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The Good, Bad and the Ugly of Saturn in Synastry

Most things in life have the good, the bad and the ugly about them. Why not Astrology, unless you are one of those astrological weenies who think everything has to be good, good, good? *Sigh* Show me what area of life is good, good, good. Case closed. Onto the subject of Saturn in synastry.

First of all, one must understand the role of Saturn. Saturn is like a stern father. He makes you work for your grades. He makes you work for your allowance. He makes you eat your vegetables. He tells you to maintain a good reputation. This is Saturn in good aspect, which is the trine and the sextile. Now, for the hard aspects, we have the same father, but he has a very critical bent. He may be the kind of father who faults you for an A because he will, only, accept an A plus. This father may veer onto the nasty abusive side, simply because demanding too much of a person is nasty and abusive. Hence, when one sees Saturn in a Square, Opposition or Conjunction, think of the TOO CRITICAL FATHER. Just a note, with Saturn, the conjunction is considered a hard aspect. With some planets the conjunction is a positive/good aspect. With some planets, it is a hard aspect. Also, one can use the trine description for the sextile. The sextile needs to be developed and nurtured, whereas the trine comes as an effortless gift. However, both are gifts.Let’s discuss several planets in synastry with Saturn.


With the Sun/Saturn conjunction, the Saturn person may assume a strong parental role with the Sun person. The Saturn person may tell the Sun person how to dress, eat, and conduct his affairs. I have seen this in the charts of my clients. This aspect can work in a relationship. It can be a nice aspect if both people enjoy their roles. There is nothing wrong with one partner being a kind of parent to the other, if it works for both people.

The trine is, always, an easy flow of energy.Both people, likely, feel at peace with it and comfortable with it. Hence, the Saturn person will be parental to the Sun person but it will, likely, feel warm and nurturing, not oppressive.

In this case, the Saturn person may come on too strongly for the Sun person, who may want to escape the “constant carping”. The Saturn person may feel frustrated that the Sun person won’t “obey”. The Sun person may feel burdened by the demands of the Saturn person.

This case is the hardest. The square is a locked in energy, in my opinion. With the square, the Saturn person may harp on the Sun person to be more disciplined and responsible. The Sun person may feel very frustrated and resentful. This aspect could ruin a relationship, if both people do not find a kind of ceasefire. For an off the wall example—– If Oscar and Felix of the “Odd Couple” sectioned off their apartment to an Oscar zone/messy and Felix zone/neat, that would be the kind of compromise I mean.

The Venus/Saturn aspect in the conjunction, square and opposition seems very hard to me. Venus is a gentle, kind of defenseless planet. Think of a little puppy coming over for a neck scratch. I have a little Yorkie. She is the picture of innocence, as all dogs are. She just wants to love and be loved. When all the “adult mannerisms” are wiped off of us, we are like innocent puppies. Hence, the harsh Father Saturn can really break the love spirit of the Venus.

In the close conjunction, the Venus person may shut down her heart.She may feel criticized, especially in how she expresses love, but also in what she values, such as her tastes in things, such as taste in music, clothes, home decor and even humor.


With the trine, we have the best of both worlds. Think of a really good teacher you had that was both strict and fair. At the root of the relationship was a palpable love and care for you. This would be Saturn trine Venus. The Saturn may advise the Venus, but it will be from a place of love

With this aspect, the Venus person will, likely, shut down. She may have an air of fear or defensiveness about her. No one likes to be criticized.

I can see thesquare ruining a relationship. The Saturn person may be very critical of everything the Venus person does, when it comes to personal expressions of love and personal tastes.


This is a very hard aspect because the Mars person may not ever be able to get the approval of the Saturn person for how he conducts himself i.e how he plans and reaches his goals and how he pursues all passions from career to sexuality. The Saturn person may criticize how the Mars person”chews”. The life force may be diminished or broken in the Mars person by the Saturn person.

With the trine, the Saturn person is a positive force to help the Mars person discipline himself. Each person feels happy abo

With this aspect, the Mars person may feel trodden down by the demands of the Saturn person


With this aspect, the couple would have to agree to disagree. If the Mars person wanted to work all night and sleep all day, the Saturn person would have to simply agree. If the Mars person had a high sexual drive, the Saturn person would have to find a way to compromise, not criticize. With the square, there has to be compromise and a “live and let live” attitude by both people or the square could destroy the relationship.

I have not done all the possibilities of Saturn in synastry because I eschew long articles. If you would like a Part Two, I will be happy to do so!

12 thoughts on “The Good, Bad and the Ugly of Saturn in Synastry

  1. amiannSugar

    Both me and my beloved have Venus square Saturn in our natal charts and as double whammies in our synastry chart. What should I be careful of…..In our synastry charts, there is a double whammy of Saturn trine Neptune. My saturn trine his Moon. Another double whammy. Sun sextile Saturn….What does it indicate….Thank you Ami. I am drawn to how you express yourself.

  2. amiannSugar

    Thank you so much, Ami, for the opportunity to ask you questions. What does Venus square Saturn as double whammies in our synastry chart indicate? How do we keep it from ruining our relationship….What aspects in ourselves should we look out for….

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      This is hard but if people have it in the natal, it will be easier. This could make you critical of how you each dress, your tastes in things from music to furniture and also, could mess with the feeling of being attracted to the styles of each other. As I said, if you both have it in the natal, it will be easier. Also, maybe good things in the Composite could modify it too

      1. amiannSugar

        Thanks for your reply, Ami! You make me feel so good, lighter and relieved! The more room we give ourselves to grow in our relationships (through hard aspects), the more room there is for wisdom to emerge. I am a psychic apprentice and the astrological knowledge I have gained through your website has helped me serve many clients. I am truly grateful to you. You explain complex concepts honestly and so beautifully. Hugs!

  3. amiannRachel

    It may be way too long for an answer here: but I have my natal Saturn is at 11 Scorpio, and I have noticed a pattern whereby many significant people in my life have a planet that conjuncts that point (ranging from exact to within 4 degrees). These include some of the most challenging and painful relationships of my life (including my mom, who has her Mars conjunct my Saturn, and a man who I loved but who did not love me back, who had his Moon in an exact conjunction with my Saturn). I get confused about why I experience so much criticism from the other person in these dynamics, since everything I read suggests that the Saturn person is the one is harms the other. I also get confused about why so many significant relationships touch on this point. Is it possible these are past-life soul group relationships? Have you ever gotten this question before? Do you have any suggestions about where to learn more?

  4. amiannKay

    My stepfather was saturn trine my sun yet the description for the harsh was accurate. He was incredibly bullying, controlling and abusive. There was nothing nurturing as he was always overbearing with me, not his daughter. He also sexually abused me too. All i can figure is some ppl are genetically depraved or evil where astrology does not apply or they are so unevolved or unethical, they express all aspects in an inappropriate or worst way, no matter what they are. I think genetics is often overlooked when that is just as important or moreso when considering a persons nature and astrology is some influence.

  5. amiannKay

    This is an addon to the first post. The saturn is supposedly the more responsible one but astrology has no clue the maturity, intelligence, or ethics of the people involved. He taught me nothing good or constructive (except abuse) and he certainly did not take care of me in any decent way and made sure to treat me like a slave. He did teach me things like lying, deception, hiding evidence, threats, violence, perversion, hate, jealousy, manipulation etc from observing him and the only literal lesson he ever gave me is how to masturbate at 12 yrs old which was forced molestation. Saturn trine sun synastry. He was also a southern baptist preacher. This should be a woeful lesson to first look at the persons genetics and natal before anything else as it wont always play out textbook definition. His natal shows a very unevolved person with megalomania with very few aspects and his soul vedic chart indicates heavy rakshasa leaning (demonic). Western astrology focuses on the abstract aspect while vedic considers the qualitative aspect of the soul of the person you are dealing with.

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