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If God is a God of Love Why Can’t Gay People Get Married as Heterosexuals Can?–Part Three

To answer the question, one must have the three postulates in mind. The Bible is God’s Letter to Man. God is above us. God is our Beloved Father. We are His beloved children. One must believe that God is a God of love. The Bible says God is Love. God’s Nature is pure love. Hence, we follow what God tells us to do. We follow by faith as one would listen to a beloved earthly father.

God does not allow for homosexual behavior. God does not hate gay people. God does not allow for sex outside of marriage in the same way as God does not allow for sex between two men. Why would God prevent two people who love each other from being together? The same answer would be for the girl who wanted to have sex before marriage. God does everything out of love for us and care for our welfare.

A gay man may ask,” I love this man. What is wrong with my marrying him?” The answer would be the same for a heterosexual who wanted to have sex outside of marriage. We honor God with our bodies. We honor God with our lives. You may say that the whole thing seems foolish and antiquated. I agree. It does. A true believer in Jesus follows God out of love. It is not that hard when you love God with every fiber of your being. I hope I do not lose dear friends from writing this.

15 thoughts on “If God is a God of Love Why Can’t Gay People Get Married as Heterosexuals Can?–Part Three

  1. amiannDL

    so god does not want people to be gay and if one cannot follow he isnt a true beliver in gods love…

    i dont even know how to begin to anwser this….

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes Darling. I know it was a shock to see. My dear gay friend asked me this question. I follow the Bible as God’s Word. I love you both too much to lie even if I lose people 🙁

  2. amiannDL

    after taking some time out to think about this i think that if people do wish to belive in god according to THIS belief then they should not get married

    but faith in god is not written in stone and everyone can take it to their own interpretation….. in my belief when god made people they were stupid and unaware that god actually existed untill they ate the apple so they loved one another and god knew that and allowed them to live like that in peace

    so love towards another will always beat love towards god anytime in my opinion and if gay people want to get married they should do so freely….whats the point to have faith in a god that forbids love between two persons just becuse of sex?

    but im getting too preachy

    i have to say that the fact you wrote whats on your mind no matter how bad it may sound is admirable but i have to say i disagree with your opinion

    no harsh feelings though 🙂

    although im gay and this article doesent seem right to me i still know you are a tolerant and good
    person and you have every right to write your opinion without being judged

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Oh You sweet thing DL. I love you and another dear gay friend. I would never say anything demeaning to you or him. I know you know that and thank you DL <3 <3 <3

  3. amiannmirage29

    I’m a straight female. I have a hard time with “religion” and the cruelty it can inflict in the Name of Jesus, and Righteousness.

    And, I’m not going to abandon you for having your own opinion, AmiAnn. You’re a good person. I’m sorry if people have done that to you.

    I’ve heard real-world abuse horror stories. I COMPLETELY sympathize and understand the WHY of gayness and I have zero qualms about their lifestyle. As humans, they deserve to feel safety in their own protected world. Let GOD be the judge.

    Church-people who should have been protecting them, knew about the abuse that was happening, and friggin ALLOWED it. Church sanctioned. They stand on their man-created rules and philosophy (dogma) and turn their heads away— from decency, morality and human compassion. The inhumanity issue is their darkest secret sin… “The Church” needs Jesus / Messiah NOW more than ever; He’ll judge the righteousness …. good and bad.

    Churchy-Christianity (June 2012) of today is akin to the concept of astrological out-of-bound planets. These ‘folk’ have lost it! They don’t know what it [i]really[/i] means to be christian members of the earthly society at large.

    Corrupt institutional shirts let money, thirst for personal power and comfort be their gods. They crush and batter the broken people sitting in the pews, trusting their leader; obedience; submission. They USE broken people to source their own perverted filthy lifestyles—money, physical bodies. They demand finances from starving people on government assistance, and TELL them it’s their own fault because something is “wrong” with their “giving”?! Puh…!!
    These are the Ministers of Unrighteousness the Bible talks about; ministers who claim to have the zeal and apostolic approval of God?? N-OHH! These are FALSE ministers. It’s time for them to go!

    Mother Therese of Calcutta was severely criticizied for being a catholic nun who refused to stand for religious dogma (birth control, abortion).

    “Being different does not make you wrong. It makes [them] different….” ? :heart:

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      This is so weird, but I don’t SEE what someone is. I don’t care about gender preference, race, ethnicity etc. In fact, I forget about it to the point that I am surprised when someone has to remind me he is gay, as did my friend, a while ago. I just see people as who they are—people. The outside is just that—the outside. Yep, I don’t go to church. I can’t take it. Some people like it, but it is too fake for me, or the ones I have been to. I don’t have much to do with “typical” religious people. I just want God to make me the best He can and I want to serve Him. That is between Him and me. I don’t need a church to come in between that xx

  4. amiannBiblea

    I know why you wrote this article
    You have no explanation for this
    That’s why u are hoping to find answers
    Your premise here is not strong and not sincere

    It’s mockery

      1. amiannYes

        She means that you didnt answer the questrion you posed. listening to Gods orders just for that fact doesnt make sense.. you didnt unravel the real reason why homosexuals arent allowed to be together.. you didnt becauser you dont know.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          According to the Bible,homosexuality is considered a behavioral choice, not a genetic or inherent trait as society now says. I wrote this for a gay friend of mine who asked me this question. Then, he never talked to me again lol

    1. amiannmarlena

      I agree with your post. I can understand why you did not go deeper, as not to offend anyone. We all are sinners, that love God, and God loves us, and God knows we are sinners. Not only that but God knows what trials and tribulations in our lives, that we will have to overcome to make it into heaven. God knows what choices that we will make before we make them, but he gives us the choice to choose. In this life there are many choices that we will have to make, and they all will lead to consequences. Those consequences can either be good, bad or indifferent. But the choices will have consequences, regardless. In this life, my life, I had to choose betwixt being a psychic or not use those talents at all, as using them have consequences, and not using them have consequences too. I chose the later, out of fear of not being able to reach my goal, which is heaven. Just know not everyone will make it in to heaven, but the ones who at least give it a conscious effort, have a better chance of reaching that goal, than the ones that will not even consider it.

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