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Five More Aspects For Women Who Will Chase Men


1. Sun Conjunct Mars
This women are bold and goal oriented. Men, if their goal is you, put up the white flag. Surrender is your best option.

2. Medusa (149)Conjunct the Ascendamt
This gal will chase you. She is a terrible tease, so beware. She turned the guys in the myth to stone.I have seen this placement play out in the modern times. She did not turn the men to stone but made them feel as badly as if they were.

3.Aries Mars
The Aries Mars goes after what she wants, be it a cause or a guy. She is” Miss Goal Oriented”.

4. Mars Conjunct the Ascendant
Mars Conjunct the Ascendant spells D-R-I V-E. Our new president,Donald J. Trump, has this placement. He had to go up against the media and the hate of millions, in order to follow his dreams( and give us ours) I bet you will remember this goal oriented placement from this example. In this case, the woman with Mars Conjunct the Ascendant will,likely, go after her man.

5.Mars Conjunct the MC
Mars Conjunct the MC is another power placement. This native may be more powerful in work than in romance, but the strength of this aspect may, easily, translate to those with whom she wants to forge a relationship.

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