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How To Figure Yourself Out(Without Therapy) –Part Nine–The Ascendent

A picPeople seem to like this series and that makes me happy. The Ascendent(ASC) is a somewhat difficult concept to grasp. It took me several years before I could get behind the eyes of the ASC. I need to get behind the eyes of every Astrological placement. Then, it opens. At that point, I can work with it.

I seem to be a “watery” astrologer. I relate to other “watery” astrologers. They seem to approach the chart in an intuitive manner, rather than purely an intellectual one. Of course, Astrology is a gargantuan body of intellectual knowledge.That goes without saying. However, many, many astrologers seem to stay in the realm of the intellect. Hence, their writing is dry and uninteresting. I strive for an Astrological approach which uses the heart, as well as the mind. I like to engage the reader, so the reader feels he is eating ice cream rather than porridge/gruel.

The ASC is one’s outer layer. However, it is affixed. One responds to one’s everyday world by engaging his outer layer. One’s outer layer is one’s habitual manner of response. However, inside, one may be quite, quite different. The ASC is different from the MC because the MC is career and one’s reputation in society, as well as the face one shows to the general society. However, the ASC is one’s habitual walk through the everyday world.

Let me give some personal examples because I know myself better than I know anyone. I am a Libra ASC. Libras like to make harmony in all situations. That is one of their dominant drives.The Libra ASC does not like dissenting. She does not like screaming. She does not like loud voices. Hence, she seeks to find moderation. If I have a dispute with anyone, I like to compromise. I like to meet in the middle. I do not like to win an argument in which the other person feels he loses.I like both people to win. Hence, if I have conflicts in my daily life, I will respond in this way. That is my ASC. However, my Sun and Moon are quite different. One would, likely, not see the Sun and Moon of a person one sees on a superficial basis,only, such as a neighbor to whom one waves from the car window.

One looks like one’s ASC. One dresses like one’s ASC. One speaks in the manner of one’s ASC. However, down deep, one is NOT one’s ASC. That is really the point. One is really, essentially, NOT one’s ASC. One may appear to be but it is an appearance. If one knows the native well, the native will be his Moon, first of all, and then his Sun.

When I say that a person will be his Moon, first of all, I mean “most deeply” When one knows someone intimately, one knows them by Moon sign. That is why I don’t think one can have a truly intimate relationship when the Moons are not harmonious. Conversely, one will have an effortless relationship with someone with whom when the Moons are harmonious.

Let me see if I can give examples of each ASC.

Aries ASC looks like an imp. I don’t know how else to describe it but to me, it is an imp. Kate Middleton is said to be an Aries ASC. Although she has an image of great dignity, one can see the elfish look to her face. Aries ASC is assertive. He does not approach a conflict in search of harmony, as does the Libra ASC. He wants to win. Aries ASC will be competitive in all areas of engagement, unlike it’s opposite sign, Libra, who will compromise in all areas of engagement.

Taurus ASC looks like a bull. That is the classic manner in which one can identify the Taurus ASC. He looks solid. He looks grounded. He looks immovable. In his mannerisms, he is calm and rational. He looks as if he is unfazed by life events that would have throw others into a tizzy. Picture the solid, comforting presence of a pilot as one boards a plane.

Gemini ASC is said to look like an elf, similar to the Aries ASC. However, Gemini ASC will have a strong aura of intelligence and alertness to his mien. I am reminded of my Yorkie. Her ears perk up when she sees me grab a plastic bag because I grab one when I go into the garden and she loves the garden. She has a strong manner of intelligence. That is the keynote of the Gemini ASC.

He is usually tall and thin with lovely hands. His manner is one of gregariousness. He has an air of openness. One feels one may approach him and one will not be met with an aloof gaze, but with warmth.

Cancer ASC may have a round face that looks like the Moon, it’s ruling planet. He may have beautiful eyes which resonate with the depths of the oceans. Cancer rules the oceans. The Cancer ASC will resonate a feeling of hominess, as if one could invite him to dinner and he would bring home made bread and a scented candle. Cancer ASC is my favorite ASC in men. They appear as if they are warm and welcoming. They may or may not be. One would need to study other placements but they do emanate a feeling of comfort and safety.

Leo ASC may have lovely hair in the manner of a lion’s name. Think of Farrah Fawcett or Robert Redford. Leo ASC is said to be the most self centered of the ASCs. Leo ASC is said to dominate the conversation with his accomplishments and feats. He loves praise and this is what drives the seemingly self centered nature he,often, displays. On the positive side, he will be friendly. He will be warm and he may even be the life of the party. Leo ASC would be the most likely contender for dancing in the middle of the room with a lampshade on his head.

Virgo ASC looks “clean”. I don’t know how else to say it but there is a sense that he just came out of the shower, that he smells like delicious body wash and that he would not utter a bad word. The Virgo ASC may be very health conscious. He may be germ phobic. He may be one of the best employees of the Zodiac because of his marvelous work ethic. He will tend to have high values and morals, as well.


Libra is said to be the most beautiful ASC. She does not have a sultry beauty, as may the Scorpio ASC. She has a wholesome appearance, as the proverbial girl next door, the one that you bring home to Mama. The quintessential Libra ASC is Doris Day. The Libra ASC likes harmony and may compromise to a fault. Arguments upset her.

The Scorpio ASC appears sultry. She does not have the classic girl next door appearance as does her neighbor on the Zodiac, Libra. She looks as if she may pursue the darker pleasures of life. I am not saying she will be a goth but the goth image may help you visualize the Scorpio ASC.

Sagittarius looks like a horse. I do not say this in a disparaging way. I love the beauty of the Sagittarius ASC. There is a wild, fierce element. Think of Beyonce. If she is not a Sagiattarius ASC, she epitomizes one. Princess Diana was another Sagittarius ASC. The Sagittarius ASC loves and is very accomplished at physical enterprises such as dance, which was the case with the aforementioned women.

Capricorn ASC may be bony. By bony, I mean a sense of bones protruding, whether they be high cheekbones or a prominent nose. A classic Capricorn ASC is Tom Petty. This ASC appears to be a serious person who is mature beyond his years. He may have had to grow up early. He may have a sadness about him, as if he is weary of the struggles of life.

The Aquarius ASC may have a high forehead. There may be an feeling that the face is not symmetrical. This is hard to describe but I see it as a sense that some harmony is missing.This is usually very, very subtle. It may be more of a sense than a physical feature, too. The Aquarius ASC may be a devotee of natural healing such as acupuncture. He may be interested in alternative subject matter such as Astrology.

The Pisces ASC is one of the most beautiful, in my opinion. They, usually, have very lovely eyes. They have a sense that they are ocean creatures in the manner of the fish which represents their sign. They have very keen intuition. They can size up a situation by a feeling that may wash over them, in the manner of water flowing from a Divine spout.

4 thoughts on “How To Figure Yourself Out(Without Therapy) –Part Nine–The Ascendent

  1. amiannYouengagemedarlmmmawh

    For years I couldn’t understand why my capricorn ascendent was so darn flamboyant and intuitively dangerous. I came to give up on capricorn as my ascendent just thinking the nurses wrote the wrong time of birth down for my parents. Then one day I discovered lilith right there on the Ac point slithering into my field of vision

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Aww I am so touched, Dan. You made my day!! That is so true about your not looking or acting( it seems) like a Cappy ASC. Lilith really, really changes that Cappy ASC.

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