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Five Aspects For Smoldering Sexuality in Men


Let’s face it. All girls(or most) like the bad boys. The ones who don’t, usually, want to BE the bad boys i.e dominate men. I just tell it like it is. Don’t hate me because I am beautiful.

I have noticed that there are certain aspects in men which proclaim a smoldering sensuality, which is hard to resist.

1. Mars in Scorpio
I love Charlie Sheen in ‘Two and a Half Men”. His politics are embarrassing, but he smolders on TV. Sure enough, he has one of the sexiest placements possible in a man, which is Mars in Scorpio. Even the unattractive guys with Mars in Scorpio smolder.If you want to see a classic Mars in Scorpio, watch Charlie in the TV show.

2. Moon square Mars
This aspect connotes a dislike of women. Don’t argue with me. The charts never lie.Way down deep in the inner recesses of his soul is a dislike of women, which sometimes can translate into smoldering deliciousness.

3.Pluto in the 4th House
There is a suppressed kind of anger that can translate into sexy. How? Why do women like bad boys? If you can answer that question, you can answer this.

4. 8th House Stellium
The 8th House is the house of death and sex—alluring topics. This native will smolder, as well. However, Saturn, Chiron and Uranus may make the smolder factor go down into the negative numbers. A good smolder needs the Sun, Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Moon or Pluto.

5. The South Node in the 8th House
The South Node is that with which we are comfortable. A native with the South Node in the 8th is, likely, comfortable with the dark arenas of life, which can translate into subtle charisma.

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