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Empathy in the Natal Chart

I am interested in this topic because I have a person with low/no empathy as one of my close relatives. I look to the charts for answers. I look to everything, really, but I come back to the charts. I think about myself growing up with this and I still have empathy. Thank Goodness. The answer would be found in the charts. I am a Cancer Moon which is almost Unaspected. The true Unaspected Moon is the most sensitive member of the Zodiac. However, it is too sensitive. It is hyper sensitive. I am not a true Unaspected Moon. I am borderline. Hence, I do not have the degree of hypersensitivity that a true Unaspected Moon would have.

I say all this to say that I do not see a favorable Moon as capable of not having empathy. I simply don’t. However, if other parts of the chart are very out of whack, I think it could happen



I will be back

8 thoughts on “Empathy in the Natal Chart

  1. amiannzakiahakakatie

    I like this article! 😀 Being a Saggi moon I am expressive when it comes to feelings and I do have empathy…yet again I have a lot of Cancer in me….growing up I was told I was “too sensitive”. I hate to see those around me hurting, especially the small and helpless. Could there be other aspects that point to empathy? I am a typical Gemini, always asking questions 😀 I can’t help my curious mind haha

  2. amiannKristie

    I am interested in this, as well. I have been told by several different people that I am an empath, and I’m curious if it can be shown in a chart. I have a Pisces moon that is square Neptune, trine my Mercury conjunct Saturn in Cancer, and quincunx Pluto. I also have Chiron on my descendant.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I did not let people put charts on here because it seemed too hard but I can look for a few questions, so put your chart up and I will see what I can see. The verbal description is too hard to navigate lol

  3. amiannmelissa

    Moon in Libra in the 12th house.
    I feel very real pain constantly through empathy.
    I feel my own emotions all over my body in different places. Each place has a specific meaning. They seem to align with chakras.
    If someone is telling me about how they got hurt/sad/or I see them get hurt I feel it very very strong. In a small room I can pin point exactly who is hurting and feel their exact feelings.

    If I am in a small room of people I can feel the general feeling of the crowd, if it is negative it tortures me….it hurts terribly. If it is in overload over a period of time with no rest I get blinding migraines. I pick up fragments of thoughts from others…streams of consciousness, and sometimes potent thought forms intrude on me from others. For the longest time I thought I was crazy but it’s totally true. If people are experiencing joy I feel it too…and that is the good part of it because most of it is very tiresome and sometimes too close to comfort. Or I’ll find myself laughing for no reason and realize people in the same room are doing that and I’m absorbing it. Mercury in Pisces in the 5th much?!

    Something really weird happens though when I am in a group of positive people that embrace/encourage my ideas and creativity. My body starts to vibrate. First my hands and then my third eye, then the rest of my head, like a crown. One time it was so powerful after hanging out with some really awesome people that I was driving home and I had to pull over because it was so powerful.
    If I am in a meditation [I am a pure novice, I meditate for 15 minutes max except when I did sensory deprivation] I will start to vibrate as well.

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