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Help—-I Know Nothing About The Charts and I Want To See If We Have Soul, Together

165869_374463989286725_1847308500_nHere I come, to the rescue. If you have read any of my articles, you know I am a moon freak. When it comes down to that soul mate connection that we all want, we have to look at moons. I am going to give a simple guide for the very beginner. Many people cannot afford to go to a professional Astrologer. The online, mechanized charts are just that: mechanized. I strive to help you find your own information and to empower you to learn from your own charts. This article is for that purpose.

First of all, we want to look for the ultimate soul mate aspect,moon trine moon. The trine is 120 degrees. Trines are always the same element. My Moon is 8 Cancer, so my trined Moons are 8 Pisces and 8 Scorpio. I can feel this in a relationship, male or female. Once you begin to feel this aspect, you will recognize it. Any loss of a moon trine moon friend is a hard thing. I have lost one, several months ago, and I recently encountered him and I felt that pang. It was a platonic friend. There is a recognition between moon trine moon people, in that they really have found that “other”. So, for the beginner, moon trine moon must be the same element, In my case, it is water. The degrees must be exact to about 7 degrees. One could go to 10 degrees, but it would be more ambient. With degrees, every degree counts, as to the strength. You will feel the difference, if you start to pay attention. You can look at your own chart and compare a 10 degree aspect to an exact one and you will see what I mean.

Moon sextile moon would be the exact same as moon trine moon, but a bit buried. The trine is an effortless gift. The sextile is a buried gift. With a little effort and attention, you can dig it up and have close to what moon trine moon has. I would say that a sextile will give you 65-70% of what a trine will. The trine stands alone as an effortless, unearned gift. This holds true for the natal chart, as well as synastry. The sextile is 60 degrees. So, it is 2 signs away, basically. ( Sometimes planets can be out of sign and this can be more complicated, but that is not applicable to our simple study of the subject) So, you can count 2 signs in either direction and find your sextiled moon. For me, my cancer Moon at 8 degrees Cancer would be sextile to Virgo Moon at 8 degrees and a Taurus Moon at 8 degrees.

Moon conjnct moon makes for best friends and soul mate lovers, as you are have the same heart. This is a lovely aspect, but you may be too close, at times, and no one can detach and pull back and assess the situation. However, this is a small issue, when you share hearts. Again, the conjunction could be from exact to 7-10 degrees and would behave accordingly.




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2 thoughts on “Help—-I Know Nothing About The Charts and I Want To See If We Have Soul, Together

  1. amiannGib

    So you don’t find anything special with Moon opposite Moon that’s good?

    I have a Cancer ♋ Moon and have many Capricorn ♑ moon friends and a few sweetheart crushes.

    I’m a Pisces ♓ sun, so there’s a Sun Moon sextile with those Capricorn Moon people.

    I have a Scorpio ♏ moon trine my Cancer Moon in my batch of attractions, but as you mentioned elsewhere, the Scorpio moon can be too intense and for me can be too secretive even with an almost exact trine.

    Opposite Capricorn moons might seem like emotional sticks in the mud at times but easier than Capricorn moons for some reason.

    Squares and no aspect moons seem the hardest.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I hear you, Gib. I LOVE opposite Moons in friends but not in romantic. They do not, essentially, understand you imo. They are opposite so can really help in a close friendship, though. I am attracted to Cappy moons in friends and many seem to be this Moon.

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