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Do You Want An X-Ray Of Your Lover’s Soul?

We, all, wish we could have an x -ray into our lover’s soul, our friend’s, our parent’s or our child’s. This is as exciting a wish as that of being invisible. We have, all, wanted to be a fly on the proverbial wall. The easiest, cleanest and most risk free way to know your lover’s soul is to look at his moon. As usual, I call things as I see them. This subject is no exception.

When one wants to dissect any planet, one must start with the Domicile, Detriment, Exaltation and Fall. The Domicile is opposite the Detriment. The Exaltation is opposite the Fall. Most of us have planets in each, but our discussion, here, is limited to the Moon. The Moon is in it’s home in Cancer. Hence, the Moon becomes the best of what it is. The person with Moon in Cancer will be soulful. They will feel empathy for others because they are in touch with their own feelings. One cannot have empathy for others, if one has none for oneself. This is a crucial statement and entirely true. If one lacks empathy and wants it obtain it, one must connect with one’s own feelings and accept them. Someone who has no empathy for others has wiped out his feelings to himself. He is callous to himself. That is my opinion and experience. As to the practical manner in which one would go about obtaining empathy, Alice Miller deals with this subject in her pivotal work on child abuse. She has a website, which is filled with wonderful articles, reader’s questions and her own answers. I have written to her, myself, and gotten an answer. Miller is an advocate for the child.

Another manner in which to obtain empathy is open up the avenue of tears. The out of print book “Cure By Crying” by Stone is a simple exposition of this concept, but it is brilliant in it’s simplicity. If you cannot get a hold of this book, Google Right Brain Trauma Theory, as that is what Stone’s book is about. One must cry out one’s pain because pain is stored in the right side of the brain( the emotional side), not the left side( the rational side) One can talk to a therapist for years and never heal because talk therapy will not touch this pain.

I have gotten a bit afield from Astrology, but I am interested in anything that helps people heal. Back to Astrology. Cancer is the single best place for the Moon. I have a Cancer Moon and can attest to this. The Moon is wrapped in a cozy pair of flannel pajamas.The second best place for the moon would be in it’s Exaltation. The Moon is Exalted in Taurus. Both Cancer and Taurus make for a sweet person.We will discuss aspects to the Moons, in another article, as even a Cancer or Taurus Moon could have bad aspects, which would mitigate the position, but for this article, we won’t deal with that, as we want to keep it simple. So, if your lover has a Cancer or Taurus Moon, you could surmise several things. They are not intentionally mean. They do not intentionally bully. If they see someone being hurt, they will be upset and will try to help, if they can. They have tender hearts, in other words. They will, most likely, be kind to you. They will, most likely, be nurturing and can be trusted with your own fragile heart.

Let’s look at the Detriment and Fall positions. I want to say that I am not disparaging anyone. We, each, have easy positions and hard positions. I write to help people understand their lover( or anyone) Each person can choose his actions, but his basic nature is determined by the chart. The Detriment position of the Moon is Capricorn.Let’s examine the Capricorn Moon. Capricorn is goal oriented. Capricorn is status oriented. If there was one sign who could marry for money, it would be Capricorn. Capricorn is very savvy to the workings of social climbing. Capricorn is very politically savvy. If there is one Moon position that is perfect for a politician, it is Capricorn.So, hopefully, you can picture the nature of Capricorn. If you want one phrase which will summarize Capricorn, it would be ” head over heart”. Capricorn can defer gratification, as can no other sign. It can climb the ladder of success, one rung at a time, as can no other sign. However, for the case of the tender moon, Capricorn is not a feeler. Capricorn will override his feelings with his head. This can work well, for a business partner. It can work well in many settings, but you may not want a lover like this. If I were to put a song to Capricorn moon, it would be Madonna’s” Material Girl”.

Let’s look at the Moon in it’s Fall, Scorpio. Scorpio Moon has different issues than Capricorn Moon, VERY different issues. Scorpio is too intense. It is not his fault. He takes things very hard. He feels things very intensely. Hence, he gets possessive and jealous when his lover goes to the corner store for milk. He follows her to make sure she is not having an affair with the clerk. He feels badly about being like this. Most Scorpio Moons do not like this moon placement. Most feel encumbered by it, but the placements are what they are. One good thing about Scorpio moon is the fact that it is a water sign. Water feels deeply. Scorpio moon feels too deeply. If you want to summarize this moon in one sentence, it is that it feels too deeply. To Scorpio moon’s credit, it is very perceptive. If you want keen perception on any situation, find a Scorpio Moon because this moon can sniff out a bad person or situation, as can a dog. So, for Capricorn Moon, he is too mercenary. For Scorpio Moon, he is too intense. The Detriment and Fall positions are very different in their EFFECT. You can see that, in this example, and it is the case for all Detriment and Fall placements.

Now, I will go on to good and bad placements of the Moon and the reasons. Each person has his own personal favorite Moon placements. I love Leo moons. Leo is the sign of the child. Leo Moon is very affectionate and childlike. He is enthusiastic over simple things, like buying people the precisely perfect present. If a Leo Moon loves you, you will get a wonderful birthday present, picked with great care and great attention to your personal tastes. I have gotten two such presents.The giver delights in giving, as much as the receiver does in receiving. Leo Moon has a good heart. He is not mean or a bully. He is like a friendly lion, bounding into the room with a giant catlike smile on his furry face. Some people do not like Leo moon because they say he needs too much attention. I don’t feel that way, myself, but that is where personal taste comes in. I find him to be delightful.

Aries moon is not one of my personal favorites because it is too cause oriented, but it is a nice place for the moon. Aries moon will stand up for cause, or those whom he loves. He is a warm person and a go getter for the goals which are important to him. He will be strong about who he is, as Aries is cardinal. Cardinal signs are the leaders of the Zodiac.

Libra Moon is not a good placement for the moon. Libra Moon would be similar to Capricorn Moon, in that it thinks when it should feel. It is called the Courtesan’s Moon because it is said to be able to have sex, while divorcing emotions. In simpler terms, it can be cold. The Moon likes to swim in the world of feelings. It does not like to think, when it should be feeling. That is why Libra Moon is not a good place for the moon. I would say that Libra Moon would be the second moon that could marry for money. So, for a quick phrase to remember Libra Moon, think the Courtesan’s Moon. One more thing before we get off Libra Moon. They have a very, very hard time making decisions. This is not their fault and they truly do need help, so if you are choosing restaurants etc, YOU choose.

Gemini Moon is not one of my favorites. This is because Gemini is a very high strung sign. Gemini is wonderful for Mercury, it’s Domicile. It is nice for the Sun, as I have it and like it very much. However, the moon does not like to be on a permanent adrenaline high, which is the easiest way to describe a Gemini Moon. They have a very hard time sitting still and completing a task. You could call this the ADD moon. Some Gemini Moons have told me that they, barely, can sit through a movie. My heart goes out to the Gemini Moon, as I understand how high strung Gemini can be. On the upside, they love to travel and love change. Many are avid travelers, which is nice, but if they are not on the move, they may suffer from acute boredom. Gemini, as a whole, is known for being superficial. Gemini has a bad reputation, with some, for being too flirty and being a tease. I really don’t know if this is the case with Gemini moon. I know it is, with Gemini Venus. I ask all you Gemini Moons to write and spill.

Taking on the subject of Virgo moon will get tomatoes throw at me. Ha ha, I am in the computer. Virgo Moon is not a favorite with people. Remember that if a Moon trines your Moon, it will be a favorite for YOU, regardless of which Moon it is. Virgo sextiles my Cancer Moon, so I may not be as averse to Virgo moons, as are some people. At any rate, let’s get started. Virgo is very detail oriented.It can be hyper-critical of itself (and you). This is the worst trait of Virgo. It is the critic. Virgo makes a wonderful accountant and a wonderful organizer, but can be a bit of a Spock. Virgo Moon will show love by doing. Virgo will nurse you, better than any other sign. Virgo will pay the bills, so you want for nothing, but don’t expect overly romantic expressions of love. It is not in Virgo’s nature. Virgo is a service oriented sign. There is something very beautiful about Virgo’s service because it is selfless. There is something very beautiful in altruism and Virgo has altruism, more so than any other sign.

Sagittarius Moon is one of the few we have left. I have not had much personal experience with this Moon. My sense is that it likes to roam. It likes adventure and new, new, new. This would be a hard placement, in the same way as Gemini Moon. Gemini and Sagittarius are, both, restless signs. They like fun, adventure, constant change and excitement. I would not like to have either of these Moon placements, myself. If you have a Sagittarius moon, please weigh in.

We have two moons left–Aquarius and Pisces. These are very different, as different as night and day. Aqua Moon is a cold moon. It likes space and it thinks, rather than feels. Pisces Moon is the sweetie of the Zodiac. It is too giving, too self sacrificing. As such, it suffers. It dies of dehydration, while it waters others, to put it too extremely. Anyone with a Pisces moon will be a sweetheart and a tender sensitive soul, even if he has a gruff exterior. Do you see why it is so important to understand the Moons?

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39 thoughts on “Do You Want An X-Ray Of Your Lover’s Soul?

  1. amiannRuth E Velasco

    I have the cancer moon. I have had very bad experiences with the Leo moon. I had one boyfriend, a Scorpio with a Leo moon, and he would tell me how to look and how to dress. It was an extreme turn off for me. He was more interested in looking at women’s clothes than me. I prefer to shop with a man who wants to look at manly stuff like tools and skip the women’s clothes. Gross! When I broke up with him, he stalked me for the longest time. He kept trying to change me, but when I refused to change he wouldn’t accept breaking up. I don’t know if that was the leo moon, being a Scorpio, the combination or something else.

    1. amiannMystique

      lol im a Taurus with a Scorpio moon and My boyfriend is like you, a Scorpio with leo moon. And omg he is just like your ex! Fashion and style should be the way he wants. At first it bothers me. But I adjust to his taste. But he wasnt satisfied. We have an on & off affair which is very big of a headache.

  2. amiannClaire

    AmiAnn, This is a lovely article. I have conversed with you on Lindaland a couple of times & have always found you very insightful. I have a 7th house Pisces Moon. Your description is right on. It is a blessing & a curse. I attract the wounded & it has ta. L)ken me most of my almost 40 years to learn the value of discerment, boundaries, self preservation & self acceptance. I have a Virgo Ascendant; so, I am horribly self critical & too accepting of others. This moon is also a part of a Grand Water Trine of Saturn in Cancer, Mercury in Scorpio, with a retro Mars in Taurus. Yes, I am very patient

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Aww Thank you Claire! I have a Forum if you want to put up your chart.You can put it in the Personal Readings Forum and ask any questions you may have <3

  3. amiannClaire

    On a lighter note, Manfriend has Moon in Saggitarius. He is the most optmistic person & is very supportive. Yes our Moons are square.20 years ago when we had our first incarnation, he totally trampled my moon which wasn’t hard to do anyway. This second time around, he may not completely understand it, but he now shows respect & appreciation. Also, his moon conjuncts my Sagg Venus. This Venus is sextile my native Jupiter and my Jupiter conjuncts his ascendant.

  4. amiannGabby

    Saggy moons are wonderlust…for sure! Maybe worse than saggy suns…i think saggy sun can wander in their minds and be content much easier than a saggy moon! But saggy moons get lonely much easier than saggy suns….ego requires less emotional feedback than the heart!
    I still think the only sun sign that can deal with a saggy moon in an understanding way would be a saggy sun and the only moon that makes a saggy suns life even more full of adventure, which really is all saggy lives for…is a saggy moon!
    Saggy is hard to get unless you truly ‘get’ us! If you do we will follow you anywhere or drag you along….we are not good for the couch potatoe signs!

    FYI…a saggy moon alone can turn a typical slow paced couch potato taurus(the one I know has taurus sun/ venus/merc/saturn) into a non stop action guy!

  5. amiannGabby

    Ami…how would a saggy moon be affected with his gemini mars opposed his moon by 2 degrees? In synastry his gemini mars opposes my saggy sun/merc by 0-1 degree!
    I know this isnt typically the best aspect but its one i love and when i see it…i know sex will be mind blowing….his pluto sq my mars by 4 degrees, so its not violent just a nice intense undercurrent, ‘a sweet n mild choking’ compared to a close square where you might actually be strangled by your lover! Lets hope not though! 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      8 degree is kind of far, but you would feel it, I would think. Moon trine Venus is wonderful. AS to the 8 degree orb, I think it may cause problems, but you would have to let me know!

  6. amiannJane

    It does cause some problems but there’s also Venus trine Jupiter and Mars sextile Jupiter tight aspect, so I guess there’s forgiveness and Moon trine Venus is a good feeling. I guess there isn’t any perfect relationship under the stars, idk, maybe.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      This may make for ego conflicts and him not understanding your heart, perhaps. However, some squares are good as they make for passion/tension. I would really need to see the whole chart to make an honest appraisal.

  7. amiannJupiterMoon

    Saggy moon here. although I have a tight Saturn square.
    The Good: optimistic, adventurous, funny, go with the flow energy, love to learn, non-judgmental, loves travel, has lots and lots of faith, inspirational.
    The Bad: independent, freedom-loving, resistant to authority, rules and restrictions, can speak without thinking about how it may hurt another’s feelings (insensitive), impatient with anything that does not interest them.
    The Ugly: lacks nurturing ability.
    My best friend was a sag sun, I’m a Taurus sun, but get along best with fire placements best. My hubby is a Leo sun and Cancer moon. I definitely desire and need his nurturing cancer moon….not saying that our moons always agree, but somehow they work well.

  8. amiannShen

    – Aries moon will stand up for cause. He go getter for goals, which are important to him. He will be strong about who he is.
    – Libra Moon likes to swim in the world of feelings. I would say that Libra Moon would be the second moon that could marry for money.
    – Capricorn moon, ”head over heart”. It can climb the ladder of success.

    Leo Moon picked out with great care and great attention to your personal tastes. He has a good heart. I find he is really good for me. Loving guy

    Above this real. I affirm

  9. amiannShen

    That’s from my experience as some persons I know them.
    Astro reveals
    This is why I like astro much more. Attractive

    I’m Taurus moon, though.
    I think it’s true, I’m sensitive, sympathy

  10. amiannjules

    i disagree with the gemini discription.
    perhaps because mine conjuncts sun and mars, trines pluto and opposes neptune..

    Somehow the gemini description itself is aleays superficial. ..
    Yhe myth of gemini is about the two brothers, one giving up his immortality to be with his beloved brother. How unsuperficial is that?
    Look a bit further and you see the restlessness might be a constant searching!

    Also, all people have feeligs and emotions, their motivation how to relate to them just differs.
    Where scorpio is hurt before and wants to protect so is scared and feels intense, but pretent there is nothig goig on, Gemini is rarionalising the feelngs when he want to pretent they are not there, or perhaps he wants to understand! Later he relizes it can only help so far, as is learning how to swim by reading about it.

  11. amiannMaria

    I’m an aquarius moon and my bf is a sag moon. They are sextile by 3 degrees. We get along great and understand one another well. He say im his best friend as well (= love him to bits

  12. amiannGeorgia Francis

    Hiya I’m a Gemini moon and I am very very happy with it thanks! As for anyone feeling bad for me having it, please don’t! To each there own lol…! I do have an Aquarius sun of course, which probably helps. (Also mercury Aqua with Leo rising, Pisces Venus and Mars)The ADD bit is VERY true, and something I’m trying to work on. I’ve heard people say, and I agree, for logical reasons, that Cancer moon is an excellent placement for the same reasons as a Gemini mercury /Mars in Aries. I think you guys must be psychologically very stable/content/at home with yourselves, Whereas I am the latter two but def not so much the first! Haha. (I don’t mean that in a bipolar sense) 😉 I think the Gemini can help in not getting bogged down by too much emotion to be able to see resolutions clearly and in enabling one to move on easily without wallowing/ holding grudges etc. (Something I cannot stand) in forgetting past hurts, (though this is not good for learning spiritual lessons) ‘Talking it out’ is a thing with us. But Cancer is right in that this does NOT work with emotions…we need to cry sometimes. Great post. Sorry for the looong comment- I love talking thanks to my moon too 😉

  13. amiannB

    I have an UNASPECTED 0 degree Gemini Moon in the 12th House so I feel I am a less convoluted representation of Gemini Moon person than most- since no planets modify it by aspect. Being that it’s in the 12th house though I guess it’s a bit drowned in Piscean/Neptunian emotions and EXTRA receptivity.

    I know that I am EXTREMELY high strung. You are very right about that characteristic being amplified by Moon in Gemini. The Moon by nature reflects what is around it. Gemini mirrors quickly and quickly intuitively reads all of the information swirling around. The 12th House is where we go to be absorbed back into the cosmos. We absorb all that IS into what was once ourselves. Those three things together- makes me super psychic, sensitive, receptive. I need LOTS of alone time to not be overwhelmed. I have social anxiety disorder. Music making can calm me. Meditation. Nature walks alone- in the quiet woods.

  14. amiannJo

    I have Scorpio moon in 10th house, probably the toughest combo there is haha. However, I love it in many ways. Having all mynother personalmplanets in Gemini, this gives me the depth and intensity that the Gemini energy lacks, so I feel happy with it. The moon is inconjunct my Mars which is an interesting one but trine Venus and Sun yay!

    Interestingly, with all that Gemini energy, I seem to have a lot of Gemini moons in my life, A LOT! Especially those who are very significant too me and I would agree with the ADD and highly strung descriptions. I think a Pisces moon person would probably be my ideal partner though, so incredibly sweet.

  15. amiannMarie

    I have the moon in Capricorn in the second house, I can’t deny that I’m interested in material things, but I don’t feel insensitive at all
    I would never marry a man for material reasons, because I prefer to achieve goals independently
    However I don’t like people who have no ambitions in their lives, those who are happy with a regular faded life
    perhaps it’s also be my rising sign Sagittarius that makes me live constantly with this arrow pointing upwards to the stars and beyond

  16. amiannDhienda

    Also a geminimoon in 12th House (12H). I intellectualize ALL my feelings. I can be preoccupied with my feelings and find reasons why i response the way i do to things and why other people response the way they do. Astrology even gives outlet for me to do so. I am highly receptive of people’s behaviors. Really the same POV with B’s comment. Im a leo sun&mercury&venus, cancer rising, gemini mars. Btw, do you think i can have a good relationship with taurus sun cancer moonvenusmars man?

  17. amiannEthel

    This is the best, simple expression of moon placements I have ever read. I am Taurus moon, enjoying my tasty snack and good music. Thanx for the wonderful article, very good X ray for one’s soul.

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