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How To Send a Malignant Narcissist Running For The Hills

A pool girlYou all know my encounters with the Malignant Narcissist I have mentioned for a year or more, on here. Well, I sent her running and it was a glorious day. My theory paid off. You have to pull off the mask. They live to keep on the mask. If you can pull it down( and it is not easy), they will eschew you like Dracula and the cross and the Vampire with garlic.

I am making it sound easier than it is. It is very hard. That mask is like two ton granite. It is like David next to the giant, Goliath. However, if you stick with it, you can prevail.It really is as simple as pulling off the mask. Under the mask, is the same puddle of water into which the Wicked Witch of the West dissolved. How fitting.

3 thoughts on “How To Send a Malignant Narcissist Running For The Hills

  1. amiannpeter klein

    Still, narcs are also only products of their charts..
    I pulled the mask – my sun in her 8th House- and it hurt a lot.
    Me, and her also I suppose.

    She had a troublesome fourth house, with chiron in it , always complaining about her youth and her mother. And suggesting I was oversensitive
    My chiron was on the cusp of her 4th house, but I couldn’t help her.
    At the end my pluto opposite her chiron advised her to finally have a talk with her parents because of her unhappiness
    And that was the end, NO CONTACT, narcs can’t stand critique or advice.
    I still love her, but know she behaved like a devil..

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