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Five More Asteroids People May Have a Hard Time Understanding (And Their Explanations)

1. Juno(3)

Juno is the loyal wife. More specifically. Juno exemplifies the TRAITS of a loyal wife, regardless of gender. These traits would include devotion, kindness and loyalty. Think of the marriage vows. They embody Juno.

Circe is the magnetic, utterly fascinating and seductive witch. I think of Anne Boleyn when I think of Circe. She bewitched Henry the 8th. He had her beheaded for the crime of being a witch.Of course, this does not happen to those of us with prominent Circe placements. I hope not. I have it conjunct the Sun.

4 Ixion(28978)

The Ixion native tends to not follow societal rules. He makes his own rules. That is the nature of Ixion. I have seen this reluctance to follow social norms, shall we say,in the natives with Ixion conjunct the Ascendant. In simple terms, the strong Ixion native nay have trouble following laws of any sort.

5.Echo (60)
Echo does not have her own voice. This is very painful. Do you know people who feel so insecure that they have to agree with everything everyone else says. This is the plight of Echo. I have her conjunct Saturn. That which conjuncts Saturn makes for a struggle. Hence, one of the most precious things to me is my authentic voice and I struggle to find it

15 thoughts on “Five More Asteroids People May Have a Hard Time Understanding (And Their Explanations)

      1. amiannKim

        Re: your questions “all of them?’ “Any comments on them?”
        He has the sun conj Ixion opp Lilith, if the aspects are what you’re asking me. And I’m sorry, I don’t understand your question about comments on them..his chart is really interesting. I’m guessing you’re going to suggest I post it in the forum for a better understanding 😊 I really appreciate your interpretation.

          1. amiannKim

            Sorry, no wonder I couldn’t find it on your navigation. I looked at your prices for a chart reading but I don’t know if you’d be able to answer my questions for your basic chart reading. I completely understand your time is valuable and the time involved in your analysis,

  1. amiannR

    I have Circe Conjunct my NN. Does this mean that being an “magnetic, utterly fascinating seductive witch” will be a theme in my life? And then I also have Ixion Conjunct Quaoar, Echo, and Jupiter. What would these mean? I also have Echo Conjunct my IC, this would mean I wouldn’t have much of a voice in my childhood home, correct?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You are a magnetic, secy person. The Ixion thing may make you kind of like to break the law but you do hold back from fear which is good. The IC may be a feeling you have no power in life and are stuck

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