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The Colorado Killer–Astrological Chart(Natal) with Correct Time

James Holmes was Born on Dec 3, 1987 at 7:33 A.M in San Diego Ca. The time of birth will open up 25% more of the chart. I, always, try to teach when I do articles and this is no exception. The time of birth opens up Houses to us. As such, it opens up Angles, which are the cusps of each house( the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th). These are the ASC, IC, DSC and MC. Each angle shows our relationship to the world from our basic external appearance and mannerisms, to our early home, to our committed relationships to our career/place in society.

We, now, have very important information as to which planets go in which houses. We, also, have another important piece of information, which will be the subject of another article. We have the transits, by house. Right off the bat, one of the hardest planets, in transit( the current happenings in the sky) is hitting James’ ASC. I am not at all surprised. Pluto is transiting the ASC . Pluto shakes up the person a GREAT deal. The shake up will manifest in his outer world. How true Astrology is, for the good, as well as the bad. I will leave transits for my next article. For now, we will deal with Houses.

His ASC degree is 1 Capricorn. That makes us look to the 12th House which has four planets. Are any of these planets within 10 degrees of the ASC? If so, we do not count them as 12th House planets. We count them as conjunct the ASC. These two positions are very,very different. James has Uranus conjunct the ASC. This means that he will appear to be an unusual person i.e a rebel. This could be a rebel for good or a bad/ weird-o. Uranus can do both. Either way, the person is his own man

Saturn is, also, within 10 degrees of the ASC, so it counts as conjunct the ASC. My article got a bit out of order because I overlooked Saturn. I will get it back in order, shortly


Since Uranus and Saturn conjunct the ASC, we have the Sun and Mercury left in the 12th House.

When I heard about this shooting, I thought “12th House planets”. 12th House planets are a unique stress. They are the hardest factor in any chart, bar none. I have written many articles on 12th House planets. I feel called to write about certain subjects. This is one. We will talk about the 12th House, for a bit, and what it would mean to a person, in general, and James, in specific.

James Sun is in the 12th House, along with his Mercury. His Mercury is 6 degrees away from his Sun. Five degrees is a combust. In the combust, the Sun burns up Mercury. This is one marker for mental illness, in my opinion. His conjunction is 6 degrees, so it misses the combust. However, I suspect, that the combust is close enough to be a factor. The combust makes the identity, which is the Sun, too close to mercury, which is the mind. Hence, the person has a very hard time stepping back from anything that hurts him or offends him. James has an Air Void, which is a duplication of having little detachment, as Air is detachment. These two factors, taken together, make me think that James could be easily insulted.

Back to the 12th House. The 12th House turns away from the material world. It is the house of the next dimension. Anything that is 12th house, Pisces( which is the sign on the 12th house cusp) or Neptune, which rules the 12th House, makes the person go beyond his earthbound boundaries. The result could be anything from daydreaming, fantasizing, creativity, mysticism, meditation or addictions. Anything that takes your feet off terra firma and takes you into another world is related to the 12th House.

If the Sun is in the 12th House, the person has a kind of Pisces Sun, but it is much harder. The Pisces Sun is a very sensitive Sun which would be interested in 12th House happenings. However, the placement of any Sun sign in the 12th House is harder than a Pisces Sun. Let me explain. The 12th House is the closest part of the chart to death, the afterlife, and all the many dimensions that exist beyond this one. We, humans, have to live in the material world, obviously. One must have some mastery of the material world or one is deemed mentally ill or insane. The definition of insanity is living in one’s own world, with little bearing to this one. One can access the otherworldly dimensions in healthy ways. Meditation, imagination and creativity are some. If one can learn to access mystical states without harming oneself, one can enter the dimension of the 12th House.One can come out from the 12th House dimension, intact. This is healthy and life enhancing. Think of how wonderful it is to play music, or listen to music. You touch heaven’s spheres. If you have ever meditated or done intense yoga, you touch the mystical dimension. You may have visions. They may come true. Psychic phenomena is a 12th House domain, also.

To make a 12th House Sun practical is my next goal. The Sun is one’s identity. One’s Sun was made to shine. A person must feel a connection to his identity( his “I Am”) in order for him to be emotionally healthy. If not, he will be warped in some way. The way and manner will vary from neurotic to psychotic. However, a person must have SOME connection to an inner self that he seems his own. One’s connection to one’s sense of who he is separate from anyone else, is his Sun. Hence, we look to the Sun to see the person’s level of self confidence and self esteem.

That takes us to a 12th House Sun. The 12th House Sun is turned inward, toward one’s navel. The 12th House Sun is in insular Sun. Picture a person with sunburn. He is uber sensitive to touch. He feels anything that touches his body, at a magnitude much greater than a non sunburned person. This would describe any planet which inhabits the 12th House. With a 12th House Sun, we have an identity which hurts. To put it in one sentence. It hurts to be oneself.

Mercury in the 12th would make the mind and the ability to communicate turn inward. In this case, the person may feel very self conscious about self expression. It may be, actually, painful to express one’s thoughts. This seems to be the case in charts I have done.

So, we have a 12th House Sun conjunct Mercury( close to a combust) and in the 12th House. This is hard stuff.

I missed Saturn in the 12th house. It is 7 degrees away from the ASC, so we will say that it conjuncts the ASC. Saturn conjunct the ASC is a hard, hard one. It makes for severe self doubt. It is the hardest planet to have conjunct the ASC, with the exception of Chiron, which is the worst, in my opinion. I will try to explain Saturn conjunct the ASC. Saturn in the planet of restriction. It is a stern teacher, looking over her glasses, when you have made a mistake. You feel foolish and ashamed. You hate yourself. You want to be anyone else, rather than you. You want the floor to open up and take you with it. Saturn is an Ouchie when it touches certain things in the chart. The ASC is one.

The person with Saturn conjunct the ASC had to grow up, too fast. He was, probably, one of those “little old man” children. He was, probably, very serious and appeared too mature for his age. James has a Capricotn ASC at 1 degree, which is the strongest degree of any sign, so he was a strong Capricorn ASC. This means that he, already, had a good dose of Saturn through means of the sign of Capricorn, as his ASC. When we add the actual planet to the mix, we have a lot of pain, in my opinion. It hurt to be him. If we take the 12th House planets and add the Capricorn ASC with Saturn conjunct, we have a great, great deal of pain in this young man.

James has Neptune conjunct the ASC, exact. This is a very powerful aspect. Neptune dissolves what it touches. We can be quite certain in saying that he did not have a clear identity i.e he had a permanent identity crisis. He may have appeared as a glamorous sort of person, as this aspect makes the person mysterious. Think of a Greta Garbo or a Jackie Kennedy when you think of Neptune conjunct the ASC. However, for the person, he struggles with his sense of who he is. He may feel that he does not have clear sense of his identity, as he interfaces with the world, on a day to day basis. This is how I would explain Neptune conjunct the ASC.

Venus in the 1st house makes for an attractive person, which James is. The classic Capricorn can be too austere, in his looks. The person may look bony and severe. However, Venus, the planet of beauty, modifies the ASC. In this case, Venus does just this.


Forgive the typos, please. I am working on this!


6 thoughts on “The Colorado Killer–Astrological Chart(Natal) with Correct Time

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Carolyn and thank you! Well, it is a kind of convoluted journey. Someone on gave a birth time. I started doing my first article. In the middle, another Moderator from LL wrote me that the time was wrong. I added that to the article. Then, another Astrologer linked me to a site with an actual birth time, so I took that and started an additional article lol

  1. amiannKaia

    Wow.. I have Sun, Venus and Neptune in the 12th house, as well as uranus and neptune conjunct my ascendant. And to top it all off, I have a cancer moon, so I’m naturally sensitive.. Can you tell me about this?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You should come and put your chart up in my Personal Readings Forum. We have to see if any of these planets are within TEN degrees of the ASC because then they would not function as 12th house planets. I could answer your question better if I knew that, Kaia dear.

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