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Five Aspects For Guy Who May USE You


1. Full Fifth House
If the Fifth House has certain planets, put your antennae up. Now, there are certain planets that Ix-Ne a player i.e make it unlikely. However, if the dude has a stellium of three of more personal planets, which are the Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus or Mercury, in the Fifth, he would have one classic aspect of a player i.e you on one night and Sally on the next.

2. Unaspected Uranus in the Fifth House
Unaspected Uranus is very rare but this dude does want he wants. He does not give a rat’s derriere about social conventions. He will be as much fun as the moment you learned to ride your bike, but don’t expect him to live up to any norms. The Unaspected Uranus in the fifth house will be especially avant garde about romance. If one sees the Unaspected Uranus in another house, that house will be the one in which the native is very unconventional.

3.Sagittarius Venus
This Venus is classic for love em and leave em. Just an aside, he loves boots, so if you are trying to trap one, buy a nice pair of tall black leather.

4. Gemini Venus

Someone just reminded me that my Venus is a shallow loser. I had to defend myself by saying I have a Cancer Moon. This is a good time to say that one must consider the entire chart( and NOT just because it is me)

5. Lust(4386) Conjunct the North Node

That which conjuncts the North Node will be a Theme. Do not doubt me on this. I know of what I speak when I discuss the North Node. The Theme of the natives life will be revealed by that which conjuncts the North Node.

9 thoughts on “Five Aspects For Guy Who May USE You

  1. amiannSugar

    My man has a Venus, Mars, Uranus, North Node in fifth house, Libra fifth house cusp. I’ve always thought of him as a Giver and not a User. Am I wrong? Is he a player? Thank you..

  2. amiannJJ

    I would’ve thought Gemini Mars for guy, possible two-faced sexuality.
    Or Mars in 8th, maybe, deep, possibly traumatic sexual issues and that kind of Jungian repetition charisma theme (although sex symbol women have that, e.g. Marilyn, so could be a downfall aspect).

      1. amiannJJ

        That contradicts a lot of what I’ve read about 8th house planets being “cursed”, usually with sex addiction or an early grave, violent end. Is Mars an exception because it’s a ruler of 8? Does it become good or neutral?

          1. amiannJJ

            Well Marilyn was famously an 8th house Mars, I think Grace Kelly too? Sudden, violent end. Since it’s the house of death or loss and Mars can indicate proneness to accidents. Also read it’s an aspect for risk of rape, which I believe happened to Monroe based on autopsy reporting about the area.

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