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Five Aspects For Anger in the Natal Chart


Anger can be explosive or stuffed. I am a Mars in Cancer, so I know of what I speak, when I talk about “stuffed”

Let’s discuss some anger aspects. If you like this, I will do more articles because there are many anger aspects.

1. Mars in Cancer
We, Mars in Cancer natives, are famous for stuffing our anger. We, often, put it into the organ related to Cancer, which is the stomach. I am on my way to get something for my stomach, as I write *sigh* Maybe, I could get rid of my stomach problems if I just punched someone?

2. Pluto Square Mars
This native may look like he will murder you if you step on his toe. I am sure you know what I mean. Give him a wide berth. If he wants anything, surrender it, whether it be your girlfriend or you Big Mac. This native may explode suddenly. On the other hand, he may hold it until he cannot hold it anymore and then, explode. Either way, why expose yourself?

3. Mars Conjunct the Moon
Mars conjunct the Moon is very easily irritated.He may explode over small irritants, rather than let the volcano build up and then, who knows what? This native may have a subtle(or overt) hostility to women. although he may not admit it.

4. Mars in Libra
One may think is is a strange one to put on this list because Libra balances and balances and balances until he goes crazy. Strong emotion has to go somewhere. This native may not explode. He is too nice for that. Where it goes, I am not sure. You tell me.

5. Mars conjunct Pluto
This aspect is classic for explosive anger. He could go from zero to a hundred in a second. Hence, if you see him angry, run fast. You may not have much lead time.

6 thoughts on “Five Aspects For Anger in the Natal Chart

  1. amiannDeanna

    My thoughts – since I have Mars in Libra.

    Mars: Detriment in Libra:

    Libra, as a Cardinal Air sign is active energy and is free to move as it pleases. The challenge with Mars in Libra is that Libra, like all Air signs, is a double sign. Mars, like the Sun, needs a single focus. When presented with choices, Mars finds it difficult to act. Mars in Libra worries about the effects of its choices. Libra tells Mars that it must maintain balance and harmony at all times, but taking any action will always upset that balance, because every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Mars in Libra is free to take action, but is often immobilized by indecision about which course of action to choose.

  2. amiannMiso

    Mars conjunction saturn in cancer 12th house with cancer rising and aries moon like i cant control myself when im angry my eyes are crying but actually im not im just being a monster lije my face turns all red half crying half smiling. And they say when im angry my eyes looks like im gonna kill someone

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