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Five Aspects For Being Kind of Shy Sexually


Did I grab you with the topic? Most likely. You can read it in the privacy of your own home, so you don’t have to admit anything.

1. Mars in Cancer
I am one. Mars in Cancer does not handle primal passions like a pro. I liken her to a rusty, old bicycle. I don’t mean disrespect, simply that she may not be comfortable with strong emotions, be they anger, greed, jealousy or lust. There is really nothing wrong with being a little shy. Is there?

2. Saturn in Scorpio
Me again. Should I deny it? Saturn cools what it touches, in general. Scorpio exalts in the realm of primal passion and he does it so well. Hence, Saturn in Scorpio may make primal passions a little uncomfortable, perhaps.

3. Chiron in the 8th House
Not me. I have seen this many times when doing charts. This native is, usually, unaware that she may have put her primal passions in a kind of locked box. This native seems to kind of split her primal self off from her intellectual self. That is my experience with Chiron in the 8th House, at any rate. They may not be shy sexually, as much as putting their passions into a compartment and maybe having a kind of double life. By day, they may be the librarian. By night, they may be the siren.

4. Saturn in the 8th House
Saturn in the 8th House may be the classic sign of repression. Repression is really just buried fear. Saturn allows for growth and one need not take this issue to the grave. However, I think the Saturn in the 8th native may struggle with letting herself be vulnerable in the sexual arena, shall we say.

5.Mars in the 12th House
Mars in the 12th House may be like Mars in Cancer, in that all primal passions may not be comfortable. He may hold back for fear of ridicule or rejection.

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