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Easy Ways to Understand Sun Conjunctions in the Natal Chart–Part Two

In this article, we will continue our study of the Sun Conjunctions in the Natal chart.

I find this conjunction to be sad. It seems to be great pain in the relationship with the father. The pain seems to go deep and remain for the lifetime of the person, in most cases. With any conjunction, the closer the conjunction, the more powerful the effect.


This conjunction seems negative when it is combust( exact conjunction to five degrees) and positive when it is in conjunction, not combust( six to ten degrees) When in combust, the native seems too eager to please others, as if he has no choice but to be “likeable”. When the conjunction is six to ten degrees, the native seems to be charming but without the excessive need for approval. Venus conjunct the Sun, in general, makes for a very attractive person, usually, in a wholesome girl/boy next door way.

The Sun loves to be in conjunction with Mercury, but does not like to be combust Mercury. The Mercury conjunction confers intelligence. The Mercury combust makes the person much too sensitive. This sensitivity is an ego kind of sensitivity, in which the person takes everything much too personally and is very reactive to any negative, outside stimuli. In simple terms, if you insult them, they punch first and ask questions later. The combust reminds me of Sonny Corleone in “The Godfather”—-very reactive, kill first and ask questions later.

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