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“Will He Come Back?” ” Does He Feel The Same Way?”———Questions to an Astrologer Part Two

In this article I want to pose some of the kinds of questions I get and, then, answer them. That should be fun and interesting.

1. Does he really care for me or is he just using me?

For this question, I would go right to the moons. If a relationship is going to persist with that soul to soul kind of feeling that we all want, the moons must be in good relationship. My favorite moon aspect is moon trine moon, as you probably know. Moon trine moon makes the people different, but very compatible. Moon conjunct Moon is my second favorite moon aspect. In the case of Moon conjunct Moon, the people are very similar. This is wonderful, but I prefer the compatibility of two people coming together with their differences, as two halves making a whole.

At any rate, both aspects are wonderful. Let me describe how they feel. Do you remember meeting your childhood best friend? You may have been in first grade or junior high but you kind of fell in love with this marvelous person to whom you could tell secrets and giggle. This is both moon trine moon and moon conjunct moon. One can never make this kind of intimacy without the moons. It is impossible, in my humble opinion. Moon trine moon and moon conjunct moon are gifts. I am sure you have had them with someone. It is said that true intimacy is from the head up and not the waist down. These two moon aspects are true intimacy. If the couple has this, I would say that he is not using her.

2. Is he a player?

For a player, even if you have moon trine moon or moon conjunct moon, don’t count on anything. Players do settle down. Look at Warren Beatty, but he broke a lot of hearts along the way. I am sure many woman wanted to be ” the one”. Identifying a player’s chart will come in handy. At least, you can be forewarned, even if you will not listen( as most people won’t in the throes of passion).

The player’s chart will, likely, have a full fifth house. The fifth house is the house of romance, short affairs and fun and creativity. Leo is the ruler of the fifth house. Leo is the natural child of the Zodiac. Think of that stage of childhood when the child dances around the room with the pure joy of being alive. That is the spirit of the fifth house. The player wants to have fun,first and foremost. When YOU are done being fun, you are done. Sex is the main deal with a player.

I want to talk a bit about the House Rulers for the planets in the fifth house. Players seem to have the Rulers of the 5th, 8th, 7th and/or 10th Houses in the fifth House. Why this is so seems to be that the player subsumes the activity of these houses into “playing”. The 5th house would be the case because a House Ruler in it’s own house strengthens it. The 8th house is the soul mate house. the player does not care about soul mates and it’s ruler placed in the fifth shows this. The 7th House is the marriage house. The player does not care about marriage and it’s house ruler in the 5th shows this. The 10th house is career and it’s house ruler in the 5th shows that the player does not care much about this. If all these House Rulers are in the 5th, put your shoes on fast and flee.

A player must have a charm aspect(s). If not, he could not get woman. The strongest charm aspect is Venus trine Moon. Not all Venus trine Moon people are players, but all are charming. All love woman and all are in touch with their feminine sides. This man could go shopping with you( and help you pick out a pair of jeans) He will, even, let you try on 20 pair. This man can talk on the phone, for hours, like your girlfriend. However, he does not lose his masculinity. That is quite a feat, but he can do it. I don’t know another aspect that can. Venus trine Moon is just an outstanding aspect and spells C-H-A-R-M.

There are other charm aspects. Ceres is the asteroid of unconditional love. I had an experience with a woman’s Cere’s conjunct my stellium. This woman was a sociopath and a tough cookie. She was very warm and nurturing with me. I checked the charts and there was her Ceres conjunct my Gemini stellium. The point of Ceres is that it is very powerful, when placed in a pivotal point in a player’s chart because he, actually, convinces you that he loves you, unconditionally, and we are all susceptible to that. My favorite aspect for Ceres is Pholus conjunct Ceres and I have seen this in two player’s charts. Pholus explodes what it touches. Ceres is unconditional love, so you can imagine the power of this aspect in a sexy guy’s chart.

Another classic player aspect would be Cupido . Cupido is one of those asteroids which is simple to figure out. It is trying to fool someone by making them THINK you love them, when you don’t. If a guy has Cupido conjunct the ASC, run.He will play out his Cupido, as sure as I am sitting here. He may wake up one day and decide to settle down, but before that he will wreak havoc with many, many hearts. Likewise, if Cupido conjuncts the Sun, Moon, Venus or Mars, I would take great stock in this. I have never seen a strongly Cupido chart which was not a player.

Eros may be a player aspect. If it is conjunct the ASC, the person is sexy enough to be a player, although he may not be. Eros is erotic vibes, so if it is conjunct the ASC, this person vibrates at capital “E”. My experience is that Eros conjunct a planet, such as Venus, makes the person erotic, but not, necessarily, a player.

This reminds me of something else. What Saturn conjuncts, Saturn makes obsessive. If Saturn conjuncts Cupido or Eros, you may have someone obsessed with these energies and that could translate to player.


You, already, knew that but his life is about sex, sex, sex. If you are involved with this kind of guy and the sex wanes( and it, always, will) expect him to leave and shut the door behind him, permanently. We deal in realities, on this website. Truth is love.



33 thoughts on ““Will He Come Back?” ” Does He Feel The Same Way?”———Questions to an Astrologer Part Two

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, Jane, I made it simple for the purposes of teaching and enjoyment of reading. I cannot answer your question from those few bits of info. I would have to see a whole chart. People have free will, too, which I tried to make clear at the end. Venus trine Moon is very powerful and especially DW. Please come on my Forum and you can ask more about this, if you care to!

  1. amiannJane

    What about if the there is only one from those aspects you mentioned, ruler of the 10th house in the fifth house, will it make him a player still?

  2. amiannJane

    Oh I was wrong I meant ruler of the 8th house is in the 5th house, I also have this aspect and I read somewhere, It can also mean death of a child. My cupido squares my Asc 1 deg, Neptune and Venus 2 deg, opposition Saturn 3 deg, trines my Sun 2, Mercury 4 and Uranus 3, Sextile Chiron at 0 deg and semi square Pluto 0 deg.

  3. amiannLinda

    Hi Amiann, Thank you for your insights! I have a question: Someone has his Cupido conjunct Venus in his 10th House in his birth chart. They are conjunct my NN and Pluto in my 1st House in synastry. Do I have to run from him? Does he play with me..

  4. amiannDay

    Boy you sure are right about cupido being a player. I worked with and briefly dated a guy who was the biggest player I’ve ever met. Unfortunately, I didn’t know it at the time but he had Cupido conjunct Sun and Venus in his 2nd house of Scorpio. With a Libra Ascent and both Jupiter and Chiron in his 5th house of Aquarius. Oh, and a Gemini Moon. Talk about a beautiful smooth talking predator. He thought he was an extremely nice guy, and he didn’t see anything wrong with using his looks and charm to get a woman in bed with him and then dumping her once she started to get too serious with him. He and I argued many times over the years about how callus it was for him to do that, but he said I was being to dramatic (Venus in Leo) and overly emotional about it. That sex was just enjoyable and not to be taken seriously. He truly thought that sex for most woman did not involve emotions at all and that I was odd for thinking it did.

  5. amiannDay

    Oh, and by the way I never slept with the beautiful predator. I’m so happy I kept saying no to him, especially once I found out what he really though about love and sex. He was also married and divorced 2 x, he said after the last divorce he swore off marriage and long term relationships for good and I believe him.

  6. amiannlilfinn

    I am a huge fan of your site! I really feel like I have been in love before. But I will admit I’ve been proposed to 5 times and every time I freaked out and say “no”. The older I get the more terrified I get. I am a 35 yr old year old woman with a moon squared Venus and I think this adds a lot to my “playerness”.

    I’ve always wanted my perfect partner in crime. But I will admit, I always want fun and great sex!

  7. amiannSonia

    Wow, very interesting.
    Well what could a player be tied by? Which astroid? Union? Child? Bride?
    IF they were conj. to the other person’s planets? or ?

  8. amiannLauren

    Does this apply to women as well? Or do they attract this energy? I have Cupido, Amor and Casanova conjunct my NN, Venus and Mercury. I can’t decide if I am the player, I attract players or both.

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