th house in composite chart! With Pisces Rising and all but one planet opposing the rest of the chart because the other planets are all in four consecutive houses mingling around the same place virtually. Wow!!!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow Oracle and Welcome!

      I would love to see a pic of you. I love to see Lilith conj the MC. I have a Forum in which you can put up your synastry, too!

  47. amiannOracle

    Hello Amiann:

    I would love to send of picture of myself, I’m quite voluptuous and very shapely with radiant skin and exceedingly impressive eyes. Just tell me where I can find the forum and I will post the synastry chart.

  48. amiannSessybeate26

    I have Pluto/Moon connection in synastry with a dear friend.
    We met in fb and have never met in person, but have shared enough to know more about each other than one could ever drean of. Very quickly we became like bestfriends and messaged every day. Then every morning, evening, lunchbreak, with hours of chatting beside as often as the other were online.
    No time to be missing, bearly three days apart. An intense connection and deep friendship that felt like two soulmates. Gender didn’t matter.
    I fell head over heels, and thought it was friendhip like you read about ib fairytales. The everlasting Friends.

    Then she grew tired and felt chocked. Even if I started to realise I was too deeply addicted. I was blocked after a “fight” at the wrong time.
    Four months later, one huge letter and box with promised gifts sent…she returned. (The gift was promised before the blocking and I keep my promises.)
    It was heaven again! 😀
    But, lasted shortly. One more I got blocked together with her friends turned mine. I wrote another loooong letter and poured all my love into it. Then a much shorter one saying I would wait no matter how long.

    To escape the worst of the painful memories I changed fb. Recently she found out through a mutual friend and blocked that one too. She’s scared of me.
    I’m still waiting four months later today, on her birthday. Celebrating for her even if she’s not there.
    And I will keep believing that our friendship will make it.

    Her pluto in scorpio strongly trines my moon in capricorn.
    Her moon in leo quintiles my pluto also in scorpio.
    It’s intense. I can feel her as I know she feels me. Half of the earth separates us. And yet, it is so strong.

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        Her pluto in scorpio strongly trines my moon in capricorn.
        Her moon in leo quintiles my pluto also in scorpio.
        It’s intense. I can feel her as I know she feels me. Half of the earth separates us. And yet, it is so strong.

        This is classic Moon/pluto. It is once in a lifetime and now do you realize why I say that LOL

  49. amiannseeker

    Hi. I found this aspect very interesting and have been obessing about it all day. I have been broken up with my ex bf for 7 months. The last time I saw him was in the beginning of October of this year and have not heard of him for 2 weeks now. My moon Scorpio conjunct his Pluto Scorpio. My venus Scorpio conjunct his pluto Scorpio and vise versa, double whammy! I met him 10years ago when we were 18. I literally came on to him very strong in a sexual way. In that point of time I was going through a difficult relationship. He however did not take advantage of me because I was intoxicated. I remember how the universe would cause us to randomly make us cross paths and I always remember him for being that guy he didn’t act like a pig lol. Anyways we reunited again last year in March and started having a relationship in July of last year. It was a forbidden love. It had to do with a very good friend of ours, who he nows hate and I have reconnected with after our break up. At first I was not very attracted, but he came on so strong this time. He would say that he always had this crush for me that never faded. In a matter of weeks my feelings for him changed. Our names are even two famous star cross lovers and from the movie legends of the fall. That’s weird! After this year April eclipses everything went down hill. Betrayal, vindictive, mind games and him trying to put an injunction on me for stalking which it was after court that I found out he was the one stalking me for months and continued after court He even had gf who he started dating after two weeks of our break up. She was the reason he took me to court because I contacted her to tell her that we had slept with each. Just me trying to be karma! After the whole court thing, a month later showed up at my house, I woke up with him standing over me. He told me that he had been watching me sleep for 20 minutes before waking me up. It was a fetish that he always had with me since we were 18. Yes, I know creepy, but this was just part of the relationship that we had, it was a strange complete understanding that I had with him. We have had sexual encounters after court and before. He always says that it feels like he is melting inside of me, like a part of him just wants to die with me. He has said all this when we were in a relationship and after our break up. The whole relationship has been so bizarre that there is so much to the story. When I start move on it’s like he feels it and knows exactly when to spy on me or contact me because he knows that all he has to do is make an appearance and everything comes crumbling for me. I’ve been so loyal to him while he has been with another woman. I got his name tattooed on me back in September and he even suggested where I should put it. I got the name tattooed in Hebrew. It’s a constant pull and push. The last time I saw him he had put on so mucb weight and looked like he was going through depression again, it has to do with me. He would constantly compliment me and he bring up our beautiful memories that we once shared. He said that he would replay our relationship in his head over and over again. It brought tears to my eyes being that I thought I was the only one or because I felt that he was doing that and actually admitted it to me. I love this man with all my heart, but I can not go on with it anymore I’m exhausted. He has cut all communication with me and that’s the part that confuses me. I just know that it will be a matter of time before it starts up again. Do you think that he feels the same way about me as I do about him? Or is he more intense and obsess? He’s mention many times before that he can feel me when I’m not around him. I can too, but I question myself because I don’t want to think that I’m just going insane.

  50. amiannseeker

    Hey it’s seeker again. I was wondering what aspect can cause the person you love to stay away? Can the aspects that I placed above cause it? He called me Nov 12 at 3:20am my birthday was Nov.11th. I didn’t pick up because I was asleep. He hasn’t called back since then. I sent him a birthday card by mail for his birthday which was Nov. 14th. Please any advice would help. Thank you.

      1. amiannseeker

        Sorry I thought the whole thing was posted. I have some questions, what does it mean to have sado conjunct sun, semisextile Uranus, semisquare neptune, and semisextile ascendent? Also nemesis square Venus? All in synastry chart? Thank you so much for you so much. I also wanted to tell you that I find your website so helpful . I love how simple you describe astrology.

  51. amiannestrellainfinita

    Hola! soy mujer..y conocí hace un tiempo a un hombre.Realmente desde que los conozco fue como un flechazo,muy atrayente para mi,pienso continuamente en el,puede ser por los contactos de mi luna oposicion a su pluton?y su luna en conjuncion a mi pluton?El apenas me conocio me pregunto:de donde te conozco??

    Tambien tenemos los siguientes aspectos:
    Mi sol conjunción a su luna
    Mi sol conjunción a su pluton
    Mi pluton cuadratura a su venus
    Mi venus conjunción a su urano
    Mi venus cuadratura a su marte
    Mi marte cuadratura a su jupiter
    Mi sol cuadratura a su venus
    Su venus en cuadratura a mi pluton
    Su venus en conjunción a mi ascendente

    Espero ansiosamente respuestas! Desde ya muchas gracias!

  52. amiannestrellainfinita

    Hello! I am woman…and I met some time ago a man.Really since I know went like an arrow, very attractive for me, I think continuously in the, can be by my opposition to your Pluto Moon contacts? and its Moon in conjunction to my Pluto?It just I knew I wonder: where you know?

    We also have the following aspects:
    My Sun conjunct your Moon
    My Sun conjunct your Pluto
    My her venus square Pluto
    My venus conjunction to your Uranus
    My venus square your Mars
    My Mars squaring your Jupiter
    My Sun squaring your Venus
    Her venus in my Pluto square
    Your venus in conjunction to my ascendant

    I eagerly hope answers! From already thank you very much!

  53. amiannestrellainfinita

    Amiaan gracias por responder tan pronto!!
    No tengo idea como entrar en tu foro,me enseñas por favor?..y si no serias tan amable que sea a través de este medio o a mi dirección de correo me explicases un poco mas sobre esta relación con los datos de la sinastria que te envié!
    Gracias,y que tengas un buen día!

  54. amiannestrellainfinita

    Recién creo haber entendido que me comentaste que estudias español,puede ser? Si es así..que bueno!!!jaja..nos entenderemos mejor! Saludos

  55. amiannMorgana

    Can someone please give me an insight? I’ll make this as short as possible.
    This is about someone I’ll be working with soon, and whom I feel extremely attracted to. I wonder what our companionship and labor relation would be like since there’s a lot of Pluto. I also noticed that the same 4 planets (Sun, Moon, Venus, and Pluto) interact between each other a lot, with different aspects. Perhaps there’s not much here, but to be honest, I’m afraid to take on the job.

    House placements:
    In my 1st house (cusp Capricorn) falls his Moon.
    In my 5th house (cusp Gemini) falls his Venus.

    In his 2nd house (cusp is Taurus) falls my Moon.
    In his 5th house (cusp is Cancer) falls my Mars.
    In his 7th house (cusp is Virgo) falls my Venus.
    In his 8th house (cusp is Scorpio) falls my Sun, Mercury, Uranus, and Pluto.

    * We both have Pluto in our 8th house natal charts.

    Some Synastry Aspects:
    My Sun trine his Venus (double whammy)
    My Sun conj. his Pluto
    My Moon quintile his Moon
    My Moon sextile his Venus
    My Moon opposites his Pluto
    My Venus trine his Sun (double whammy)
    My Venus quincunx his Moon
    My Venus square his Jupiter
    My Venus quincunx his Ascendant
    My Venus square his Midheaven
    My Mars conj. his Venus
    My Mars trine his Pluto
    My Mars trine his Saturn
    My Jupiter sextile his Moon
    My Uranus conj. his Pluto
    My Pluto quincunx his Sun
    My Pluto trine his Moon
    My Pluto sextile his Jupiter
    My Pluto sextile his Uranus
    My Pluto trine his Ascendant
    My Pluto sextile his Midheaven
    My Ascendant square his Pluto
    My Midheaven opposites his Sun
    My Midheaven square his Moon

    Thank you SO much!

  56. amiannMorgana

    Hi, sorry if this post appears twice but it seems like the original post got deleted.

    Can someone please give me an insight? I’ll make this as short as possible.
    This is about someone I’ll be working with soon, and whom I feel extremely attracted to. I wonder what our companionship and labor relation would be like since there’s a lot of Pluto. I also noticed that the same 4 planets (Sun, Moon, Venus, and Pluto) interact between each other a lot, with different aspects. Perhaps there’s not much here, but to be honest, I’m afraid to take on the job.

    House placements:
    In my 1st house (cusp Capricorn) falls his Moon.
    In my 5th house (cusp Gemini) falls his Venus.

    In his 2nd house (cusp is Taurus) falls my Moon.
    In his 5th house (cusp is Cancer) falls my Mars.
    In his 7th house (cusp is Virgo) falls my Venus.
    In his 8th house (cusp is Scorpio) falls my Sun, Mercury, Uranus, and Pluto.

    * We both have Pluto (in libra) in our 8th house natal charts.

    Aspects in Synastry:
    My Sun trine his Venus (double whammy)
    My Sun conj. his Pluto
    My Moon quintile his Moon
    My Moon sextile his Venus
    My Moon opposites his Pluto
    My Venus trine his Sun (double whammy)
    My Venus quincunx his Moon
    My Venus square his Jupiter
    My Venus quincunx his Ascendant
    My Venus square his Midheaven
    My Mars conj. his Venus
    My Mars trine his Pluto
    My Mars trine his Saturn
    My Jupiter sextile his Moon
    My Uranus conj. his Pluto
    My Pluto quincunx his Sun
    My Pluto trine his Moon
    My Pluto sextile his Jupiter
    My Pluto sextile his Uranus
    My Pluto trine his Ascendant
    My Pluto sextile his Midheaven
    My Ascendant square his Pluto
    My Midheaven opposites his Sun
    My Midheaven square his Moon

    Thank you SO much!

  57. amiannAnna

    Hi Ami!
    I agree with you about this aspect. Funny thing is, the kind of intense love created by this aspect has so far only happened to me in Draconic synastry charts and not the normal Geocentric ones. I had an on and off love affair in college that lasted for many years that had in synastry moon conjunct pluto in draconic. It was the most intense love that I’ve experienced so far, and our draconic moon/pluto conjunction had an orb as wide as 7 degrees! However because of our moon/neptune conjunction things never really got off the ground properly, which you are also right about (the moon/neptune conjunction issue)!
    I have had a little bit of romantic involvement with a person called Mike whom we share synastry moon/pluto conjunction in the Geocentric chart, and for some reason neither of us continued our affair and now we’re just friends, but I’ve never felt that intense love feeling (never fell in love) as I had with the earlier relationship with Draconic moon/pluto conjunction, even though I find myself feeling rather intensely about this guy when I see him socially just as friends, but that feeling subsides conveniently when I don’t see him. Another friend and I also have a Geocentric moon/pluto conjunction, and although I do feel a definite crush on him it also feels rather insignificant to me as it did with Mike. I’ve recently became deeply infatuated with someone who also shares a moon/pluto conjunction with me, in Draconic and the orb is 6 degrees and I do feel quite crazy for this guy. Funny the difference between geocentric and draconic with the same aspect. Just wanted to share my experience with this aspect. Is it strange that this is the case?

  58. amiannMina

    Hi Ami,

    My Pluto trine his Moon, and his Pluto conjunt my Sun and semi square my Venus.
    Besides this, my Venus conjunct his Vertex in the 7th house, ans my Mars conjunct his NN in the 5th house. My Sun and Pluto are in his 8th house. Do you think this would be memorable or have some kind of impact on any of us? We’ll meet in a few weeks.

    Thank you!

  59. amiannMina

    Hi Ami,

    Thanks for the response. 🙂
    There’s no relationship yet since we’ll meet in a couple of weeks.
    I was just wondering the effects it will have on us upon meeting. 🙂

  60. amiannAlya

    Hi Ami,
    I’ve been with this guy for over a year. His moon sextile both of my Pluto and Venus. My Neptune conjuncts his moon. My Neptune square his Jupiter. His moon is in my first house. My moon is in his 8 house. His Mars in my 7 house. I am obsessed with him 24/7. I’ve never experience this kind of madness over a guy before. He told me that he constantly dream about me and I’m pretty sure he’s more obsessed towards me than I am with him excepts he’s not saying it. But his actions towards me is so intense that he can’t hide it. Are we soul mate? Are we destine to be together?, whose more obsessed? Thank you.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I would need to do the charts to answer your question but I would wonder if you have Nessus/Dejanira and Chiron, too. These would color my answer.

  61. amiannPeyton

    I met a man in July and I have never felt this obsessed with anyone ever. His Pluto squares my moon, opposes my venus, trines my sun. My Pluto squares his moon so double whammy. He described to me that he felt as though a computer virus of me had downloaded into and completely taken over his brain.
    I feel like he is in my heart, my mind, my soul, my being. I think of him and long for him constantly. He always asks what have I done to him. I ask him the same.
    His Venus is also in my 4th house. I just want to cook for him and feed him and make a fuss over him. I feel such a deep connection to him.
    He said you could meet a million people and still never feel a connection like the one he feels towards me.
    Double whammy Mars moon and he already talks about marriage and kids. The moon Pluto is just unreal. I had no idea it was even possible to feel the way I feel about him from a synastry aspect.
    I’m fighting to create a bit of distance because this obsession just feels so unhealthy. It’s too much. 24 hours a day I can only think of him. I can’t focus, forget to eat, can’t sleep. It’s only him I see.
    If I don’t speak to him and when we speak again I feel as though I’ve just been injected with the most powerful drug on Earth and I feel “high” for days replaying the interaction over and over in ny mind.
    This is insanity. I’m fighting it but I know I am going to have to give in and just let it happen.

  62. amiannSofia

    I keep coming to this page because the way you wrote it is so wonderful,

    *Pluto trines moon (double whammy), scorpio/cancer.
    *Moon conjuncts moon (cancer/cancer).
    *His Venus squares my venus (libra/capricorn).
    *His mars opposites my mars (cancer/capricorn).

    ^I really would like to hear your opinion on this (I am a capricorn stellium person ??❤️)

  63. amiannShana

    I have this aspect with tons of people..My moon is quirky this way?but It squares exactly with a man that I care very passionately and very deeply.. This aspect is not like anything you have ever experienced or shared in your life..I call it the “Heat”..At the core it is sweet, gentle, tender, passionate, and all consuming..
    Leave no doubt about it, you WILL BE consumed..It is a force that will take over..The intensity alone will engulf you..
    You cannot escape it and if you’re ever fortunate enough to feel it, you won’t want to..?

  64. amiannHeather

    So I keep coming across your site in my search and I just have to say I absolutely love the information on here, and the way it is all expressed. I met this man back in December, out of the blue, and without looking for anything whatsoever. I was immediately drawn to him and his kind eyes especially, right here away. And immediate feelings of familiarity, like I had known him before. I feel like I look at him and see myself reflected back. To sum this up we have very man connections dynasty wise so I was wondering what they might just reflect. His sun, mercury and mars are all conjunct my Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. His Pluto is square my moon and my moon is conjunct his Pluto, Jupiter, Lilith and Saturn. Also, my moon is conjunct his north node. His mercury, mars and sun all fall into my 7th and 8th houses, and his Pluto, Jupiter, Lilith, Saturn and North node all into my fifth house. Any info would be amazing because I am at a loss at this point on what to do with myself and this connection, and whether or not it’s worth hanging onto, though he is the ONLY man I haven’t been able to just walk always from. It’s so unlike me as a Taurus sun, and him being a Cap. Much love. Xoxoxo

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you ((Heather)) I think I would need to do the one question chart for you, not that I am trying to drum up business because I don’t do that, but if you are serious, you should consider a chart. That being said, I don’t think you will listen due to the Moon conj Pluto lol. This is so powerful. You should check the Nessus and Dejanira, too. This can make for super powerful attraction, too xxxx

  65. amiannBonnie

    What about moon inconjunct Pluto? I see little to nothing written on this aspect in Synastry, composite or even natal. Yet my sex partner and I have an EXACT DOUBLE WHAMMY both ways! His 12th house Pluto at 0 Scorpio inconjunct my 12th House 0 degree Gemini moon. My 5th House Pluto 12 degrees Libra Trine his 3rd House 12 Degrees Aquarius moon.

    He feels less intense about me than I do about him. He just gives me sex on his terms. I have to beg. He is really rude and disrespectful of me. When I try to disappear away though, he comes back all Jovial like “Hiiiiiiiiii!” And my mouth is wide open.? I feel like I am completely unable to resist. Again HIS Pluto is the one forming the often dismissed Inconjunct to my Moon.

    I have to note we also have several other double whammys like double Mars Moon aspects(opposition and Trine) Double Venus Sun Aspects(Trine and Sextile) Double Vertex Aspects(each other’s Vertex on others ASC) Double Chiron Aspects(My Chiron on his Sun/His Exactly on my Moon) Double Asteroid Lilith conjunct Psyche both ways, AND his Venus is on my South Node. My BML is on his North Node. We have each other’s Juno on the others ASC and his Juno is Conjunct my Jupiter! We have a ton more two. Karmic connections indicators galore!!! BUUUUUT he’s not into me. I am into him. He’s in love with someone else.


    1. amiannamiann Post author

      WOW Bonnie. That is sad. The chart would show why this is happening. It is not the Moon inconjunct Pluto because that would not do this, per se. The Pluto is the one with the power, though. Do you have Nessus and Dejanira with him, Bonnie?

  66. amiannLia

    I love your site it has been a huge eye opener for all my astrology searching needs! Moon/Pluto is indeed a spell binding, overwhelming aspect to have in synastry… I’ve never felt so crazy and obsessed about someone in my life. I am the Pluto, he is the Moon. I was wondering if you can give your opinion on how this plays out particularly with Leo/Scorpio. It’s a square aspect (obviously lol). I wonder if this aspect plays out as a DW because of the house placements.

    My pluto falls into my 5th house natally (Leo house) and his moon is natally in his 8th house (Scorpio house). The moon is also his 7th ruler (and my ascendant ruler, as a Cancer rising).. would this be classified as a DW? Also he is a Scorpio sun, I am a Cancer sun – suns trine – so Moon/Pluto is our sun signs respective rulers! Would love your insight on this particular square in our chart and if it could be interpreted as a DW because of the house placements in our natal charts?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well,let me say this.The square is different from the trine and conjunction.You have to be careful that you don;t let the power of the square tear you apart because it is sooo strong.You need to have really,really good communication at all times. The rest of the question would need my doing a chart to really reflect on,My friend

  67. amiannMshaffi

    His Pluto trine my moon and his Pluto conjunct my Venus with his sun Mars and moon conjunct my sun in sevent house
    I saw him somewhere for a few minutes, he asked wher we are from. He had already heard about a new famy moved in town.
    The conversation was very casual and pleasant . I walked away thinking nothing, and then slowly I started thinking about him, and in no time I was thinking about him 24/7
    Strange, I thought If I see him somewhere I might not even recognize him why am I thinking about a stranger. I had no control, and I started dressing better i case I see him, and one day I did, in a book store,
    I looked and he looked aswel, we both got so nervous. We were going in circles. Don’t ask about my heart I could hear it beat
    I never felt like that in my life
    I settled down on a chair with a book
    He passed my way, made sure I saw him, I was so nerveous I couldn’t say HI!
    That happened for a few weeks, how I felt was nothing I can explain. The quiet relationship was there, but we couldn’t address it. Then slowly I started saying Hi
    He shows a lot of respect so do I
    I know he likes me, I am sure he knows too, our eyes speak, but we are both at the edge. If we don’t take it further now, I don’t know what will happen
    There is a lot of unspoken love
    But I want him all, I want him like a mother has a child.
    We talk now, if I am talking he looks at me like nobody has ever looked at me
    And when he talks I can look at him for ever and ever

  68. amiannMystic

    Please help! I have my Pluto conjunct this guy’s moon in Scorpio and his Pluto conjuncts my moon in Libra! The feeling is so intense. We can’t get enough of each other. He keeps telling me that he craves me, loves me, and gets horny for me “emotionally”, and I feel the same. My Venus also conjuncts his moon in Scorpio. My Mars in Pisces is opposite his Venus in Virgo. Help! How do I alleviate the intensity of this emotion? It’s driving us both crazy! We just wanna merge with each other!

  69. amiannChristine Bradley

    You mean aspects?

    Idk…my synastry with my partner in regards to Pluto is:

    His Moon is opposite my Pluto
    His Sun Trine my Pluto
    His Mercury is trine my Pluto
    My Saturn is trine his Pluto
    My Sun conjunct his Pluto

    Not sure if it’s good or bad, to be honest.

    All that I know is I am pretty crazy about him and it shows (the crazy, that is, ???)


    I think it’s some pretty intense stuff,, thankfully we are grown. If we were in our twenties, or just emotionally unevolved it might be too much to handle.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      This is super intense but it could get to be a power play thing due to the Sun/Pluto conjunction BUT so much looks incredible. If the Moons are good, this looks amazing, C!

  70. amiannlove

    Wow I thought there will be no more comments!:p well, I have this with a guy his scorpio moon conjunct my pluto making 3º orb! It’s been 4 years we are not together but I tell you I cannot get him out of my mind for a single second till date! I want to be with him but being cancer moon, scorp mercury, scorp venus, cancer moon, scorp jupiter, pisces saturn, scorp pluto :p I am a veryyyyy private person and when I am around him I can feel him breathing inside of me, looking into his eyes is so vulnerable that I do anything to avoid eye contact with him! He has scorp asc, scorp moon, pisces venus, scorp pluto, moon conjunct pluto, mars square pluto in his natal! I want to ask how does he feel about me? Because sometimes I think it’s only unrequited love.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I would have to do a chart for you to say, for sure. But, in general, Moon/Pluto is felt by each person, so my opinion is that he is equally obsessed with you. We never really get over our Moon/Pluto person xx

  71. amiannlove

    Hehe love you ami, you are so cute. I asked this because my moon is opposite his neptune and I don’t want any kind of fooling around on my part.

    p.s.: he has ascendant conjunction pluto in his natal chart, too
    and what do you mean by doing a chart for me?
    Another question, where can I register for your Forum?

    1. amiannlove

      Hehe love you ami, you are so cute. I asked this because my moon is opposite his neptune and I don’t want any kind of fooling around on my part.

      p.s.: he has ascendant conjunction pluto in his natal chart, too
      and what do you mean by doing a chart for me?
      Another question, where can I register for your Forum?

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        I meant to do a professional chart for you, Love. I had to let my Forum go. It was simply too much for me with all the other things I do lol
        Moon oppose Neptune would have to watch out for seeing each other through rose colored glasses, my Friend.

      2. amiannamiann Post author

        Hi Sweetie
        I had to let the Forum go cuz I did not have the time for it. Moon oppose Neptune is just one aspect in a larger chart of hundreds of aspects, so I would not worry too much. I meant a professional chart. Love you, too, you cutie!

  72. amiannSugar

    Ami, you described exactly how I feel for my beloved. My Pluto Opposite his Moon. You captured my feelings exactly! A lot of longing, this kinda love is….Can I put my synastry up….

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Love. No, I don’t allow charts on here or I would get so many requests and it would not be fair to look at some and not others. I am very sorry, Sugar dear.

  73. amiannSugar

    That’s understandable, Ami! What does my Pluto opposite his Moon connote? Why do I love him with the intensity of an Obsessed Psycho? He’s married with children; I’m married with children. Why can’t I leave him alone?

      1. amiannSugar

        You must be psychic too along with being an astrologer!! Yes, you are so right! Your words ring in my ears and cannot be truer…..I mean, when you say, ‘I will die with his name on my lips’. ‘This is the love of a mother for her breastfeeding baby and a love of a woman for her lover, in one’…. The words resonate for my entire being. It’s exactly how I feel! Thank you for putting in words, the state of my heart…I cannot think of anyone but him, day and night and I know that this loyalty will pervade my entire being for the rest of my life. Thanks Ami, for answering. XOXOXOXOXOXO.

  74. amiannaquamoon

    Hi ami,
    would a moon square pluto,
    Venus opposition pluto, sun opposition pluto, mercury opposition, mars inconjunct pluto be felt by both? (pretty tight orbs btw) (also saturn makes the same aspects to both) this is a synastry question, also might i add a 12th house stellium overlay a natal 12th house stellium

  75. amiannaquamoon

    i mean i wasn’t really going for an individual aspect synopsis, i just wanted to know if the intensity of all those Pluto to personal planets contacts would create a mutual “infatuation/attraction” or if it’s likely to be unrequited/repulsion. but since it’s a moon/Pluto post, i guess we could stay on topic

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, it would take me to really address each aspect you listed to give an accurate answer, my Friend. The squares are different than the trines. Each Pluto aspect is DIFFERENT and really needs its own article lol
      With Moon/Pluto, the hard aspects are different than the easy aspects, too. The hard aspects could be more of a “sexy violent” aspects, if you know what I mean.

  76. amiannKristen

    My boyfriend’s Moon opposes my Pluto at an orb of 0.45, your description seems to be accurate despite the aspect being in opposition! 🙂
    I’ve been in love before and didn’t think love could ever feel better than what I had experienced until I met this man and blew that out of the water!!
    We have 5 Moon aspects including this one in our synastry, do you think the moon having the most aspects in our synastry plays a big role in how deeply in love connected we feel to each other?
    Thank you!

  77. amiannmelagrana

    Hi, it was fascinating to see this about Moon Pluto. My late lover and I had it . Unbearable intensity, passion, love. We also had Sun Pluto and Moon Moon,Venus Moon. Then I lost him, he died suddenly. Once in a lifetime feels right., Heathcliff and Cathy right… thank you for your insight x

  78. amiannD - the Haunted Soul

    Goodness, this haunts me terribly, because it’s so true.

    I have a Pluto-Moon double whammy with this man I like. My Pluto (Scorpio) trine his Moon (Cancer) (1 degree), his Pluto (Scorpio) sextile my Moon (Virgo) (1 degree).

    We also have Juno-Sun double whammy (one a trine, one conjunct) exact degree, my Lilith conjunct his Pluto (exact degree), His Mars sextile my Moon (2 degrees), My Pluto conjunct his Mercury (exact) /Sun (2 degrees). We also have his Venus/Jupiter sextile my Ascendant (about two degrees each). My Jupiter trine his Sun (exact degree). His Sun sextile my Neptune (2 degrees). My Neptune sextile his Mercury (exact). Our Mars trine each other…

    We have a lot of warm, fuzzy stuff.

    We also have a ton of intense stuff.

    And we’ve got the ugly, too. A Venus square Saturn aspect. (Which I have natally…I hate bringing this energy to relationships. I’m the Saturn.)

    But I needed to write because of the Pluto-Moon double whammy.

    We feel this. We feel this TERRIBLY. It is sweet torture. We make each other feel from afar. If he thinks I’m drifting, he’ll set something up for us to meet. And then we’ll meet, and we’ll gaze into each other’s eyes and read each other’s soul as if they were open books. (Which says a lot, as he is a Scorpio and very private.) We also terrify each other – not in a bad way, mind. It’s because it feels so GOOD to meet…we want to be perfect for each other. We want to say all the right things. We NEED, and yet we cannot, as we are always in places and with people that will prevent us. We also get so nervous with each other…become so vulnerable.

    We can be in a crowded room talking to other people, but underneath it all, a conversation is happening between us – one without words, one that is purely emotion and longing. We’ll turn and look at each other at the same time, sensing that longing. We can be apart, very, very far apart, and we still feel each other. Feel the moment the other is about to write – and then either of us will. Feel the moment we said or did something that hurt the other and then want to drown in our own tears. Fear always about losing the other, about being alone with these intense feelings…

    It’s unbelievable. It’s truly otherworldly.

    This man has moved me to tears, in the best ways possible. (And in some not so good ways, although I know this is not from Pluto-Moon, and probably from My Scorpio Pluto being conjunct his Scorpio Sun/Mercury. My Mercury is also opposite his Sun (4 degrees) and Mercury (1 degree), which does not help. At the very least, it’s sextile his Moon, exact degree)

    We’re both very Plutonic, so in a way, we seem to thrive in this intensity. I’m a Gemini sun, though, with a majority of Earth and then Water planets, and he’s a Scorpio sun, with Scorpio in numerous of his personal planets and some Air and Earth.

    What is going on with us!? What is this beautiful torture???

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you so much for your post, Love. I would really need to see the charts to answer well, but I would check the Nessus cuz that gives a tortuous feeling. I am so glad you are here and welcome!

      1. amiannD - the Haunted Soul

        Thank you so much for the thoughtful reply, Amiann!

        Is there anywhere I could show you our charts? I know the forum is down, which is so sad, although I understand why.

        I looked at Nessus, and both of ours do aspect our own charts, but not really each other’s. The torturous feeling is definitely the Moon-Pluto DW. There’s so much LONGING. Not being together is almost painful! But at the same time, loving so powerfully is truly beautiful. It’s just that it’s torturous being kept apart.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Yes, the more I thought of it, it seems like Moon/Pluto and not Nessus. I would need to do a chart reading for you in order to look at the charts, my Friend. I have so many requests and it is not fair to help some people and not others, so I had to set it up this way, Love.

          1. amiannD - The Haunted Soul

            I understand, of course!

            I have this man’s Pluto on my Moon (and my Pluto on his Moon), but his Mars is also conjunct his Pluto. So I have his Mars touching my Moon as well.

            Suffice it to say that while there is a sincerely beautiful and torturous love and connection between us, he has a way of hurting me at times. It’s a gentle aspect to my Moon (a sextile from both his conjunct Pluto and Mars), but it’s nonetheless painful.

            I really don’t know what to do with myself at this point…

  79. amianngrace

    May I know if in the case of my moon sextiling a guy’s pluto, will i be the one feeling a mother’s love for him?

    im currently feeling VERY troubled by a complicated relationship that i have with a guy >< im supposed to forget him, but i simply cannot. is there any reason astrologically why a person would be unable to forget someone?

  80. amiannDenira

    Hi, Amian, I’m sorry for the spelling, but I’m using a translator, my english is bad! I got here looking for information about the aspects between the Moon and Pluto … it’s a man who has a huge influence on me and who for many years can not stop to love even though he chose to continue on his way without me, we did not stop contact … we are both family, but again our relationship has deepened … we are sexually obsessed with each other …. but I scared of having such an impact on me ….. I can not tear myself …. I can not get it from I crash … I can not refuse him …. I do not know how to act … I have to fight or I have to relax! My moon is in opposition to his pluto and his moon is in opposition to my pluto!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, you sound like you have these aspects with him, Love. Do you have Nessus contacts too? Moon/Pluto really does not have a way to stop it. You just have to kind of go through it, I think

  81. amiannLou

    Hi Ami,
    I have a double whammy with my boss. My Moon squares his Pluto, and his Moon sextiles my Pluto. Who do you think could be more obsessed for the other? At the momento we have only professional contact and as his Mars is also conjuncto my ascendant in 12th (an aspect I hate) I don´t think I would want more with him. I never know who´s the one obssessing for the other, the Pluto person or the Moon 🙁

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      BOTH Obsess. The Pluto wants to control and the Moon wants to submit. With the square, he may simmer with obsession but not be able to show it in a direct way.Is that the case, Lou?

      1. amiannLou

        That´s for sure. I know he is capable of intense feelings, as he is a scorpio Sun conjunct Pluto, natal Moon in Leo square Pluto. He´s got lot of water and fire in his natal. And I know he fancies me but apart from that, no clues. I can tell my atraction is enormous and feel obsessed about him though. I have Moon trine Pluto natally and won´t show my feelings anyway. But they are sooo intense.

        Is the square/ sextile dw equally romantic as the conjunction you describe? I adore the way you expressed that Heathcliff/Kathy part :). Simply Great!!

  82. amiannPatty

    Hi Amiann! Me and a gem have a less than one degree moon / Pluto conjunction. I’m the moon and I’m familiar with the obsessive energy. BUT my question is how would it be if both our ascendents conjunct each other’s 7th house? Our ascs are opposites. Mine in virgo conjunct his virgo descendant and his rising in pisces in my 7th house. Does this count as touching each other’s 7th house? I know I def want a relationship and to marry him. Another question, he has moon in his 8th house , is this like having a scorp moon? Even though we have the moon Pluto cojunction and other Pluto aspects , if he feels obsessive towards me, he conceals it 99%. Like all of you, it tends to feel unrequited!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Patty!
      Well, I am surprised it feels unrequited. It does not seem like it should from what you say. Angles touching angles gives intimacy.
      Let me ask some questions. What are the Moon to Moon aspects. Also, and this is important, is there any planet unaspected to the chart of the other person? If so, this could be the reason, Patty.

      1. amiannPatty

        Hello and thank you so much for replying, it really means everything to me.
        As far as our moon to moon aspects, he is a libra moon and I am a sag moon. Both Pluto in Sagittarius.
        Aspects between moons:
        -His moon trine my Uranus 2.07 orb
        -My moon opposite his mercury 1.40 orb
        -my moon opposite his mars 1.53 orb
        -my MOON conjunct his PLUTO 0.16 orb (in sag)
        -my moon square his north node 1.40 orb

        His planets:
        Gem sun
        Libra moon
        Gem mercury
        Taurus venus
        Gemini mars
        Pisces Jupiter
        Aries Saturn

        My planets:
        Pisces sun
        Sag moon
        Pisces mercury
        Aquarius venus
        Aries mars
        Taurus Jupiter
        Taurus Saturn

        What do you think? All your insight and advice is super appreciated. My venus in his 12th house makes me feel lost and I often don’t know how he feels about me. He is not all that expressive emotionally. But this obsession I have for him has been since high school. When we reconciled recently he told me he is painfully attracted to me and and thinks and dreams of me often (12th house synastry I suppose) but he has been unfaithful to me in the past so I always end up running away. HELP!

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          I could not really give a good opinion without doing a chart reading for you but the Moons don’t look like a great connection BUT I am like a doctor. I really do need to look. I am not trying to get money from you. I don’t do that or need that, but for a really correct opinion beyond my few comments, I would need to look at the charts, my Friend xoxo

          1. amiannPatty

            okay! How do your readings work? I am extremely interested in getting a synastry reading on us. Is there a charge? Do I email our birth charts to you? Let me know 🙂

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            Yes, I do charge for charts. They take me a long time
            I have a one question chart for 89.99, Patty. My full synastry is quite expensive because it takes me almost a full week just devoted to you.

        2. amiannMonica

          Maybe I shouldn’t interfere, so I am giving you the free will to disregard my opinion. Sun square sun by sign, mercury square mercury by sign, moon opposite mercury = misunderstanding = bad communication.
          I also have experience with Sun square Sun, Mercury square Mercury, few more other aspects and Moon conjunct Pluto (I am the Pluto) and also had experience with Moon opposite Pluto (again I am the Pluto) and without my intent/wish/desire I had dreams about what they were doing when they were thinking about me. For example when the opposite Moon guy was talking to other people about me, or when he unfriended me from a social network, or when his grandma died (he probably thought of me I guess) I dreamed about it the moment it happened (I live in EU, he lives in US). With the conjunct Moon guy I used to dream 3 days in advance about what he was about to do; one day he was looking for a surgeon and I told him not to worry cause he had plenty of time till Friday, and that Thursday he told me he found a surgeon and scheduled the surgery for next day (Friday). But I got rid of it by telling myself/my mind/my soul/other entities loud and clear that I no longer wish to dream about them, no longer wish to think of them, no longer wish to have any kind of bond with them ever again.
          For a while I was wondering if that conjunct Moon guy was perhaps my soulmate and why would God want to punish me this bad to give me such a jerk for a soulmate, but now that I saw everyone with Moon conjunct Pluto has vivid dreams I realized he is not my soulmate, this is just what Moon conjunct Pluto is like. So you can also get rid of him by commanding yourself/your body/your mind/your soul to just cut the bond.
          I hope this helps and I wish you best of luck,

  83. amiannD - the Haunted Soul

    I wrote before about this, but I wanted to give an update…
    When we had one of the powerful full moons this year touching our (double whammy) Pluto-Moon connection, my guy and I ended up running into each other in the middle of a far too specific place for it to have been coincidence.

    Fast forward to the powerful new moon in Virgo a week or two ago.
    That was touching our Pluto-Moon DW connection again, and guess what happened?

    Same thing. We were in the same place at the same time.

    Both of those times, I had a very powerful and almost overwhelming sensation of him before I ran into him or found out he was there the same time at me.

    This connection is no joke. Sheer magic.

    1. amiannPatty

      Hey! Very SAME thing happened to me during the new moon in virgo! We were at the same place at the same time and locked eyes. I had the feeling I was going to see him that day and felt an overwhelming fit of emotions the moment I saw him. I didn’t know what to feel. I kept telling my friends it was PURE FATE. What other explanation is there. Do you think this aspect is karmic?

      1. amiannD - the haunted soul

        Yes, it’s got to be! That’s how it was the first time this happened (with the Full Moon one back in April, I think it was). I just felt him ALL DAY. There was no reason at all for him to have been where I was – in such a specific place so far from him…and yet we were both there. I walked in first, and moments later, he walked in right after. He wasn’t stalking me. I’d just literally felt him all day, and though I don’t know if I expected to see him as such, it had felt all along like he was with me because of how powerfully I felt him.

        Then with the recent new moon, it was the same. Felt him so strongly and started to miss him again. When I was leaving the place, I had a terrible feeling….Something was telling me, “Don’t go. Not yet. Don’t go…” And yet I did. Later on, I found out he’d been there with me, and I am SURE that must have been why that feeling hit me so strongly.

        I think it’s fate. I think one’s soul has to be deeply connected to another’s to be able to feel them on such a profound level, such that they end up in the same place. It’s almost like a twin flame thing, but I don’t feel that this makes us one (a twin flame), so much as that this makes us fiercely protective, healing, and loving of each other. On a whole other level.

        I suppose it could be too hard for certain couples, but for people who are very Plutonian or who thrive on intensity/want nothing less, then this is indeed one of the most powerful connections to have, I feel. My guy and I are both quite Plutonian, and Scorpio is a big part of our Moon-Pluto connections, so this is not only somewhat natural to us, but fiercely desired. <3

        The tough thing is, it's so hard to explain to other people without sounding crazy, hahaha!! So it's like you have to keep this beautiful thing between you and your sweetie – within your own magical little world. 🙂

        I have a question, do you have any Neptune aspects? I do have Neptune-Sun, Neptune-Mercury (double whammy), and Neptune-Moon with mine, so I know this all adds a very peaceful, loving, and dreamy atmosphere to it all, too. (All the above aspects are harmonious, except for an opposition with Neptune-Moon.)

        1. amiannPatty

          So his Neptune is conjunct my venus and my Neptune squares his venus. I wasn’t too sure on peaceful but dreamy yes. We dream of each other, think of each other and daydream about one another every day. But I always thought the Neptune aspects pointed to lying and Infidelity? Unfortunately this has been the case for us, on his part at least.

          I have a question too, do you two not contact each other through text or calling and prefer to just obsess over them instead? We go a long time without contact but remain on each other’s minds. I’ve talked to other people with this synastry placement and they confirmed.

          Do you think you and your guy have telepathic thinking as well?

          1. amiannD - the haunted soul

            Yes, I’m no pro, but I am about 99% sure that the dreaminess is there because of the Neptune! (I add “peaceful” in my case because there is a sense of purity and peace having my Neptune connected to his Sun. I want to protect him, help the two of us heal, and the both of us feel immense sympathy – at times empathy!!- for each other. Which is heightened with our Neptune-Mercury double whammy aspects. That’s why I added “peaceful”! 🙂 )

            The dream and think of each other every day thing I can also attest to. It’s nothing short of obsession, absolutely! Even when you might just think you’ll go one day without thinking of them, something pops up that reminds you of them – and once they’re on your mind, that’s it. It’s one-track, haha. I think this happens because they become such a part of us…It’s really hard to know where I end and he begins, at times.

            I think negative Neptune can indicate infidelity or anything negative that we might have “missed” in the relationship. Hard Neptune aspects can make us see sunshine and roses where there might actually be rain and thorns…. :-/ So maybe the Neptune-Venus square is guilty for this between you? We also have our moments of miscommunication (regarding emotions), and I absolutely attribute this in part to the Moon-Neptune opposition that my guy and I have.

            I think it’s amazing you have talked to others who have ALSO gone time without any contact, just musing far too deeply (obsessing, yes) over each other. And yet when you meet, it’s like no time at all passed, right? The passion is still there (sometimes overwhelmingly so), and you don’t want to let go or leave! I wonder if this is characteristic of this aspect!

            Yes. Oh yes. The telepathic thinking is what drew me in, and I think it was for him, too. We communicate better when we say nothing (out loud) at all. It’s very easy for us to know exactly what the other is thinking or feeling, just by looking into each other’s eyes. Never had anyone who could really read me that well – or who I could read so well in return. And moments when I’ll think of him, he’ll write, or vice versa. Vivid, vivid dreams of each other. Very Neptunian – although I think the powerful emotion driving this desire and immense love comes from the Pluto aspects – specially Moon-Pluto. 🙂

            Can I ask…? Are you the Moon or the Pluto? And the others you’ve spoken to with this placement…do you know if they are the Moon or the Pluto? It’s tough for me to figure out which “planet” is causing me to feel this so strongly, as it’s a double-whammy. I feel like it would be easier to really figure out if I know others’ experiences, too! ^^

  84. amiannPatty

    So I am actually the moon person. He is Pluto. The girl I have recently spoken with was pluto and she could attest to the obsession on her part. She said she felt the intense longing but would hardly look at him or contact him ever. I feel this too, I like to play it cool and don’t express my deep feelings to him!
    Which are you?
    I have heard that both the moon and Pluto actually feel the same way about each other. The Pluto a bit more raw and the moon a bit more emotional.
    Are you in direct contact with your guy at the moment? I run from mine.

    We have gone a year without contact before and when we saw each other again it felt like we saw each other the day before. No catching up, straight to the passion, tears, revealing our emotions it was beautiful. Our connection stems from high school.
    How is it when you are together? Isn’t it pure bliss!? Like you are so high and happy and hugging them is not like hugging anyone else it feels like HOME. I’m so glad other people have felt this intense aspect and not just Me.
    Do you feel like other flings have came and went but you’re stuck on this person and can see you and him together forever? Like the feelings don’t change?
    Do you think each ot us try and hide our intensity for each other? Or do you tell them openly how you feel? Let me know

    1. amiannD - the haunted soul

      Oh my goodness!! I am both, as we have a double whammy. In that sense, it’s kind of hard for me to know which planet is feeling the obsession “more”. But maybe both do (and maybe that’s why it’s so crazy for me and for my guy, as we’re both getting hit with both our Moons and Plutos!). I CAN absolutely agree with what the girl you spoke with said, and maybe this is the Pluto – I don’t know. But there are times when I am with him where I can’t look at him, or sometimes won’t contact him. It’s not because I don’t want to – it’s the total opposite! The intensity is so blown out of the water that it’s almost too much – like we’ll bring the walls around us crashing down with the intense amount of passion between us. The times our eyes do meet when we’re together, I can actually FEEL the intensity around us. One time in particular, another guy my guy knows was nearby when it happened, and he was watching us in awe. I’m 100% positive he “felt” what was happening, too. It’s unbelievable.

      (For the record, my guy tried once to show distance and avoid showing his feelings, and it hurt me so badly, that I put a distance between us for a long while…I’ve never seen his eyes so sad. I’m convinced he was crying at that time. Suffice it to say, we do it because it’s so intense, and yet we always regret it immediately after.)

      Like you, I run from mine. But I feel we switch off doing this to each other, as he also has the Moon side to contend with (with our double whammy). Again, though, we both seem to regret it terribly.

      Your connection has been going for such a long time…Goodness, it’s so sad that you aren’t officially together. You must truly be soulmates, knowing and adoring each other so deeply…<3 <3 <3

      Yes, it is pure bliss together. I love every inch of him, especially his flaws. His flaws make me want to care for and protect him all the more, in fact. I see such goodness in his heart, and I want to nurture that and give him the love he deserves. I don't know what it's like from his side, but I can say 100% that this is someone who I could give my honest soul to. 🙂

      You're absolutely right – it feels like HOME! <3

      I met him last year, so I haven't really had the time for other flings, but I absolutely couldn't imagine them, indeed. During a rough period, I considered breaking away and finding someone else who makes me feel the same, but as you can imagine, not only could I not do it, but I felt I never would find anyone like him. Not someone who I adore so totally…You're right in that you can absolutely see yourself together with the person forever, that the feelings don't change but rather (as is perhaps the nature of Pluto) evolve over time. It's beautiful.

      I have told him openly how I feel….Er, well, not romance-wise, I suppose, but about most everything else. I think he understands my soul, in both everything I've told him and through what he's seen in my eyes. I feel a longing to pour my soul out to him. And I do want to tell him how I feel about him, but somehow I am still afraid I will lose him if I do. I think we both have this fear….of rejection, naturally. Which is odd, because we're all experiencing this intense love, and yet….well…'s odd.

      As for social media stalking….Yes. Yes oh yes oh yes. 😉 🙂
      Actually, I have a tip for this!! Do you have somewhere I can reach you? Even a fake email is okay. We can maybe talk more rather than spamming poor Amiann's thread with our gushing words, hahaha! And I want to tell you what I do regarding the social media bit.

  85. amiannPatty

    One more thing, I also caught my Pluto guy stalking me once! Have you had that experience? He has also admitted to checking up on my social media.

  86. amiannANTONIA

    Hi everybody from Greece
    congrats for your site and advices.

    Moon conjuct pluto in 10 degrees
    is considered an aspect??
    Or is wide?
    Thank u

  87. amiannRenegade

    I have Pluto in Virgo 15°57′, he has Moon in Virgo 16°50′. That’s pretty close I’d say.
    He has Pluto in Libra 5°58′ (yes he is younger), I have Venus in Libra 11°58′. Conjunction but wider.
    I have Sun in Scorpio 17°55′, he has Sun in Pisces 17°25′. So trine.
    My Ascendant? Scorpio 14°05′. To call me Plutonic is an understatement but the package looks sweet because of Neptune Scorpio 17°35′.
    I have Moon in Capricorn 23°21′. So our Moons form a trine even though the orb is wider.

    There is attraction. We have things in common: love for music, for nature, for animals, for good food, respect for the environment.
    I know he is attracted to me and I am attracted to him.
    So why has he already done a runner twice? Came on strong, told me we were a match, kissed me. And then seemed to get scared as hell and went for some lesser goddess. Broke up with her, comes back to me, same story. Backed off and gets together with a woman who is nice but not in my league. I strongly believe I could be the best thing that ever happened to him. If he would let me I would love him deeply. But it’s like it scares the hell out of him.
    It drives me crazy, I still think a lot about him but if anything will happen, he will have to take the initiative.
    Is it his Moon-Sun opposition? The fact that we have Mars square Mars and Mercury square Mercury? That my Saturn is conjunct his Jupiter and Mercury? His Gemini Ascendant? He is “lighter” than me but I’m fine with that. I feel more comfortable with someone who is a bit less deep than me. I don’t think I want to cope with someone as intense as me.
    Or is it because he is still processing the divorce from the mother of his kids?

    My mind tells me to forget about it and move on and I really try. But the thought of this guy is still haunting me.

          1. amiannRenegade

            I have Chiron in Pisces 13°51′. He has it in Aries at 18°23′.
            The weird thing for me is that I can understand that you run once. But why come back and run again? It felt like he wanted to hurt me yet another time. Only why do that? What does he get out of this, esp. since he acknowledges that I have qualities he really appreciates?
            Is this his fear or is this pure cruelty? The problem is that I really don’t know. Whenever I think he is just a jerk I also recall moments where he was really kind. But if I want to think of him as someone kind, I remember the moments where I perceived him as cruel and hurtful on purpose (in my perception). This guy is smart enough to know how to behave well, so why does he choses to hurt without any reason?

  88. amiannRenegade

    Thank you, Ami.
    Emotionally I have taken a distance from it but I am still very intrigued by the whole thing. I want to know why. That’s also why I found a new interest in astrology as it certainly provided me with answers in the past. I might ask you to do a reading of our synastry. When you reach a certain age you think nothing can surprise you but life always throws new mysteries at you.
    One astrologer told me it all had to do with this own Sun-Moon opposition, and his ascendant and Neptune square on both Sun and Moon which results in someone with multiple personalities. Some pleasant some unpleasant.

  89. amiannVivian

    I had this with an ex

    His moon was in scorpio

    we tried breaking up so many times only to keep coming back. It was like torture. I have my pluto in the 4th which eventually give me the strength to break up for good. He is married but up to this day, is obsessed with me ; asking questions such as if am married, if I still love him, he keeps prying into my life. Its creepy.

    ps. He thinks am the dangerous one , though I dont know why

  90. amiannLynn

    WOW, thank you all for posting your experience!

    I am going through Pluto Trine Moon 3° (I am the Moon) and Pluto sextile Venus 0° (I am the Pluto here)… Its so strange, strong and crazy, that I even start to belive in Astrology. I didnt before. He is very Plutonic, more than I and I feeeeeel so weak, even if I am the leading person the most time with other people/men.

    His Mars is in my 7th house and mess with some of my planets.. But I cant pull back. He is also feeling very drown me, but he is enjoying this more, because he loves the intense feeling. I am a bit afraid of “too fast, too much”… Is it Neptune, is it Pluto, who knows.

    If You are interested in our synastry, here we go (I am left)

    Pluto Sextile Venus orb: 0 °

    Mars Trine Saturn orb: 0 °

    Ascendant Trine Ascendant orb: 0 °

    Uranus Conjunction Mars orb: 0 °

    Sun Square Mars orb: 0 °

    Mercury Trine Ascendant orb: 1 °

    Neptune Trine Venus orb: 1 °

    Venus Conjunction Venus orb: 1 °

    Saturn Square Ascendant orb: 1 °

    Jupiter Sextile Ascendant orb: 1 °

    Venus Trine North Node orb: 1 °

    Chiron Trine Ascendant orb: 1 °

    Saturn Opposition North Node orb: 1 °

    Venus Square MC orb: 1 °

    Neptune Square Chiron orb: 1 °

    North Node Square Pluto orb: 1 °

    Neptune Trine Jupiter orb: 2 °

    Neptune Square Sun orb: 2 °

    Mars Sextile Mercury orb: 2 °

    Pluto Opposition North Node orb: 2 °

    Ascendant Opposition MC orb: 2 °

    Jupiter Conjunction Mars orb: 3 °

    Moon Trine Pluto orb: 3 °

    Venus Conjunction Jupiter orb: 4 °

    Ascendant Opposition Mars orb: 4 °

      1. amiannLynn

        I just found out, that we have also very intense composit chart. Unfortunately not very harmonious, right?

        Pluto opp Moon
        Pluto opp MC
        Pluto conjunct Mercury
        Pluto conjunct Mars
        Pluto conjunct Jupiter
        Pluto sextile Neptun

          1. amiannLynn

            He wants to know everything! Maybe this will be a good reason for contention later, LoL . We are only two months together and not really oficial, but he is already acting strange. Me too actually, lol

            He is like writing me every four hours or something. And I cant just not answer. I have to write back – and I am really trying not to! And than again “oh he is waiting for my message, dont be a jerk, let him know.” And sometimes I am doing something else and suddenly he is in my head and doesnt want to go out for an hour or more 😀

            When we are out, we try not to let people know, that we are together (its a bit complicated with our friends). And if someone is talking to me, he will just stare me down and saying nothing, even showing me his back. And later I am like “oh come on, this was nothing”, he will be like “i dont even care”. And than three hours later its going like “but really, this guy is so stupid, right? how could you even talk with him for so long, he is so not interesting” LoL

  91. amiannLynn

    Weird is exactly the right word, thank you Amiann!

    Normally i would react quite differently, but with him i feel so responsible to fulfill his expectations and I am so.. weak? I allow a lot in this moment. And I enjoy the weird even lol Sometimes I am like “whats going on, girl, why are you behaving like that??” 😀 He very quickly became very important to me. I hope he can handle it properly, his influence is enormous.

  92. amiannMiss Mary

    Interesting post! I have Moon Pluto with someone. My Scorpio Moon conjunct his Pluto. Omg it’s like you said, i’ve never felt a love like this before. It’s impossible for us to be together in this lifetime but still we can’t let each other go. The chemistry is extreme and we are also best friends. Well, we also have some other Pluto stuff going on, like Pluto square mars, Pluto quincunx Venus, Pluto trine sun double whammy. He has a Pluto moon opposition natally (his moon in my eighth house), and I have Pluto conjunct ascendant natally. What can I say, it’s extremely intense, like torture…

    Any thoughts?

  93. amiannGina

    Hi Ami,
    I was googling moon Pluto synastry and I came across your work. I have my moon in libra and my Pluto in libra. I have some really strong attraction going on with a man who’s moon is in Aquarius and his Pluto is in libra. So my moon is in conjunction with his Pluto. And his moon trines my Pluto. What exactly that supposed to mean. Also I read that in Pluto moon conjunction the Pluto person will scrutinize the moon person and wouldn’t really be attracted or attached to the moon person. He would feed off the power over the moon person but wouldn’t be Inlove with the moon person. Does it mean that I’m in a unrequited love where I’m totally attracted and he plays games with me ? Also his moon trines my Pluto so what about that? Am I the one more attached in this situation?

    I also would like to subscribe to your work and learn more as you explain it in a very easy way to understand.
    Thank you!
    Much respect,

  94. amiannAmy Dingwall

    Hello 😊

    I’ve gone out with two people now who I’ve had moon sq Pluto synastry with (me moon both times) wish I’d learnt my lesson the first time…. I ended up hating them both……still do. Pluto synastry with any person planets are just pure pain… pain for both people. Should you experience it once in a lifetime? I think the lucky people avoid it, or they are not emotionally f***ed up to go there in the first place. Hard lesson.

  95. amiannEugene

    Hello. Sorry, I don’t live in an English-speaking country. I have a moon-Pluto conjunct with one guy. Feelings are intense. But what should I do if I feel fear and pressure from him? (He doesn’t do anything bad to me, it’s just a my feeling they were before I met him) I have a moon in scorpio (disturbing) in the 7th house (that’s why i react to people. but my descendant is not in scorpio) trine venus pisces . He has Pluto on the descendant, Mars and Saturn in Scorpio in the 7th house. He has Venus and the sun in Taurus, the moon in Leo in 5 (In love he can be caring. But moon has natal squares.) He is only kind to girls and his friends, but not to all people. the question I repeat is, What should I do if I feel fear and pressure from him? I didn’t feel such attraction and fear to other people. For me passion is better than a boring relationship, but fear is discomfort. I would also like to help him be kinder to people and animals. THANKS.

      1. amiannEugenie

        yes.. but your description is not about fear and discomfort. so I asked how I could be calmer. but I agree with your description, too. his Venus in Taurus calms me down ) despite the fact that he has a tension between Taurus and Scorpio in the chart.

  96. amiannEugene

    ” it’s just a my feeling they were before I met him” I mean I found out about him and I had this feeling before I even talked to him

  97. amiannEugenie

    In one article I read that in synastry with the Moon and Pluto this is often not the only aspect. Such a Plutonian confrontation. For example, we also have a conjunction between his Mars and my Pluto (His Pluto in scorpio is Ruler his Mars in scorpio). Sorry, last question.. Maybe SOMETIMES in this aspect the moon softens pluto a little? In my case I think I can soften it up a bit, since my moon is falling on its descendant (He has a natal DSC-pluto conjunction). All the more plutonian relationships transform people. He can be cruel to people, but if he falls in love, he is soft.

  98. amiannAmy

    Hi Ami,

    I see I have already posted on this one!!
    I haven’t read through all the comments on this article because there are too many…. I have Pluto opp moon with a guy I am seeing (I am Pluto) the rest of our synastry aspects are really nice. Is the opposition much of a problem? Thank you 🙏☺️❤️ Xx

  99. amiannGalahad

    Hi Ami…
    Im moon in this once in a lifetime story, she is pluto…
    I’m interested who will die with his name on your lips,
    moon or pluto?
    We are not in a relationship but,
    the depth and intensity of the feelings I feel happening between us,
    is something outside of this world~
    Her pluto and mars conjunct my ASC. and my venus sextile her pluto…
    her north node conjunct my sun and my south node, her sun conjunct my south node…
    her ceres conjunct my sun…
    and much, much more…

  100. amiannandrex

    Hey, So question, me and this guy we have my moon(aquarias) square his pluto(scorpio) and again his moon(pieces) squares my pluto(scorpio) 🤦🏻‍♀️, the intensity is HIGH! we have a lot of vertex connection, and also a sun(gemini)trine my moon in aquarius, what do you think about it? 😅 We said is gonna be just a sexual relationship but it kinda feels it can’t be just that…

      1. amiannAndrez

        Thank you so much for answering❤️ Sun quincunx Sun 7.42
        Sun trine Moon 3.73
        Sun quincunx Venus 6.56
        Sun quincunx Mars 2.98
        Sun quincunx Jupiter 4.14
        Sun quincunx Uranus 6.65
        Sun quincunx Neptune 5.27
        Sun square Chiron 6.79
        Sun conjunct Rising 4.49
        Sun trine Midheaven 6.98
        Moon conjunct Saturn 2.91
        Moon square Pluto 3.74
        Moon opposition Chiron 7.70
        Moon square North Node 0.62
        Mercury quincunx Sun 2.72
        Mercury quincunx Mercury 3.33
        Mercury quincunx Venus 3.58
        Mercury trine Saturn 2.46
        Mercury quincunx Uranus 3.49
        Mercury quincunx Neptune 4.88
        Mercury quincunx Pluto 1.62
        Mercury conjunct Rising 5.66
        Mercury trine Midheaven 3.16
        Venus trine Saturn 1.99
        Venus trine Midheaven 3.63
        Mars trine Jupiter 2.23
        Mars opposition Chiron 0.42
        Mars trine P. of Fortune 0.29
        Mars trine Vertex 1.82
        Jupiter trine Sun 2.39
        Jupiter trine Venus 1.53
        Jupiter trine Mars 2.04
        Jupiter trine Uranus 1.62
        Jupiter trine Neptune 0.24
        Jupiter square Midheaven 1.95
        Saturn sextile Saturn 2.02
        Uranus sextile Saturn 1.35
        Neptune sextile Jupiter 2.08
        Neptune trine Chiron 0.56
        Neptune opposition P. of Fortune 0.43
        Neptune sextile Vertex 1.68
        Pluto square Moon 1.68
        Pluto conjunct Jupiter 1.26
        Pluto sextile Chiron 1.39
        Pluto trine P. of Fortune 1.26
        Pluto conjunct Vertex 0.86
        Chiron quincunx Sun 5.50
        Chiron quincunx Mercury 0.56
        Chiron trine Saturn 0.32
        Chiron quincunx Pluto 1.15
        Chiron trine Midheaven 5.94
        Lilith square North Node 0.79
        North Node sextile Mars 0.17
        North Node sextile Neptune 2.12
        North Node square Rising 1.34
        P. of Fortune sextile Venus 1.74
        P. of Fortune sextile Mars 1.84
        P. of Fortune sextile Uranus 1.83
        P. of Fortune sextile Neptune 0.44
        P. of Fortune square Rising 0.34
        Vertex sextile Sun 0.18
        Vertex sextile Venus 0.68
        Vertex sextile Uranus 0.59
        Vertex sextile Neptune 1.98
        Vertex square Midheaven 0.26
        Rising quincunx Moon 6.96
        Rising quincunx Mercury 5.83
        Rising sextile Chiron 3.90
        Midheaven trine Jupiter 2.33
        Midheaven opposition Chiron 0.32
        Midheaven trine P. of Fortune 0.19
        Midheaven trine Vertex 1.92

        He’s driving me insane 🙃🙃🙃 and I think i’m driving him insane as well 🙃

  101. amiannRallou

    I have moon conjunct pluto in synastry (3 orbs) with someone. I am the moon but I am scorpio with venus in scorpio and pluto in 1st house and he is the pluto but he is cancer so I think is like DW (me moon but scorpio he pluto but cancer). We also have mars pluto conjunction, venus mars conjuction, lilith pluto conjuction, chiron trine pluto, juno saturn conjuction and the worst venus square saturn (1 orb). So much love, so much passion, so much drama and tears. It gets insane day by day, loosing our minds, both of us. It seems Karmic. I feel doomed every single day.

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