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Four Fake Out Placements in Synastry

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Ahhh, Yes, how easy it is to be “faked out” in a relationship. I call “fake out” placements those that APPEAR as if they will be amazing but turn bad. Remember the legend of being able to turn dross to gold. Well, these placements appear to be gold but turn into dross( and some pretty gross dross, if you ask me) Ahh, to be behind the scenes with charts. One sees it all.One develops humility.It is not wise to challenge the charts.They WILL play out. No, you are not “evolved” enough to stop it. I digress. Back to my four picks for synastry

1 Chiron conjunct Venus
Chiron in synastry is the original fake out. This is due to the fact that one feels as if one found one’s soul mate(or BFF). The relationship is a taste of heaven for as long as it lasts. However, some small grievance seems to grow like one of Jack’s beans into a beanstalk which is a behemoth. The behemoth eats the unsuspecting lovers and the story ends.

2. Uranus conjunct the Moon

This aspect is pure POW. People see each other across the room and the adrenaline shoots from zero to a hundred. This relationship HAS to be. Who can deny the F-E-E-L-I-N-G? The thing with this aspect is that it is pure, powerful and instant attraction. It tells us nothing about lasting power. That would be seen by the rest of the chart.

3 Nessus conjunct the Sun

The original fake out is Nessus. I use Nessus conjunct the Sun because it happened to me. I have seen the same thing with Nessus conjunct the Ascendant and Nessus conjunct Venus. In this case, the feeling is so intense that the Sun person(usually) could be swept off her feet to the point where she could faint. Perhaps, I exaggerate a bit. However, one feels as if one was hit with a taser.
Once again, as in the Chiron relationship, one feels as if one has found one’s soul matter. It is much stronger with Nessus than Chiron.

In these cases, the ending is not pretty. I have never seen a pretty ending. I have seen people smash other people’s cars. I have seen people call the police on others. I have seen people cry every night for a year(me)

Nessus picks you up as if you are drawn into a tornado. Then, it smashes you down like Dorothy’s house. Did she really visit Oz or was it all a dream. You have that kind of shocked incredulity when the Nessus relationship breaks up or shall I say implodes.

4 Mars Square Mars

I put this here because the passion is off the walls. I am told that. I have not experienced it. It would be too much of a shock for my Cancer Mars, so I talk from the intellect only.
These relationships may have delicious power plays. However, delicious can turn to repugnant when we have too much. That seems to be the case here. I would run, myself, but I, always, go for the safe bet.

2 thoughts on “Four Fake Out Placements in Synastry

  1. amiannlysia gadelha

    Good evening Ami, I want say that is has been extraordinarly good to see and read and learn some more of this awesome astrology of yours. Thanks you so much. The reason Im writing to you though is not any fun but extreme sorow and grief what I have been put from my only son. He wants to context me in court bc I want to donate half of my mom’s house which we must divide with my sister and my share I wuyold give half for him. Even thouhg he wants for himself EVen my sister’s share, and of course mine too. Of course if theres a way for me to send this 25 us I want to know HOw could I make a banc deposit or hgow could I pay you since I dont have a fax machine or press to send the cash. Is ther a banc acount so I can make a deposit, here in BrazilI. I can only give hm this If he ever makes things do happen as like not calling my attorney to threaten all of us includng my sister’s lawyer too. aIf this sell ever happens, I will sell mine too just to vanish from him. Isnt it a sad and real story? Im jailed into this wait to get rd from him since november the first 2011. looks like we would sell it in march when both of us will take a bad, real bad solar return.IM kind of starting to feel ill.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Lysia dear, for your kind words. They made my day! I would love to help but I don’t feel I am the best one to help out in this situation. I really hope that things work out in the best, most blessed way for you. xoxoxo

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