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Five Aspects That Show a Child Who Was Not Nurtured By His Mother


I got this question from a lovely lady on Facebook,Nancy.

Ami is there a way to see in the birth chart where a child is not nurtured by the mother..and how that affects their life

Five Aspects That Show a Child Who Was Not Nurtured By His Mother

1. Unaspected Moon
An Unaspected Moon is an unusual placement. The child had very little nurturing from her own mother, but she is lovely, kind and nurturing to others. The Unaspected Planets are a fascinating study. I set upon this course of study because I have an Unaspected Venus.

2. Moon Conjunct Nemesis
The mother was a hidden enemy to the child. This can really make for emotional problems in the child because the child senses something is wrong, but the mother won’t admit it.

3. Moon oppose Chiron
The mother is a source of pain, not comfort. In turn, emotions, in general, may be a source of pain, most especially the native’s own emotions. The child may, constantly, try to “fix” the relationship with the mother. It may appear to get better, at times. However, it will, likely, revert to it’s original pain, in time. This cycle seems never ending.

4. Moon oppose Uranus

The mother was, likely, unsafe in some way. She may have been mentally ill or, simply, mean and cutting. She may have had an erratic presence in the child’s life i.e coming in and out. At times, the mother may be there for the child, but these times, likely, do not last.

5 Moon Conjunct Blewett(22927)
This is a new asteroid for me. However, it is seeming to give a great deal of information. It seems to show failure i.e blowing it. Blewett conjunct the Moon may be a mother who failed. I have seen this to be the case, but would love your experience with this asteroid. Just plug it into your chart and see what you find!

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