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Guidelines for the Upcoming Retrograde Transits

Guidelines for the Upcoming Retrograde Transits

Joshua R. Wozniak

Alright, so here is what I have to say about the upcoming retrograde transits. As Esteves has said , it all depends. This isn’t new to you, Ami. I’m sure.

The general consensus amidst the community is that — and each planet does retrograde each year — these periods are when things start to go haywire. We are thereby called to take a good look, to step back, and to review the underlying themes present in our lives involving these planetary forces.

For Venus this is love, but also money, & business, and much like Mercury, communications. Though, these haywire happenings do not necessitate negative experiences. They can be wonderful, enlightening periods of growth and personal advancement. Still, the advice is the same. Do not make rash or hasty decisions concerning these energies. Beginning new projects or starting a new business is warned against. This calls for time to reflect, strategize, and plan, but not to act impulsively. Make staying grounded, and centering yourself a priority. And if this is normally a struggle for you, developing this skill during this time is a good idea

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