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HELP——- I Just Met This Great Guy( or Girl) and I Don’t Know Anything About The Charts

This is a quick run down of the good( and bad) of Venus—the Planet of Attraction

Venus Signs

Aries-–Men Won’t Chase. Woman Never Let up

Taurus—Sweeties in Both Sexes

Gemini–a Terrible Flirt

Cancer–He is a Homebody. He loves a Home Cooked Meal and to  Curl Up and Watch a Movie about the Waltons

Leo–Vain, Be Beautiful or Cancel the Date

Virgo–Be Perfect or Cancel the Date

Libra— He is Very Refined. Don’t Do Anything Coarse such as make an off color joke or burp

Scorpio–Be Sexy or Cancel the Date. Look like you are wearing black silk under that tasteful dress.

Saggitarius-–Be Full of Fun. Never be a Downer. Make Life a Continual Party

Capricorn–Let Him Know You are Rich. Wear expensive jewelry and tell him they are your grandmother’s heirlooms.

Aquarius—Don’t Get Too Close. Never Do PDA( Public Displays of Attention) He likes lots of space. Act like you are already taken.

Pisces–Be mystical. Talk about the Afterlife. Read him poetry


9 thoughts on “HELP——- I Just Met This Great Guy( or Girl) and I Don’t Know Anything About The Charts

  1. amiannJane

    I love it. I love to talk endlessly and be friends first. I always keep an open mind. I don’t like boring people. I want an intellectual and funny guy. It’s exactly conjunct my descendant. I am slow to decide if I want to be with one person or not until they’re no longer around. It totally contradicts my Cancer Sun and Taurus Moon.

  2. amiannJane

    I meant sorry grammar sucks, not my first language. I’m slow to decide if I want to be with that one person. I’d still like to find out what I am missing out on so I don’t like being in a relationship right away. But if I’m in love, I’m loyal as long as he is smart and not boring.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I have seen that relentlessness but after you get them. Aries Moon seems to really back off as it does not seem comfortable sustaining that chase mode lol

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