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Five Aspects in the Natal Chart of Women that Should Make Men BEWARE


I was told I need to be fair and balanced in my articles i.e diss women as much as men. I know several asteroids which will come into play here, so I will, probably, need two articles. Women are just that bad.

1. Medusa(149) Conjunct the Ascendant
I have seen this one in action and it is not pretty. The girl is, usually, pretty but how she acts is not. Medusa is a great tease. She lures men with her beauty and when they bite(figuratively speaking), she attacks. Medusa, in the myth, turns the amorous gentleman to stone. In practical terms, I saw a Medusa conjunct the Ascendant female lure men with her beauty and then demean and reject them for “objectifying” her. I hate that stuff. Makes me not like women, myself.

2. Pluto Square Saturn
I don’t care how sweet she seems, she isn’t. I like my guitar teacher’s imitation of women before and after marriage. Before they trap you, they are sweet as honey. After, ………..well, the demons…. you know. This relates to Pluto square Saturn because the demons are hidden. Hence, one may expect Mommy Sweetest and get Mommy Dearest. In defense of the native, she is carrying a very heavy burden. Her father may have been abusive. Her home life may have been violent, if not overtly, then covertly. Have a long engagement with this gal.

3. Balbastre (12895) (ball buster) Conjunct the Ascendant
I know you think I have gone insane with this one, but I have found it to be what it suggests, a woman who emasculates men in a demeaning way. *Sigh* It does not get much worse than this. Beware of a girl who has this asteroid conjunct the Ascendant or North Node. Well, one would need to beware of the asteroid aspecting many parts of her charts and yours, so just take down the number(12595) and check out all your girls.

4. Sun conjunct Nemesis(128)
I hate things under the surface, you know undercurrents you can cut with a knife. Nemesis is a hidden enemy, so much worse than an overt enemy. A hidden enemy is perfect for crazy making and you will be the one who is made crazy. This girl may not like men, in general, so watch out. If she has this and Ball Buster, drown her.

5 Nymphe(875) Conjunct the Ascendant
Most men want their girlfriend/wife to be faithful. I suppose some don’t. Those should look for a Nymphe conjunct the Ascendant. For the others, be aware that nymphe really does indicate someone who is too loose and free with their favors, shall we say.

61 thoughts on “Five Aspects in the Natal Chart of Women that Should Make Men BEWARE

  1. amiannCold Fire

    Ami , i have just met a guy who’s got his own medusa and ballbustre conjunct my ascendant . Ballbustre is conjunct his own ascendant natally ( we have conjunct ascendants as per astrodienst ) . My medusa is opposed his MC and my ballbustre square his MC . My nemesis is square his ascendant ( nemesis is square my own ascendant natally ) and conjunct his jupiter. His nemesis is conjunct my mars . What does all this mean ? Will i bust his balls and despise him for liking me ?? Or will he try to do the same to me ?? What does ballbustre conjunct ascendant in a man’s natal chart mean ?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I would need to do a single question chart for you, my Friend. If you don’t want to do that, why don’t you give me just one question and I will try to answer. xx

      1. amiannCold Fire

        Ok…my question will then be that this guy’s ballbustre and medusa sit on my ascendant . My medusa is opposed his MC and ballbustre square his MC . Will i attempt to bust his balls and despise him for liking me or vice versa or both will behave like this ?

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          This question is still too complex to answer so I will answer the first part. If HE puts these asteroids on your ASC, I think he would not treat you well, my Friend.

        2. amiannamiann Post author

          I would need to do a professional chart on you to answer like you want me to. I am not trying to drum up business because I don’t do that or need to do that, but I can’t answer the question based on this setting xxx

  2. amiannCold Fire

    Yes Ami…i totally agree…one has to see the synastry in between both charts and the composite to make a correct assessment …one or two isolated synastry aspects certainly isnt enough to come to definite conclusions…like for example , you dont know that my pluto sextile my ascendant …this same guy was trying to be one up on me …but my pluto sextile my ascendant does not put up with any nonsense from anyone …i busted his balls real bad and rejected him too…he was pretty shocked …not only that , i made sure that i hurt him emotionally , very deliberately …his emotions and self – respect are his weak points – i know that from his natal chart and my synastry with him . My pluto conjuncts his moon closely and my nessus square his moon . Now , he doesnt ever dare try acting funny with me . He knows he’ll get hit bad , and that i am not one to mess around with, at all. One really has to get the charts done fully in order to get a complete and correct picture. Sorry my answers are so long …i love all your topics and they make me think and ponder over a lot of stuff – you really rock Ami ! 🙂 🙂

    1. amiannbec

      Sorry, I meant both Ballbuster and Nemesis conjunct his Sun within 1.5-2 degree orb. I was definitely made to feel crazy in a way.. though I thought that was just me… but I guess nothing is ever just you in a relationship hey?

  3. amiannLucifer

    I have nymphe in the first house, would that interpret similar to how nymphe conjunct ascendant is interpreted? It also conjuncts my psyche in the first.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      No, the opposition is a see-saw. One struggles going back and forth, so you may want to tease and punish men( have to be real here :/ ) and then you may pull back and feel terrible, but, in time, find yourself doing it again. Asteroids have to be close though–in opposition—3 orb at the greatest

  4. amiannRambo

    I have sun conjunct Nemesis by 2 orb, opposite Pluto (Sun opp Pluto in exact) by 3 orb.

    What makes you think that this is a bad placement for men to be watch out for?

    I don’t hate men though, I’m only being wary of them lately (as I have learned them that they took advantage of me and overly-guarded of what they’re up to me). Although in the past I did hurt them unaware (despite they did hurt me). I do feel remorse full of regret of what I did to them (it’s not psychical abuse, more like me doing over-controlling and being toxic insecure person).

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Rambo. Nemesis is a hidden enemy. The Sun is the father, one’s ego and men, in general, so this is why I come up with this, my Friend. Pluto in opposition may give you strength to fight this a bit.

  5. amiannJanay Matthews

    Hi Ami Anne, I dealt with kids growing up that had Saturn square Pluto. They were sometimes mean and harsh towards me and call me a crybaby and that I would have no one in this world. My mother nearly has balbastre conjunct her ascendant but it’s too far apart maybe by 4-6 degrees minimum.

          1. amiannJanay Matthews

            I’m doing good. I retaking my mental health peer spealist courses and going to career centers to boost my skills so I can get a part time job as a peer specialist and be more financially independent. My long term career path is to be a psychologist, therapist, astrologist, and creative writer. I also love music. With better job prospects, I can really have a better chance of getting a chart done by you even if I have to wait the earliest at mid spring 2019 because you are extremely amazing at doing them and you read a person to their core, honestly and with compassion.

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            Thank you so much, Janay. You made my day! Remember that Jesus can tell us everything we need to know about ourselves. The charts are a great tool but Jesus is everything! I know you know that, too, Janay.

  6. amiannA.

    Hi Ami,
    my Nymphe 21 Vir 47’55″r (6thH) conjuncts my DC 22 Vir 13’47” and trines my Venus 22 Cap 7’14″r (11thH) do you know what that could indicate, especially because both Nymphe and Venus are in retrograde?
    My love has his Mars in 21 Cap 5’34” does that mean something in regards to my Nymphe?

    I’ve read that Nymphe also represents a deep love of the natural world, I do have that and I’m very interested in naturopathy (lifestyle, diet, healing methods like fasting, essential oils, etc.) – health – 6thH theme, right? 🙂

    I appreciate you and your blog so much, it’s stunning how much knowledge you provide here, you are a gem, love and light A.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You may be super sexual in a relationship and/or you are attracted to guys who are.Venus Retro makes it hard for you to trust when you are in love. I see Nymphe as a super sexual thing. I never heard the other but it could be. Thank you so much for your kind words. You truly made my day, A!

  7. amiannLiv

    Hi Ami, what could Nymphe at 8 degrees Aries 4th house square North Node at 7 Capricorn 1st house signify? Does it mean that the degree to which intense sexual nature is accepted, negotiated or balanced will determine the balance I am able to achieve between partnership & self-worth, like that is the hinge to forward progress but also potentially my downfall if I deny its place in my psyche or give way to it too much?

  8. amiannJ.L.W

    I (a guy) have Medusa opposite my Venus.
    I also have Ballbustre conjunct Pallas! And Mars trine Uranus exact conjunct Moon.
    The war is on ladies.

  9. amiannMaja

    I have medusa conjunct the ascendant and I do think low of men in general sometimes. I don’t like it but I blame that on my father leaving when I was 3. I have a cap stellium in my 5th house and a cancer venus so I could never lure men the way you describe but if I didn’t have a cap stellium and a cancer venus who craves real love I could maybe act on my feelings. I don’t like men hitting on me so maybe that’s medusa working on me? Thank you for always being so honest on here. It makes me feel safe and I’ve never actually told anyone I even have these feelings but somehow you just made me do it 🙂

  10. amiannIsis

    My Nymphe is on Gemini in the fifth house, it trines Chiron and sextile Mercury, can you help me understand in what does that mean?

  11. amiannMaria

    My girlfriend has Mars in Leo conjunct nymph in 7th house exact, my Apollo in exactly conjunct it. Our ASC are 3 orb off cap. We haven’t had sex yet. Good idea bad idea.? Thank you.

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