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The Self and the Lover—ASC/DSC

I am fascinated with the angles(ASC, IC, DSC and MC). Many people are because there is just so much information one can learn from a simple study.The ASC is oneself in the outside world, one’s workday self, one’s cocktail party self, one’s appearance, one’s mannerism, one’s style of clothing, one’s likes in cars and home decor. However, it is more than one’s superficial appearance. It is the way one DEALS with the everyday world.

Is one a diplomat( Libra ASC)? Does approach life as a detective, cynical and self possessed( Scorpio ASC)? Is one serious, mature and responsible( Capricorn ASC) ?  Does one strive to be the center of attention and take up all the air in the room *Cough* ( Leo ASC)?  Does one not like to touch doorknobs for fear of germs( Virgo ASC)?

If one has planets conjunct the ASC, one will take on the traits of the planets. If one has Saturn conj the ASC, one will be serious and mature. If one has Venus conjunct the ASC, one will be gracious and lovely. I have given a brief idea about what the ASC entails. My desire in this article is to talk about the ASC/DSC axis and how that plays out.

To make it simple, we are attracted to what is opposite of ourselves. This is the yin/yang in Chinese philosophy. In common terms, opposites attract. One is attracted to the TRAITS on the DSC sign. One is not, usually, attracted to the exact sign. One can, often, be turned off by it, strangely enough.

The sign on the DSC will, always, be the opposite sign to the ASC. The DSC has the interesting quality of our having a hard time accessing the traits of that sign, in ourselves. Maybe, God made us incomplete so we would crave a partner and reproduce. I don’t know, but we crave the traits of the sign on the DSC and we look for these in a partner.


3 thoughts on “The Self and the Lover—ASC/DSC

  1. amiannDuane Fowler

    I have Neptune conjunct my asc in Sagittarius. Jupiter and Saturn conjunct MC in Libra. I read that Neptune conjunct Asc children didn’t want to leave their mother’s womb. My mother was in labor with me for 56 hours.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I never heard that about the labor but you may have a really hard time with a sense of self. You may feel really amorphous but you are prolly very glamorous looking lol

  2. amiannKristie Jenkins

    Hi, Ami!
    I’m testing the site to see if my laptop will let me post to the forum this time.

    Me, Libra Asc, him Leo Asc.
    Having my Moon in Aries sitting on the DSC, I can see how this plays into why I’m so attracted to my Cancer/Leo cusp, Leo Rising husband. We are attracted to what is opposite ourselves, we need that void to be filled. Having my Earth & Air voided, spells this out perfectly!!! Hubby is Air dominant with an okay amount of Earth & I’ve been highly HIGHLY attracted to (as in on a seriously DEEP level of psyche, deep in my heart), Aquarian men, 3 of them, to be exact.

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