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How Did I Get My Name—–My Christian Psychic

There is a long story, maybe, as to how I got my name. First of all, prior to this, I had thrown away any books on the “New Age”, of which I had an entire library. I threw away all my Astrology books, as well. A Messianic Jewish rabbi told me that all these things were occult and from the dark side. I accepted that. However, after I lost my son, I prayed to God to do with me what He would. Then, I heard a voice at 3 AM that told me to study Astrology. I prayed for three weeks for God to tell me that this was from Him. I prayed for Him to order my steps.

After a year of studying Astrology and feeling that God was directing my path, I felt that I was supposed to do more. I went to a web designer to set up a website. He said that he had a great name for me–My Christian Psychic. I felt that this was supposed to be my name. I have an outreach to the New Age. Very few Christians are part of New Age communities. I am. I bring the message of Jesus to New Age communities( and to anyone who will listen)

So, I started my website. People ask me how I can be a psychic and be a Christian. I am not a psychic, in the classic sense. I am a Born Again Christian/Messianic Jew who gets information from God, as can all Born Again Christians. I do have an excellent connection with God and can know things that will happen. The Bible tells us that we should know things to come, so there is nothing occult about that.

However, my name does cause people to ask questions, so I thought I would answer them in this article.

2 thoughts on “How Did I Get My Name—–My Christian Psychic

  1. amiannPatti

    Hi, you came up in a search I did today. I totally resonate with this post. I started a spiritual journey 3 years ago after 27 years as an evangelical Christian. My constant prayer has been “Please don’t let me be deceived.” I bet we could talk for hours!

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