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WHICH Sorbet Do You Like Best?

sorbetThis is YET another personality test! I just love these! Fancy some sorbet? This fresh and sweet treat has a simple sophistication that cannot be denied. Pick the cone of sorbet that you like the best to see what it says about you. Are you drawn to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6?


If you chose 1, You’re Sweet Because you’re Mellow. You’re the kind of person who likes to go with the flow. You never want to cause a fuss. As long as people treat you with respect, you’re happy to go along for the ride. You are an accepting and loving friend. You like people just the way you are. You may not be flashy or over the top, but people like your steady calm

If you chose 2, You’re Sweet Because you’re Zany. You’ve got a little zing to you, and people appreciate your edge. You would never use your wit to hurt anyone, but you never pass up the opportunity for a good joke. Your take on the world is a little unconventional, and you don’t mind entertaining people with your observations. You may not fit perfectly into the mainstream, but you wouldn’t want to. You like being different.

If you chose 3, You’re Sweet Because You’re Kind. You believe that this can be a hard life and a cruel world, so you cut others lots of slack. You think the way to cultivate kindness is to be kind. And you are one of the nicest people around. You tend to believe in forgiving and forgetting. It’s easier said than done, but you’re pretty good at it. You think that in the end, nothing is as big a deal as it seems. People need to let go more.

If you chose 4, You’re Sweet Because you are innocent. You may have been hurt many times before, but you don’t carry it with you in life. You still fundamentally expect people to be good, and you give them the benefit of the doubt. You’re innocent, but you’re not naive. You know who could harm you, and you stay away accordingly. Whenever you can, you open your heart up to possibilities. Life is so much richer that way.

If you chose 5, you’re sweet because you’re outrageous. No one knows what you are up to next, and that’s very endearing! You’re always plotting something amazingly fun and interesting. You are quite difficult to predict. You are joyfully creative. You are an expert at making things that other people love. You are talented in seeing what’s good in the world and making it better.

If you chose 6, You’re Sweet Because you’re Wise. In this crazy world, you are often the voice of reason. You don’t panic. You stand back, assess the situation, and figure out the best course of action. You’re a cool customer, and your friends appreciate your well reasoned advice. You know that being stressed out only makes things worse, so you try to keep your head about you.

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