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Five More Aspects For Attraction In Synastry and What They Mean


I am glad you like bite size bits of information. We don’t need to swallow the whole cake.

1. Venus Conjunct Pluto
Intense on all levels. All the senses of the beautiful Venus and the powerful Pluto come together for something that can only be called delicious and deep love.

2. Venus Trine Pluto
With this aspect, we have all the power, aesthetic filling of the senses and primal passion as Number One. However, the trine is less likely to keep you up all night on an adrenaline high. You can sleep for a few hours :/. However, this is deep and delicious, too.

3. Lilith( 1181)Conjunct Jupiter
Jupiter enlarges what it touches. Lilith is raw sexuality. There will strong, sexual vibes that are felt by both people. However, it will fade unless there is soul to sustain it.

4. Eros(433) Conjunct the North Node
The relationship will be very erotic and this will, likely, last for the duration.

5. Lust(4386) Conjunct the North Node

The relationship will be full of raw passion and it will, likely, last for the duration.

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