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Can Some People Be a Curse on Two Feet?

girl chinese tied upI know two such people. I know them well enough to know that they bring bad  effects to people. How so, you may ask? They seem to like to hurt others. They seem to like to demean others. Every person has a dark side. However, this side is not all they have or all they present. It is one side of them. With these people who are curses, it seems like it is ALL they are( or so much that it is virtually all)

I don’t think the chart can really explain this. It may to some degree. I have placements in mind that would tend to make people that way but the person would have to have so many of them or have them so intensely that a discussion may not be worthwhile. However, you could convince me to do so 😀

I think in these two cases, there is a personality disorder. In one, it is a sociopath. In the other, it is a Malignant Narcissist. For the sociopath, the chart is almost classic. Hence, the chart could explain the personality disorder. Every single planet but one squares or opposes Jupiter, which is the planet of conscience. There is one good aspect–Moon trine Venus. This one aspect would show a way out but the person would need to take it. In my opinion, the person would need God to help him take it. I don’t think one can change a personality disorder without God. With God, it could be done. I have seen sociopaths change. However, it was only with a Born Again experience with Jesus. That is my opinion and my experience.

With the Mal Narc, the prominent part of the chart that seems to highlight a personality disorder is the EXACT Mercury combust the Sun in Aqua. With a combust, every degree counts to such a great degree that I cannot emphasize this enough. With her, she does not realize  the impact she has on others. The exact combust may make someone SO self centered that other people’s feelings simply may not exist. I have seen that with this person. She seems shocked to realize that she even has the power to hurt others. It is a strange kind of reality when a person can do or say what she pleases and when people get hurt, blame them. However, that is this person’s reality.

Uranus would play a role here, too .Most people follow social norms. However, if you have a wild card kind of Uranus, you would not feel you had to. The sociopath has a truly Unaspected Uranus which is very, very rare. Most Unaspected Uranus’ have an aspect with outer planets. This is allowed due to the generational nature of it. Hence, a true Unaspected Uranus is rare.

With Unaspected Planets, one can be a saint or a sinner. One may make that Unaspected planet shine or one may choose to allow it to lie fallow. In doing so, one does not express one’s genius. One may, also, express one’s genius in dark ways. There are creative geniuses who use this  to hurt people. However, one could not say that they were not creative geniuses. This is how I see the Unaspected Uranus in the hands of this sociopath.

With the Mal Narc, Uranus is her chart ruler. It opposes Jupiter exactly. She loves to shock. She loves that thrill of undermining a person and going in for the kill.

Now, you may ask if these people ever do anything positive? Yes, of course. I am sure that Ted Bundy helped an old lady across the street. In this manner, these people may help people. However, for the people who are in every day relationships with these people, the effect is a diminishing of the life of others. It can’t help but be, really.

Do these kinds of people want to change? They may want to be different but I don’t think they would have what it would take to humble themselves and actually seek help based on true humility. I don’t see how they could be helped any other way.

Hence, is it hopeless? In most cases, I would say YES.




22 thoughts on “Can Some People Be a Curse on Two Feet?

  1. amiannLon Spector

    An interesting thing about Ted Bundy, was that he once worked at a
    sucide prevention hotline with crime writer Ann Rule, who wrote “The
    Stranger Beside Me.”
    She says, “While it’s true Ted took many lives, I can attest to the fact that
    he saved many lives as well.” Did you ever look at his chart?
    Casey Anthony has no aspects to Jupiter. It’s in her 7th house.
    She has NO squares-Oh wait, if a “square” is 3 houses away , she DOES have
    Saturn in the 4th house of “home enviroment.” Her “depressed” home enviornment would have an effect on her marriagabilty. It’s possible that
    she was “ruined” (sexually molested) in her childhood home (4th house) and
    this affected her entire viewpoints about men and marriage (7th house.)

  2. amiannLon Spector

    Maybe women have more of a “feel” for such things.
    “It takes one to know one,” so, perhaps a woman would know.
    But, if that were so, why wait 3 years to reveal it? She had nothing to be
    ashamed of after all, she WAS the victim.
    Does the Saturn in 4th, Jupiter in 7th house point in that direction?

  3. amiannLon Spector

    That’s what scares me so. How could the above question go above
    your head? You’ve told us how intelligent you are. How can you be so
    nonplussed by a simple question I asked?
    They say that North Node in the 3rd house has trouble making themselves
    understood. I just asked if an abused person could see the signs of abuse
    in another abused person, and I wanted to know if there were Astrological
    clues pointing to abuse in this case.
    If Casey languished for 3 years in the “safety” of prision away from her
    abusive father, why did we only hear of the abuse allegations during the trial?
    None of her actions seem to indicate that she was frightened by her parents
    in anyway.

  4. amiannLon Spector

    You have a mental block in this area? Is it because she comitted the
    crime, or because she GOT AWAY with committing the crime?
    If she HAD been convicted, would you be just as redicent in discussing her?
    Is it that you can’t figure out how a Moon in Cancer mom would do such a thing?
    Or, was God “sleeping on the job?”
    There are plenty others who have done plenty worse! What makes the case
    so interesting was the MASSIVE publicity it recieved. There are unreported cases
    that would make your toes curl! They are conceled for “political” reasons. I assure
    you, what you don’t know CAN hurt you!
    In any case, I don’t see her doing it again. She is on a short leash now.
    She is surrounded by “protectors.” And unless something COMPLETELY
    unforseen happens, they’ll always be someone to look for her welfare.
    She’s still young and attractive enough to get a man. And there are plenty of men
    who’s astrological placements would attract them to her.
    Amy Fischer, is from my backyard incidently.

  5. amiannDudette

    Please Ami, you have to help me! I beg you!
    I’ve got to help one of my very beloved persons. I feel so shocked right now 🙁 please help

    Here’s my problem:

    I need your advice, and an opinion from iQ also.
    But I guess he/she is busy right now 🙁 please, let him/her know about my post.

    You can delete this message if you want so, there’s no problem at all.
    Thank you.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Dear Friend
      I think that is a question from IQ. I deal with things in a very different way. I am a Bible believer. That question is too long and deep to deal with on here. I suggest you contact IQ. His name is Tameem Saaid and you can find him on FB. I wish you a wonderful outcome to the situation. God willing, my Friend.

      1. amiannDudette

        oh, thanks.
        But I couldn’t find his profile. I think It’s in private mode.
        Please, let him know about that post.

        Thank you again for your kind and quick response.

  6. amiannLon Spector

    You don’t make future predictions using Astrology, do you?
    You believe that the foremost determinate of a person’s future, is their
    relationship with Jesus. But, IF you had known Astrology prior to your son’s
    death, would there have been an Astrological clue that he was entering a
    dangerous period, and might there have been something you could have done
    to intervine?
    When someone asks you about their “probable” future do you use a combo
    of intituation/psychic ability/psychologically, AND Astrology?
    I have made my prediction about Casey Anthony’s probable future using
    Psychology, “current” societial values systems, some “Western Astrology,”
    Chinese Astrology, Chaldean numerology, face reading, graphology and the
    Ennagram, among other systems. Here’s what MY intitution tells me:
    1) She will NOT crumple. All psychological/personality systems indicate she is as
    tough as nails, and almost 100% narcacistic. She is like unbreakable plastic.
    She is like the Pat Benatar song: “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.” That, incidently.
    was the song that played in my mind, when I briefly tried to go back to school,
    and a cruel girl sat next to me in a class, and tried-well, we needn’t go into that.
    But I didn’t show a trace of emotion. Just like Casey didn’t show a trace of emotion
    when people screamed “Babykiller!” at her. (I didn’t last long in school. They say
    that 90% of sucess is “being there.” I was there in my body. but not my mind.
    When ALL efforts have to go into showing up, that is not condusive to learning and
    contributing ANYTHING, so my post education didn’t last long.)
    2) Being an attractive woman helped Casey, and if she can retain her attraction
    for as long as possible that will be an aid to her social acceptance.
    The bulk of the world is NOT composed embittered “50 something women,”
    enraged at this misscarage of justice. It’s a youth and beauty orientiated world.
    Jealous women can poke fun at Casey’s “Horse Face,” but to plenty of guys, she
    looks just fine. It will only take ONE guy to find her attractive enough to marry.
    Many men are resentful of what they call the “P— Pass.” Women criminals seem
    to be the recipiant of the benifits of being attractive and female. In Florida, perhaps two woman murders have been excecuted in 100 years. Dumb
    prosecuters never seem to get the message. Susan Smith had more evidence
    against her then Casey and she didn’t get the death penality. The Jodi Arais jury
    was almost hung, by a woman who lusted after Jodi, and even with all the
    evidence, the jury didn’t vote for death because the Jury foreman wanted Jodi”s
    body. And now, we have a woman named Jordon Graham, who pushed her
    husband of 8 days off a cliff. At first, she cut a deal with the prosecuter’s for life
    imprisionment, but now she’s backed out and wants a trial. The jury will never
    know about the deal she almost made because it would be “prejudical.” She was
    probably told, “Hey look at Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias. “They’ve got no hard
    evidence against you. It’s ALL circumstantail. We can raise “reasonable doubt.”
    3) Casey is loved in her own small group. Her family DOES care for her. She does
    have “friends” and supporters. Dispite “social media,” with the passage of time,
    the case WILL fade into obscurity. She CAN have a quality of life.
    As I said, others have done plenty worse. My interest in Casey was about:
    Simular placements, simular family history,media propelled interest, testing out
    personality systems, and the “miracle” of an obviously guilty person getting off
    for a crime they DID commit. How often does that happen?

  7. amiannLon Spector

    Sorry to have offended you, but you do believe in telling it like it
    is right?
    In my search of the net, I have found THREE people who tell it like it is:
    Yourself, M.E. Thomas of SociopathWorld and recently She is a neo-fascist. She doesn’t have
    particlarly kind things to say about blacks and Jews ,but she DOES tell it
    like it is!

  8. amiannStarseeker

    Hi, I’m new here. Yes, don’t narcs plain suck. Emotional vampires of the soul. So sorry you were raised in the toxic crucible of narc abuse – IMO the hidden pandemic out there that long pre-dates Covid and will sadly long outlast it. One of the hardest things is getting the schmoozed to believe you, so convincing are the abuser’s impression management skills and often Oscar-worthy performances. Sickening… Anyway, ‘Complex PTSD – From Surviving To Thriving’ by Pete Walker (on Amazon Kindle and hard copy) is a true gem. This guy is a therapist dragged up by two disordered parents and he really *gets it*. Never read such an insightful book or one so compassionate towards traumatized victims who so often end up with c(omplex)-PTSD as a result of their horrendous mind-warping and life-sucking experiences. You might want to check it out sometime. C-PTSD might account for your ‘fog’. And yes I think they are incurable. Plain hardwired wrong and don’t want to be any different. No problem with being evil as long as they can hide it. The covert abuse argues control and calculation. Also, love your astrological insights, especially on asteroids and dwarf planets that I have only recently started to use and which really enhance chart interpretation. Best, Starseeker

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