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You Can Never Build Yourself Up By Putting Someone Else Down

This should be obvious, as most truisms should be obvious. My actions are, mostly, good, as I do follow the Bible. I am not saying I follow the Bible 100%, as no one can. However, I do follow it to a large extent. It governs all my activities and actions. That is not to say I don’t make mistakes because I do.

However, I notice that many people( or at least some) feel that if they can only be bigger than someone else, if they put the other person down. It won’t is the reality. It is a nonsensical notion that may seem true, but it is utterly false. One could reign over whole countries as a dictator and one would never build up oneself, not on the inside. My perfect example for a person who got great power, but never seemed to get person enhancement is Bill Clinton. He had it all, if anyone ever could. He is tormented, as one can tell by looking at the inside of him( through his eyes) That is my observation of him.

Hence, there is no walking over others to your own dreams. The Bible is the handbook for man. It is our only source of guidance which will never let us down. Thank God for this gift to us.

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