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Which Aspect, in Synastry, Will Turn the Normally Stable Person Into a Nut?

*Music that accompanies a monster waiting to jump out of a closet*——The answer is Moon/Pluto. So, what do you do if you are the victim *cough* of this conjunction? Study your old course in Logic. Study your old course in Government because you don’t want to break any laws, now. Do you?


5 thoughts on “Which Aspect, in Synastry, Will Turn the Normally Stable Person Into a Nut?

  1. amiannAlf

    You have any evidence to support your argument?? I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with being intensive and sensitive.

    I have trine and I’m proud of it.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Alf
      I meant synastry, dear one. I did not meant the natal chart. It must be misleading because you are the second person who said it. In the natal, the trine is wonderful. You have great intuition. You would make a wonderful therapist, as you can see to the core of human beings. In synastry, moon touching Pluto can make people obsessed with each other!
      Please, come and register on my Forum and we( an dother lovers of Astrology) can talk. It is free, of course. Hope to see you there xx

  2. amiannRebecca

    I got this with folk about 8 years my junior.. tend to lead to intense involvement and compulsive behaviours but in quite a nice way often. not too many problems with this one, but its my moon in the conjunction and i’m a fairly plutonic person, chart wise anyway so perhaps it doesn’t disturb me too much where it might others?!

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