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Five Aspects For Attraction In Synastry and What They Mean


1.Uranus Conjunct the Moon-–BAM. I saw you across the room and I must have you. Meet me in the bushes tonight. The Uranus will shake up the emotions of the Moon like blending a smoothie. This has no lasting power, though. If the relationship is to last, there must be other aspects.

2. Nessus Conjunct the Sun--I have found my prince. I will die in his arms. What happened? He broke into my house and destroyed my car. Nessus is too hot not to cool down and when it does, it goes Ice Age. However, everyone should soar to these heights once in their lives.

3 Mars Conjunct Venus–Simple cupid. He shot the arrow at these two lovers and red hearts filled the screen. This is a more superficial attraction. If the relationship is to last, one would need a deeper attraction and more soul

4. Moon Conjunct Pluto
My favorite. This is once in a lifetime in the manner of Heathcliff and Kathy. The Moon is the gentle soul who wants to be ravished by the big, bad Pluto, but they both love it. The tenderness and raw intimacy factors go off the scale. I love that. I think we all do.

5 Pluto Conjunct Mars
This bad boy combo may be a little violent. If that is your bag, who am I to judge? Just be careful you don’t end up on “Cops”

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