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Why You Don’t Like People( And People Don’t Like You)

girl angelI think in terms of the charts when I have any interaction, good or bad. I think in terms of the charts when I don’t like people. I think in terms of the charts when people don’t like me. I do not have the last word on this subject or, perhaps, not the first, but I will share some ideas and look forward to hearing yours.


1 Quincunx Sun Signs

I find that the quincunx Sun Signs do not understand each other. This is different than not liking the other person. I think there is sort of a disconnect between quincunx Sun signs as if a bat was trying to understand an ape. I exaggerate for literary purposes but I think you understand my point. If two quincunx Suns were to struggle to understand each other, both people would change. Each person would move a bit to the middle, making each one slightly different than he was, hence new.

2. Quincunx Moon Signs

These may be more apt to dislike the other. The Moon is a very cautious creature. It does not like to go out of it’s comfort zone and most especially to be pushed out of it’s comfort zone.Hence, the quincunx Moon of another might send the Moon running .

3. The Sign of Chiron

Chiron is a misunderstood planet. I resonate with it. I have it Retrograde in the 4th House. A Retrograde Chiron forces one to learn the lessons of pain very deeply by simply cycling in it. If one sees a Retrograde Chiron in the chart, one knows that this native has been tested in the domain of pain.

I think one’s Chiron sign may be a factor in whom one likes( and in whom one irritates) However, it would not be  a linear relationship. This is due to the fact that one may have many  other planets in the sign of Chiron,muddying the picture. However, I do think one would be wise to pay attention to one’s Chiron sign in this matter, though.

4. Mars conjunct Mercury in Synastry

I had the unfortunate experience of someone taking a deep dislike to me( I know——- HOW could this happen 😀 ) Of course, I wanted to see the synastry and eventually did. Her Mars was smack dab conjunct my Mercury. I am a Gemini Sun, Mercury and Venus. Hence, Mercury is very important in my chart. I think one has to look especially closely at the pivotal planets in one’s chart when looking at this kind of interaction

5. Mars conjunct Moon in Synastry

I had a similar experience as above. This time, someone’s Mars was conjunct my Moon. The two situations felt very similar to me.

6. The Nemesis Asteroid( 128)

This nasty little asteroid is just what it says. Check it out when you get a little niggling there may be something wrong.

7. Element Voids

I think if one has an Element Void, one is attracted to people high in the Void Element. I am an earth Void and I am attracted to  men who have earth moons, always, usually Taurus Moon. Many Voids are attracted to people high in the element they are lacking.

Conversely, a person with a Void may be repulsed by a person high in that element. I have found this, too. In this case, I am not talking about romantic relationships. I have Cancer Moon conjunct the MC so I show the face of water to the world. If I have problems with people, more times than naught, it is with Water Voids.

There must be some attraction/repulsion factor going on.

8. Being the Missing Leg in Someone’s T Square To Make it a Grand Cross

This is an interesting one. If you have a very sensitive planet such as an Unaspected planet, for example, a Chart Ruler or simply a planet that is strong in your chart  and this planet becomes the missing leg in the T square of another, watch out for the feeling of revulsion. When my Unaspected Venus made this placement in the chart of a person, he and I were like opposite pole magnets. I have a female to whom I have a  similar revulsion but she will not show anyone her chart, so I cannot say on that one. I am quite sure that my Venus, Moon, or Mercury fill  in a T square for her.

Conversely, if you become a leg to a Grand trine, you will feel very warmly to the person and they will feel the same.

9. Moon square Moon
I have seen people enter into these relationships with high hopes to “foil” Astrology. Astrology can never be fooled, dear heart. That would be like trying to fool Mother Nature *Thunder cap”> The Moon is one’s deepest heart. A square is a thwart, an inviolable barrier. Hence, when it all comes down to the heart( and it, always, does), these natives will not understand each other. To give a very simple example. One person may laugh at a scene in a movie and the other may cry.

10. Nemesis (128)Conjunct the North Node
The North Node is not to be minimized in synastry( the relationship chart) The North Node WILL play out. Trust me! Nemesis is a secret enemy, the worst kind. Nemesis connotes betrayal from someone you trusted, the worst kind of betrayal. Nemesis connotes an unawareness of the other person as an enemy until the person strikes. In the case of Nemesis conjunct the North Node, the Nemesis person will be a secret enemy of the North Node person.

11. Lucifer(1930) Conjunct the Sun

Lucifer is a “know it all” Lucifer really irritates me. Lucifer has to have the BEST opinion, the BEST way of doing things etc. In the case of Lucifer conjunct the Sun, the Lucifer person will, likely, try to “one-up” the Sun person as a theme in the relationship, not too pleasant!

12. The North Node Conjunct Nessus(7066)
I get the most harassment for my stand on Nessus. I think Nessus is abuse. Hence, the Nessus person will, likely, abuse the North Node person. The details of such can be seen in a closer look at the entire chart. However, one does not disregard the North Node, or does so at one’s peril.

13. Kassandra(114) Conjunct the Sun

No one believes Kassandra. This is very sad and happens all too frequently. In the case of Kassandra conjunct the Sun, the Sun person may try to take away the reality of the Kassandra person. This is very painful, as all of us know, who have experienced this.

14. Blewett (22927)Conjunct the North Node

Blewett(blew it) seems to be what it denotes, failure. That which conjuncts the North Node will be a theme of the relationship.

15. Mars Square Mars
This may start out as sexy “violent” passion. By violent, I hope you know I don’t mean actual violence *sigh* I refer to a passion that borders on the untamed and undomesticated, shall we say. This relationship may start out with a strong attraction and end with one person dead.

4 thoughts on “Why You Don’t Like People( And People Don’t Like You)

  1. amiannDal_Dal95

    Well, personally my least favorite sign is Pisces (which I find strange b/c I’m a Cancer sun & I’m high in water). I can’t stand the way they are in their own little world & they seem to be SO gullible & oblivious to everything. It’s like “hellooo, can you please come back to reality? Things don’t quite work like that here on earth.” & this is with ALL the pisces I know personally. I don’t hate them or anything, they just really irk one of my pet peeves… I think this is because MY PISCES SATURN IS IN THE 5TH HOUSE? & possibly b/c it is making hard aspects to all of my personal planents, plus chiron (minus my Sun), not for sure though… Cancers born in June have a tendency to annoy me. Idk why :/

    Next 2 least favorite signs… aquariuses born in Febuary (I just don’t get them, they’re a little “weird” to me. I like the ones born in January for some reason, though) & Libra (neutral: I don’t really know a lot of these. I just seems like we don’t really have a lot in common.)
    Aquarius is quincunx my Sun.
    Libra is in my 12th house.
    (** DISCLAIMER: I don’t hate these signs, I actually have friends/family members w/ these placements. Its like, I still love you, but you get on my nerves sometimes lol 🙂 . <3

    1. amiannDal_Dal95

      I get strong reactions from people sometimes. Either people REALLY like me or they REELLY don’t, & I like “did I do something?? 🙁 ). Maybe because of my Scorp ASC?

      I also have saturn in 5th, which I read somewhere that it can act like saturn in 1st. Which I can relate to. I think/know I come across as unfriendly looking to some people :/ .. I’m working on it

      I also have apatheia conjunct my ASC so I may come across uncaring. Which I guess is a turn off.

      … Lol, bottom line. People don’t usually like me, untill they get to know me lol

  2. amiannmuna

    My man and I have only 2 squares in our synastry moon square moon and mars square mars. Now, synastry has to be looked at holistically to fully grasp it. We have his sun and asc conjuct my moon, mars, neptune, my sun, Uranus, venus, mercury, sextile his moon, mars, Jupiter, Saturn. We also have Uranus, mercury conjunct. His sun squares his moon, mars, my moon and mars simply reflects back to him what he already has in his natal chart. We have different planets but in the same houses, in the same quadrant. Because we have so much similarities in our natal chart that is mirrored in our synastry, for instance, he has sun square saturn, I have moon square Saturn, our synastry has his Saturn squaring my moon and mine squaring his sun, the square gives us the needed tension to evolve. It allows for two different perspectives and two different action modalities without which there will be no challenge for growth. Instead of just looking at the squares, look at the other aspects both planets are making in the entire synastry, is there a back door to the square? If there’s a moon to moon square, is there a moon to sun, venus, mars trine or conjunction? This will allow the person who though may not immediately understand your moon, but may through their other planets understand it.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      This would take a professional consultation, my Friend. It is too complicated for this message board.If you want to ask one simple question, that would be fine.

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