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Which Planet Should You Actually Live On?

Cool Beans

I got this


  1. You got: Pluto

    OK, so Pluto isn’t technically a planet, but you’re not one for technicalities. Your creative energy draws people to you, and you’re truly unforgettable. When someone knocks you down, you get back up and shine brighter than ever.


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8 thoughts on “Which Planet Should You Actually Live On?

  1. amiannMoonChild

    You got: Earth

    You are one-of-a-kind. You’re original and persuasive, which makes it hard for you to compromise sometimes. But, your loyalty, creativity, and passion for making things right are incredibly honorable. It’s no wonder you live on the most highly developed planet!

  2. amiannLon Spector

    God wants us to master living on earth before He allows us entre into
    Heaven, that’s why we’re here to begin with.
    BTW, I know the “shape” of God. I never actually SAW God Himself. Nobody
    can do that and LIVE, but I did see His overall form.
    It was 1969. I was alone at a bus stop, waiting for a school bus to take me to
    school. A song was running through my mind called “You Made Me So Very
    Happy,” by “Blood, Sweat, And Tears.” It’s a song about God expressing
    gratitue to a person He loves very much. The words of the song go:
    “I lost that love before,
    God met and closed the door,
    And He said, “Child, note once more,”
    I choose you for the one,
    Now we’re having so much fun.
    You treated me so kind
    I’m about to lose my mind.
    You made me so very happy,
    I’m so glad you came into my life…
    I looked up in the sky, and saw a weird cloud formation. It was human-like in shape. It had head gear of some type, head covering. It slowly drifted past me.
    I connected the appearence of this unusual sight with God.
    I put it away in my memory until I happened to look at a globe. I looked at the
    shape of the shoreline of the Atlantic ocean between Europe and America.
    The shape was EXACTLY the same as I saw in the cloud.
    After God created the world, He left his imprint (shape) on the world! That would
    make sense wouldn’t it?
    A Uranus in 12th house, has oddball experieces-usually when they are alone-
    that they can’t verify with other people.
    I was once alone in a room with a pool table shooting balls in the pockets.
    The Elvis song, “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” was playing in the back round.
    At the conclusion of the song, Elvis recites words. He says, “Now the stage is bare
    with emptiness all around, and if you won’t come back to me, they can bring the
    curtain down.” I heard the song a million times, and knew how it ended. But THIS
    time, I was the only one in the room, and, at the end of Elvis’ speech, definately
    the word “UP” was after the the word curtain. It was definately a “splice job,” but
    what would the motivation be to insert that word? There was no one else in the
    room to cross reference with and ask, “Did you hear that?”

  3. amiannzakiahakakatie

    I got Venus lol
    The result said: Despite the saying, Venus is totally not just for women. You’re beautiful inside and out. With your intellect and artistic nature, it’s no wonder people value your opinion.
    I thought I would have gotten Neptune haha but I will accept Venus 😀

  4. amiannLeocassandra

    You got: Mars
    You’ve got a fiery personality and are very passionate about what you believe in. You fight for what you want, and you don’t let any obstacles, no matter their size, get in your way.

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