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Five Asteroids For Business Transactions

1. Bilk(4425)
If a person has this asteroid conjunct a personal part of the chart, I would be careful in business dealings. The personal parts of the chart are the personal planets–the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. The angles are, also, personal parts of the chart. They are the Ascendant, IC, MC and Descendant. The North and South Nodes are personal parts of the chart, as well.

2. Lie (3550)
Bilk refers more to business dealings. Lie is a more general term. However, I would watch carefully when a person had Lie conjunct a personal part of the chart. I am not saying I would shun the person, in general. I have seen several clients with Lie conjunct a prominent part of the chart. They had abusive homes and needed to lie in order to stay alive. This has been my primary experience with the asteroid Lie, not in nefarious business dealings. However, I present it to you for your consideration.

3.Blewett(22927) One of my clients uses this to see if she should hire certain professionals, such a particular lawyer, for example. She sees the places in which Blewett falls in the synastry chart. You would be very surprised what the chart has to tell you about business dealings. Blewett refers to failing(blowing it) in business dealings, as well as referring to personal failures, when used in the the natal chart.

This asteroid refers to destiny. I believe that many interactions are fated. The asteroid Destinn seems to reveal fated encounters.into

5 Chaos(19521)
This little asteroid could prevent a world of hurting. Obviously, no one wants chaos in their business or professional dealings. Plug it into the synastry or composite chart and see what you find.

One thought on “Five Asteroids For Business Transactions

  1. amiannJanay Matthews

    I hate to admit this but I do have Bilk conjunct my North Node which both conjunct my IC in house 4. Overall I must get my life together and manage my money wisely so I don’t have to beg or keep asking others for money when I fall short not handling things correctly. No one has a 100% good chart but it doesn’t excuse my bad placements from destiny and past life karma. I must act correctly this time around so I can have a better next life and natal chart.

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