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Freaking Amazing—————-Your Personal Name Asteroids

Every chart I do is a tremendous opportunity. I ask each client to give me a list of the names of the pivotal people in his life, for good and bad. The name asteroids freak me out in the most amazing way. I just finished a chart of a lovely lady and she made her list. There were two woman in her life. One brought pain. The other brought hope. The one that brought pain was conjunct her Chiron, the planet of pain. The one that brought hope was conjunct her valentine asteroid( sacrificial love) and her Osiris asteroid( the hero). I have had many stories like this, in doing charts and in my own chart. I will add more to this article. I was just so excited to share this with you.

If you want to search for name asteroids in your own chart, go to Go to the extended chart selection. At the bottom, you will see an alphabetical listing of all the asteroids. look for the names of pivotal people in your life. Then, plug the number of these asteroids into your chart. Come back and comment πŸ˜€

54 thoughts on “Freaking Amazing—————-Your Personal Name Asteroids

  1. amiannPrettypony

    Thats really odd …
    the only real time ive fallen in love was with a guy called kevin, theres actually a asteroid called after that name , and its conjunct both my chiron and venus in the 7th house, i have to admit i suffered a lot i was really in love with him.
    i’d need to check other names to see if the oddness keeps happening but atleast this time it makes sense

  2. amiannNighthunter

    My name asteroid is conjunct my Pluto exact, and my mars and sun by 1 and 3 degrees respectively. Does that imply that Sun-Mars-Pluto traits are very dominant in my personality? What are your thoughts?

  3. amiannAlvin

    Hi Ami!

    What are your thoughts:
    Karen in Libra First House inconjunct mercury and conjunct pluto – my bestfriend
    James in Pisces in the 6th House square sun and mars – my other bestfriend
    Angelina in Cancer in the 9th – my grandmother
    Alvin in Leo in the 10th house trine moon, jupiter and uranus, conjunct venus and square saturn – this is me… lol!


    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow Amazing indeed, Alvin!
      Does Kaen bring you power?
      Does James understand your ego and identity?
      Is your hardest personal issue with maturity, responsibility and working hard toward goals but LOVE defines and embodies you?

  4. amiannLinda

    Hi Amiann
    I made an amazing discovery.. Please give me your thoughts about it.
    I had three lovers in my live. My first lover was a high school love. We were our fist love. Nothing strange about that. The two others (one became my husband) had a former partner. I checked the birth charts of these women and found out that my name asteroid is conjunt their Sun. From both of them! Is this a coincidence??

  5. amiannLinda

    Hi Ami,
    It is clear that the relationship is fated. but on the other hand I have another thought about it. There is some kind of rivalry here. I think I was taking over their personality. Lately I was checking all of my charts of friend and enemy, and I discovered one person whose name asteroid is conjunct my Sun. And she was a rival to me. It is amazing!
    So check you rivals name asteroid! πŸ™‚

  6. amiannLinda

    Hi Ami,
    It’s very odd… In the synastry chart of the two lovers above mentioned (nr 4) one has his name astroid conjunct the other one’s Sun. They were rivals too, concerning me…
    Heaven already knows..

  7. amiannDarkWarrior7

    Hello dear! I have an interesting situation here, so PLEASE answer me. ? There are two guys I was ever in love with. Both of them have the same name. Their name asteroid in my chart is conjuncting my Pluto, Dejanira and MC, natally. The first guy brought me insane pain. I couldn’t believe it with my own eyes: his own name asteroid conjuncts my Chiron in synastry. While he has my name asteroid conjunct his Uranus and Neptune, natally. It is, also, important to mention that my name is also the name of his mother.
    The other guy, who I feel is my soulmate, has his own name asteroid conjunct my Psyche in synastry. But it weirds me out that it also conjuncts my Nemesis, because my Psyche and my Nemesis are natally conjunct. My name asteroid in his natal chart is conjuncting my Descendant in synastry, and my name asteroid in my natal chart conjuncts his Nessus in synastry. I am confused. Why so much Nessus and Nemesis involvement…? Is the second guy a threat for me? I think he is perfect for me. He healed me from the previous one. Please tell me what you think. πŸ™‚

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I really would have to study the charts to give a professional answer but if my name asteroid was conjunct something like Nessus or Nemesis in the chart of someone, I would not continue the relationship, myself. That is what I would do, my Friend.

  8. amiannDarkWarrior7

    Thank you so much for your response. ? I honestly haven’t ever experienced anything Nemesis or Nessus-like from him.
    My question is: how can I send you my information (the birthplace, birthdate, birthtime of the two of us), so you could take a look at our Synastry chart and tell me weather we are just an overall good match or not? Weather we are gonna end up together or not…?

    Please, that would mean a lot to me, because there is nobody on these psychological forums that respond with such an enthusiasm and expertise as you. I have been reading your texts and they are fascinating to me. I like how you put so much attention to asteroids. You are my favorite astrologer. ? Waiting for your response…

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you so much for the lovely words, my Friend. You truly made my day. I would have to schedule you for a chart reading and at this moment, I have a waiting list, so it may be a while. I am very sorry, my dear Friend. I hope you are not mad at me!

      1. amiannDarkWarrior7

        No, I am not mad at you at all. I understand. That is your job and no wonder you are booked, because other people have recognized the same things in you, like I did.
        But I would really appreciate a reading from you whenever you are free. So go ahead, put me on a waiting list, so that I will get a reading someday. I am really excited and looking forward to it! Thank you! God bless you! πŸ™‚

          1. amiannDarkWarrior7

            Ok! Perfect. That will be around my birthday! πŸ™‚ Talk to you then. And thank you. Once again.

  9. amianngrace

    Hello, again πŸ™‚ I would like to try the name asteroid thing but unfortunately (and strangely) there isn’t an asteroid named simply Grace… so I was wondering what should I do. there is Gracehsu, Gracekelly and graz. so do I just go with one of those? i did try looking for my last name (hill) and i found it… but, I want to do this asteroid thing with my family so that shouldn’t count, right?

  10. amianngrace

    also i looked up my mom’s name and it conjuncts my 9th house cusp exactly and is two degrees from my Saturn…not surprising. when I read that Saturn is represented by your father I always felt that it was mom my mom that was Saturn like. (P.S. her Saturn conjuncts my 12th house)

  11. amiannAmy001

    Hello. I have this guy who has in his natal chart my name asteroid conj nemessis, conj my descendant. Also he is plutonian type(pluto in scorpio conj his name asteroid and op his sun, eros). His Pluto trine my moon, sextile my sun, venus, my pluto is 150 degrees his mars. Also lots of chiron aspects (sextiles and trines)his lilith – bml – conj his N.Node and conj my I.C., my South node conj his karma. His name asteroid in my chart conj my moon in 6 house.
    Is an obssesive kind of thing (for me – I have Pluto transit to my Capricorn ascendant at 22 degrees…)
    Is crazy…

  12. amiannAmy001

    Oh, I forgot about his nessus conj my karma in cancer ( his is pluto dominant, I am moon- moon in cancer- and jupiter – in sagit. )
    In our composite we have a cancer stellium (sun, juno, venus, mercury, vesta, sappho, moon, lust, all in cancer) . Also in our composite his name is conj nessus…and chiron conj NNode

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      YES, sounds like a lot going on! With the Nemesis, you would be the enemy.His name asteroid conj your Moon would be very intimate.I can see how this would be very obsessive especially with the Pluto aspects!

  13. amiannkat

    His name asteroid in his chart conjunct his name asteroid in my chart EXACT. Also my name asteroid conjuncts his maniac and his name ast in his charts conjuncts my north node. Also my name asteroid in his chart opposes his juno plus his name is in my 7th house. i hope you will understand what i wrote since i am experiencing mercury on saturn and pluto transit haha πŸ™‚

  14. amiannfleshprison13

    Hahaha I just did a search for my most recent “love” and she is in scorpio (6th house) Conjunct my Venus AND mars, Trine my moon,opposed my Ascendant

    which in turn is now part of a HUGE stellium that encompasses my 6 &7th houses which includes such greats as Lucifer, Black moon Lily, Somnium, Serene, Erda,, Eurynome, Orpheus, Juno and Ceres ….Ironically (or perhaps not at all) I meet her at work

    oh BTW what do you make of Dick opp Saturn ? lol my heads are at odds ? LMFAO

  15. amiannKani

    His name asteroid conjuncts my name asteroid in his chart. Both oppose his venus. Another his name asteroid (i have two for both of us which resonate ) conjuncts my BML exact and my other name asteroid conjuncts his Mars

      1. amiannKani

        How would you interpret personal name asteroid conjunct mars in synastry? Do I make him angry ? I can definitely feel his name conj my BML. He definitely awakens my inner sex demon hahaha

  16. amiannElle

    His name trine my Moon / conjunct my Chiron, and yes, loving him is so painful but I feel so emotionally close to him at the same time.

    My name also square his Neptune. I brought him confusion?

  17. amiannElle

    How do we read name asteroids in Synastry, because we will each have 2 names from our Natals, so total 4 in Synastry comparison.

    Read all 4? Or his name from his Natal and my name from my Natal?

  18. amiannD

    I am intersted in astrology since youth , learned from my old aunt – but only since a view years discovered and the asteroids and yes is amazing or awful reg Names – Nemesis-Nessus. By my experience I cannot say there is a rule but there is always something hurtful going on. I think important is the awareness , thanks to astrology we can notice that if possible in advance and if we notice late it helps us to heal and understand our wounds.

    Natal : My Mothers NEMESIS + ATROPOS conduct my NEMSIS + EXCALIBUR .
    She destroyed my private liefe whenever she could, she is toxic mum …and scapegoating until today she became 90 , in the family . I quitted contact since around 10years .
    She envied me son ! As self educating mom I gave him often to her when I had to work …the biggest mistake in my life . Even she damaged my youth , told bad things to me – always when nobody else with us …. I always thought keep on being social and diplomatic optimistic that she one day wakes up …. she was behind my son like a unhealthy lover , told him bad things about me and to me that I am not a good mom and all this did finally splitting my son .
    I told him to stay away …i did fight many many many years … :
    my NAME “D” in my son’s natal is conjuncting my others progressed NEMESIS.

    On my NEMESIS is conjunct the name “E” in my 10th.
    I had to give a lady confidential the power over a company bec I was 7 years in bad health /burnout and auto-immun-problem and other business was destroyed by a false accuse and sabotage of a supplier…just bec they envy what i built up as self-educating mom in 30 years.
    It took 7 years. The lady “E” tried to gain power over this rescue-company and spent money not confirmed , gas lightning me with false informations , making me fear reg law … just abusing my misery .
    What I learned is to learn about the subject / energy behind Nemesis and Nessus – otherwise we always run again in the enemy . My mother is my enemy …and well every kid holds on to its mom, even if the mom is toxic …. it hurts to cut all contact finally … and most to see that enemy-energy , but only if we overcome that, we become master of our life.
    My son did run away bec all that trouble tensions , with a false girl, her chiron conjunct his sun, her name in my natal conjunct her chiron and his sun.
    My sons name conjunct my NorthNode, Fortuna, Deucalion, Loving in 9th.
    I know one day and possible in 2019 we will meet and come in peace, getting over all this past .

    There are more subjects with my moms name and my fathers name , yes names work, to my experience it sometimes works this way or contrair.

    Patience Love and Light to all of you


  19. amiannLili

    My name is in bf’s 6th house capricorn conjunct hera and kaali exact, vulcano 1 degree and his sun 5 degrees. What do you think about that? Thanks

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Honestly,just these asteroids in his 6th house don’t tell us much. You need things in close aspect to personal things in his chart like the Moon and ASC.

  20. amiannEltra

    I’m late to the party – I’ve only just now discovered PNA’s.
    There’ve been 3 prominent guys (romantic/friends) in my life.

    1st guy was really sweet in the beginning, but eventually abused me in every way possible and has left very prominent and painful wounds -> Namesake asteroid squares my mars (gemini), pluto (saggitarius) and chiron (saggitarius). He manipulated me, made me think I wanted/caused it myself and in the end, it only benefited him.

    2nd guy healed a set of wounds 1st guy had caused and basically taught me a lot and gave me a lot of happiness, but our relationship/friendship both imploded. -> Namesake asteroid conjunct my venus, jupiter and saturn in taurus. He gave me a lot of insight in myself, and how I should be treated by a (romantic) partner, I think that the loads of love, lessons and luck comes from him conjunct my jupiter and saturn, and the huge amount of love in a short amount of time from the venus conjunction.

    3rd guy was/is a crush that has had a lot of impact on my life, and he feels very distant but loving/protective. No relationship has come from it. -> Namesake asteroid trines my sun (gemini), moon (aquarius), venus (taurus) and neptune (aquarius). I know that we were always seen as ‘dramatic’ or theatrical when talking, and he’s basically understood me on every level (which I think comes from the sun/moon/venus trine asteroid and his placements – Aquarius sun, Taurus moon)

    Right now I’m kind of in the phase of looking at the future – being a bit cheesy and seeing if anything could indicate friendships reigniting/relationships (re)starting, so this was a really fun article to give some more insight!

  21. amiannVivian

    Hey great post!

    I actually have been playing around with name asteroids for a while now

    My mom’s name is on my ascendant, and I can see how she has somewhat molded me into the person I am today or try to control my expression.

    My dad’s name is conjunct my I.C and since he left, I had deep emotional scars, my doctor once thought I needed to see a psychologist

    a very close friend has her name conjunct my sun and neptune and I say there is no one like her. she is so giving and loving to me

    a guy who I always thought was suspicious and secretive had his name conjunct my Scorpio

    my brother’s name is in Gemini which is my 11th house and he is a gemini

    my grandma name is in Virgo and she is one

    my aunt name is in the 9th house and she is over seas

    so yea there is some truth there

    I have been endlessly trying to find past love names but no luck

  22. amiannStarstruck

    Hi ami!
    It’s truly amazing what you mention about name asteroids. Mine is #448, it’s my name and fave number 4, double that gives you 8, which is my birthday! 😳Also my Julian day has 448 in the sequence and most of all my planets in my birth chart! Like my sun is 17Β° sidereal gmt time is 14 : 04 : 48..😲 The delta T when I was born 58.45.. I really can’t wait to find symbolism behind the sign scorp (besides it being in hse 8 or 9) the intense passion & the “2nd marriage” hse and the degrees 6Β°29 because I know there must be one the way its going!

  23. amiannEleni

    Eleni Friday 9 October 2020
    Hi Ami! πŸ’–
    I have
    Somnium conjuct Moon 3Β° 24′
    Somnium conjuct Mars 1Β° 59′
    Somnium conjuct North Node 0Β° 4′
    Somnium conjuct Venus 1Β° 46′
    I have many lusid conscious dreams.

  24. amiannAlex

    his name asteroid (also not a common name but exact name is an asteroid) is perfectly, within .02 degrees with my Chiron. Most painful heartbreak of my life, and I work with him. I felt I recognized him from a past life immediately without even speaking to him, but it seems that we will never even be friends, let alone rekindle the relationship. Sometimes I feel like I am doomed to have this haunt me forever it’s so painful even though years have past, any ideas?

  25. amiannBoris Mendeleev

    I have met someone with her name, in her chart, on my Descendant. And my name, in my chart, on her Descendant. *Hello* She is Capricorn Sun and Asc, I’m Cancer Sun and Asc. She has 5 Capricorn planets & Asc on my Saturn & Dsc. She is one full Saturn younger than me. Her 2 Rx planets are in Cancer 7th, my only Rx planet, Saturn, is in Cap 7th. And plenty of other off-the-wall synastry.

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