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How To Find As Much Happiness as You Can–The Thrust of Your Sun Sign

black mouthAfter going through I don’t quite know what but it was painful, I came to the epiphany about Sun Signs. I came to it for myself but I bet it will fit into a larger context i.e Sun Signs in general. The Sun is supposed to be the core of the person. The Moon is the heart. However, the Sun is the thrust. The Moon is one’s core when one is undressed , figuratively and literally.  However, what about personal happiness? Does the answer lie in the Sun?

I came to this awareness when I had a few moments of bliss, one can say. These moments had one common denominator. I was expressing myself. The last one was when singing and at that moment, I knew the essence of Gemini.  Gemini must have self expression to be happy. If all else were torn down, a Gemini could find joy if she could tell you what she was thinking, feeling or emoting. Hence, that is her thrust.

A voiceless Gemini will be a depressed Gemini.

Let’s look at the other Sun Signs.


Aries was made to be a fighter. The cause could be a literal cause or an idea in which she has passionate belief.  She has a natural self confidence born of her being a fire sign and, also, the first sign of the Zodiac. An Aries who cannot fight for that which she believes will be a depressed Aries.


Taurus  needs to build using the building materials of life, whether they be the actual dirt in a garden,  building materials of home construction or money, as in banking. Taurus has a natural kindness. Taurus loves food and all the comfy  aspects of life such as a warm sweater on a cold day or a hot cup of cocoa, next to the fire.Taurus does not like to fight for fighting’s sake. He likes peace. A depressed Taurus would be one who could not relax with the comforts of life in his own small corner of the world. A depressed Taurus would be one who was exposed to constant bickering.


A voiceless Gemini will be a depressed Gemini, as I stated above.


Cancer needs to protect her nest. She is a protective mother bird. If she loves you, she will feed you and nurture you. If you are part of her nest, she will protect you with her very life. A depressed Cancer is one who cannot make a nest and to nurture and protect.


Leo was made to be beautiful. Leo was made to shine. Leo was made to be the center of attention, in the manner of a delightful child. A depressed Leo would be one who was put in the corner. Remember in Dirty Dancing, when Patrick said that no one puts Baby in the corner. That was made for Leo.


Virgo was made to serve. Virgo loves to serve and nothing is as satisfying as a job well done. Virgo likes to be part of a team in which all work together for the good of the whole. A depressed Virgo is one who is not appreciated for his excellent service.


Libra was created to bring harmony and beauty to life. Libras, themselves, are beautiful. The surroundings of a Libra are, generally, tasteful and  elegant. Libra eschews fighting. She will hide from a fight, either literally or figuratively, by going the mode of indecision. A depressed Libra is one who is exposed to constant bickering.  Venus rules both Libra and Taurus. Hence, both sides need harmony in order to have inner equilibrium.


Scorpio is very loyal. Scorpio and Cancer are excellent mates because each views loyalty in a similar way. No one violates either Scorpio’s or Cancer’s nest. No one violates Scorpio’s mate. Scorpio will fight to the death a la Michael Corleone.  Scorpio does not give his heart readily. If he does, he demands the same level of loyalty he would give. A depressed Scorpio would be a betrayed Scorpio.


Sagittarius  hates routine, whether this occurs  in a relationship  or a job. Sagittarius is famous for love em and leave em. A depressed Sagittarius would be one who felt imprisoned in a joyless relationship.


Capricorn loves and needs quality. If Capricorn has one sweater, it will be of the finest wool. Capricorn women love pearls. These are classic and refined. She needs people she can respect. Once respect is lost, A Capricorn will leave the relationship. A depressed Capricorn will be one who feels forced to violate his values.


Aquarius sees the larger picture. She will be the first to fight for a cause, so if one needs someone to fill this bill, find an Aquarius. A depressed Aquarius would be one who was prevented from pursuing a cause of which she was passionate.


Pisces is the most gentle of signs. He was not made for this world, really. He is a citizen of the next dimension. He loves poetry, music and the arts because these take him beyond the limited world with it’s harshness. A depressed Pisces would be one who was exposed to the torrid realities of life with no escape.





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