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Will He Come Back?

3. Is he a sociopath?

I get this question more than you might imagine. I have my point of view, which may be wrong. I think Jupiter is the main planet in the chart of a sociopath. One man told me that he was a sociopath, as were both of his parents. His chart had EVERY single planet making a square or an opposition( the red lines) to Jupiter, except for Neptune. He was an artist. Another man had every planet making a square or opposition to Jupiter except for Uranus. This man would, probably, say he was a sociopath, if I spoke to him about it. I have a girlfriend who says she was born a sociopath. However, she has only 3 hard aspects to Jupiter. To me, I don’t think she is. Childhood abuse can shut down empathy and this can lead to a personality disorder.( If a person were born with a Personality Disorder, God can heal it, as God can heal anything in the New Birth. That is the point of the new birth.)

In my looking at the charts of people who said they were sociopaths, I do not, always, see a full 5th House, as I do in the charts of players. This is interesting, as many sociopaths are very charming and have lots of short term romances. However, their life may not be defined by short term romance, as are the players.

An Astrologer must look at the moon, when (s) he is trying to answer the question, “Is he a sociopath?” I think that the moon, would need to have one or more hard aspects. I have seen Moon square Mars in several of the charts of sociopaths. Moon square Mars can be likened to Venus trine Moon, but in a very opposite way. I will explain. The Moon is one’s mother, females in general and one’s own feminine nature. With Venus trine moon, the man loves woman and is in touch with his feminine nature. With moon square mars, the man, often, does not like woman. Let me say this straight out, he does not like woman. People may argue. I trust the charts more than I trust personal accounts, as people can be( and are) in denial. Hence, a man with Moon square Mars does not like woman. Also, he may be divorced( or rejecting of) his own feminine side. The sociopath, as well as many men, reject their feminine side. The classic aspect for a man’s rejection of his feminine side would be Moon square Mars. Remember, that orbs are key. An exact Moon square Mars would be much more powerful than a 4 degree orb. Always, judge the intensity of an aspect by the closeness of an orb!!! If a woman has Moon square Mars, she rejects her feminine side, as well. Each person has both a male and female side. This would be Jung’s anima and animus.

This is just an opinion, I don’t think you would see a Cancer Moon, or a Taurus Moon, without MANY hard aspects in the chart of a sociopath. Cancer Moon is in it’s Domicile and Taurus Moon is in it’s Exaltation. The moon is one’s heart. These Moons have very tender hearts. Hence, I think that this person, when faced with childhood abuse would turn it into a different form of a Personality Disorder. I think the Moons most likely to be found in the charts of sociopaths would be Capricorn and Scorpio. These moons are in the Detriment and Fall. The Detriment and Fall positions of any planet make the planet like a squeaky wheel. It just does not work with the fluidity and ease of planets in the Domicile and Exaltation. I am not saying everyone with a Capricorn or Scorpio Moon is a sociopath, of course. I am just saying that this Moon is a hardened Moon.

Lets’ look at Mars for a moment. A “mild mannered” Mars would not be likely to be a sociopath. These would be Mars in Cancer and Mars in Pisces, but this is just my opinion. Mars in cancer is a guilt ridden and anxious Mars. Guilty 😀 Mars in Pisces cannot figure out his own goals, so he curls up with a book of poetry and forgets about it. I would think that one would find a go getter Mars in the charts of sociopaths. These would be Scorpio and Capricorn. Scorpio Mars is in it’s Domicile and Capricorn Mars is in it’s Exaltation. Aries is a powerful Mars, too. It is in it’s Domicile, as well. Mar has two rulers, as far as traditional Astrology is concerned, Aries and Scorpio. This Mars does not mean one is a sociopath, just that one can go after what he desires with forward motion.

My friend, Bea, said she has seen a weakened Sun in the charts of sociopaths. I have not noticed this, but if this were the case, I would say a Sun conjunct Neptune may fit. One could, also, look at the Sun in it’s Detriment(Aquarius) or it’s Fall (Libra).

The hallmark of a sociopath is NOT abusiveness, but lack of empathy. Hence, one cannot say that a sociopath will be abusive. One can say he will have blunted empathy, by definition of the term sociopath. My next category will be the separate category for abusive men.

With any category, such as player, sociopath or any other, the combination of individual factors is the key, not singling out the Moon, Mars or Sun etc.

I will say it again. The name of Jesus is above any name. This means that Jesus has a power greater than anything that can be labeled, on this earth. The New birth transcends any chart, any PD or any emotional( or physical) illness. One must just accept Jesus and have the faith to believe for any and all healing.



4. Is he an abuser?

For this question, one would go to Nessus. Nessus is the asteroid of abuse. It’s paired asteroid is Dejanira. Dejanira is the victim. Nessus is the abuser. If you see a hotter than hot relationship. you will find these asteroids touching each other. This has never failed to the point that when a woman( usually) calls me, in distress, I know what I will find. When these asteroids touch, people can lose their minds. When you see a normally stable person go nuts, such as a politician, media figure or even someone you know, get out your charts and look for Nessus and Dejanira. You will find them, in almost all cases.

I I have a theory on why Nessus relationships are so powerful. I think they touch one’s childhood abuse. I think when a person is abused, he associates abuse with love( unconsciously). When this person meets an abuser, love and abuse mix in a deathly, kind of explosively passionate way. A Nessus relationship has the feeling that one will, literally, die if one does not get the object of one’s affections. One feels as if one is in a drama, where one is running endlessly, in a dream, trying to find one’s lover. One feels that if one can, one can be redeemed for all time, from all pain. It is not something to be toyed with. Most Nessus/Dejanira relationships do not go the distance. They burn up, as in the adage “Too hot not to cool down”.

As for the chart of an abuser, he would need a strong Mars, as he will, usually pursue, and usually in a hot and heavy manner. Strong Mars are Scorpio, Capricorn and Aries. Many abusive men have cardinal Ascendents. The Cardinal signs are leaders and go getters. I would look for hard aspects between Saturn and Pluto, as these are said to indicate cruelty. I am talking about the natal chart, now, but this holds true for synastry, too. A man may hold a woman with a strong grip, figuratively, if his Saturn conjuncts her Mars. He may be a “disciplinarian” if his Saturn conjuncts any of her personal planets( Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars or Venus). What I mean by this, is that he may put her down, make her submissive and try to quell her fire. It is funny because I was feeling this kind of thing from someone in my life and sure enough, there was his Saturn in an exact conjunction to one of my personal planets. I can’t even remember which one, now. However, when you feel this kind of dominant, sneering, contempt, check his Saturn. It will be conjunct something big in your chart.

I will be back to finish








5 thoughts on “Will He Come Back?

  1. amiannJak

    Hi Ami, I loved this series! Thank you! Also I loved (and did have a chuckle over) your ending ‘I will be back to finish’. I’m thinking this may be your Gemini nature 🙂 I absolutely LOVE Geminis! And you know what? You are an inspiration for me! I was just saying to someone how I love that you might not finish something but you keep on writing all your other articles. I can get stuck when I don’t complete something. And then my drive just seems to splutter and come to a stand still. So you can see why you’re an inspiration. You just do it. And the other reason you’re an inspiration is I love the simple in a nut shell easy way you write. Yes there may be some typos/grammatical errors sometimes but it doesn’t end up mattering because your style is fun and easy to read. Addictive reading = ‘simply adorable’ 🙂 So by doing this you help me feel inspired to take action with what I want to do, even if it’s not perfect with every t crossed. Because (when I read material like yours) I know that’s not what makes it shine anyway. In other words, instead of wrestling over perfection just let it out, let it shine and you do that PERFECTLY 🙂

    (LOL perhaps my compliment seems a little OT but very sincere I assure you. I’m just one for thinking that if I have thought a compliment about someone I should share it instead of keeping it to myself. Because I know this life deals out so much negatives and criticisms into peoples lives – why should people make it worst for each other by keeping the positives to themselves? That would make us compliment scrooges. Compliments are definitely best said! 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      LOL I have many articles like that. It is the earth void. It really is bad.I keep telling myself I should edit but then I get distracted lol–that is the Gemini.

  2. amiannMagnolia

    I will just ask straight forward kindly and in despair, I have been endlessly searching and suffering to why I’ve been through the most pain ever w this man I’ve dated for 5years, yet I’ve poured my heart, extended my love and empathy and will to make things right to my own exhaustion and his absolute refusal in a consistent gaslighting manner. I’ve studied the natal charts best my brain can for the past year and I know I’m missing something obvious but struggling to focus in on what my gut and intuition says he’s keeping secrets behind my back even tho I’ve told him I will forgive and forget all if we can be honest in full completeness. I get nothing and in response. Until I make contact again and don’t bring anything up. There is some undeniable energy between us, but I’ve seen and had material and physical possessions of mine taken away from me when we’ve been together or when he’s done disloyal things behind my back. I can offer our charts if you’d find it so in ur energy to guide me.

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