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Five Aspects For Women Who Will “Go After” Their Men


I was not sure what to call this article. Five aspects for Aggressive Women. That would get me the thought police riding my derriere. So, I saved myself a lot of grief and made a politically correct title. HAPPY?

1. Venus in Aries
Venus in Aries in a woman chases. Venus in Aries in a man needs to be chased. He may appear to be assertive, at first. However, once he gets you, the alter ego–Clark Kent–appears.

2. Mars in Scorpio
The Mars in Scorpio female will chase her man. Is this a bad thing? No. Mars in Scorpio is not one to wait for the mountain to come to Mohammud, so to speak.

3. Pluto Conjunct the Sun
This lady is as strong as horseradish. She will get her way, however it happens. I love this placement. The world needs more leaders and this placement is the quintessential leader.

4. Pluto conjunct the MC
This lady is large and in charge of her own life. She is really secret royalty. Keep this in mind. Bow to her and she( and you) will be fine.

5. Stellium in Aries
The stellium needs powerful planets like Mars. It can include personal planets like the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mercury, too. All these add to the fire of the Aries natives. Aries goes after what she wants. My poster boy for Aries is Fred Flinestone, even though I have not seen his chart, so this is for illustrative purposes only.

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