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“Will He Come Back?” ” Does He Feel The Same Way?”———Questions to an Astrologer Part One

I get these and many other similar questions, as you can imagine.I wanted to write about my responses. First of all, the chart shows EVERYTHING. What do I mean by that? The chart shows how you feel. The chart shows how he feels. The chart shows if he wants to be just friends and you want more. The chart shows if there is off the charts passion. It shows who feels submissive and who feels dominant. It shows power plays. It shows men who hate woman. It shows woman who have been sexually abused. It shows relationships that are so passionate that people can lose their minds( and do). Some Astrologers do not agree with me on this, but that is why I have my own website.. I can be as honest as I want and I am 😀 However, back to the subject. The chart will show the relationship, in all it’s intricacies. All relationships are intricate and multifaceted, as are all people. Think of how complex you are and then add another person. Case closed.

Let’s take a question, “Will he come back?” First, I would look at the primal connection ( Pluto). Then, I would look at soul( Moon). I would look at attraction, as attraction plays a big role. Attraction could be a number of factors such as Moon/Pluto, Venus/Pluto or Mars/Venus. There are many more, but these are some examples. So, there would have to be some level of attraction and it MUST go both ways. There must be a solid moon connection for people to have that best friends feeling. A relationship does not “need” it for marriage, as many marriages don’t have it, but you will miss it, sooner or later, in my opinion. If you do not have moon connections, when the passion wanes( and it always does) you will have a marriage of convienence. Now, there are many combinations and permutations when you come to a synastry. The couple may have Venus trine Venus, but no moon connections. This would mean that they find each other beautiful and pleasing, but do not have a heart to heart connection.

One thing that I see which makes me pause and kind of wish I did not see it, is one person’s Chiron conjunct another person’s personal planets( Sun, moon, Mercury, Mars or Venus). When I see this, I know the relationship came together based on pain. I know that it got intense, fast. I know that it felt like it would never break up, but in most cases, it will. The breaking apart will be as sudden, as was the coming together.

Uranus based relationships share some factors with Chiron relationships, in that they start and end fast. However, they do not have the “depth” of Chiron relationships, in that you do not feel you found your soul mate, as you do in the initial stages of the Chiron relationship. Uranus relationships are more of lightning bolts, without the soul. I would call a Uranus relationship one in which one person’s Uranus aspects( closely) another person’s Sun, Moon, mars, Venus or ASC.

If we have the time of birth, we can look at Angles. Angles are the ASC, IC, DSC and MC. These are very personal points on any chart. If someone touches these point, you will have a simpatico. If a sexy planet such as Mars or Pluto touches them, you will have sexy vibes. If a soulful planet, like the moon, touches them, you will have heartfelt vibes. If Uranus touches them, you will have shake ups, as in electricity. You will hav efast beginnings and fast endings.

Another very important point is the North Node. This shows the purpose of one’s life. The Astrologer wants to look at the purpose of each person’s life and how this plays out in synastry. I have an article on the North Node in synastry. It is one of my most popular ones.Let me give a few examples. If Saturn conjuncts the NN, the Saturn person will be parental to the NN person. The theme of the relationship will be determined by this. Some people may like this. Many would not. If Chiron conjuncts the NN, the Chiron person will bring pain to the NN person. No one like this. This is one of the aspects I would run from . If Nessus conjuncts the NN, the Nessus person will bring abuse to the NN person. If Venus conjuncts the NN, the Venus person will bring love to the NN person. The NN WILL play out. Do not think you can get around it because you cannot.

However, putting the chart aside, for the moment and looking at a question such as “Will he come back?”, the Astrologer can show you the make up of your relationship i.e. of what it is composed. Think of the composition of a diamond. A gemologist can describe it in a number of ways such as weight and facets. However, the gemologist does not know what the person will DO with the diamond. The person could throw it in the river, mount it on a ring and give it to his girlfriend or donate it to a museum. These are the unknowns in the above question. The Astrologer can tell you about the composition of your relationship, but what you do with it is up to you.


5 thoughts on ““Will He Come Back?” ” Does He Feel The Same Way?”———Questions to an Astrologer Part One

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Cold Call. Well, what many Astrologers seem to take umbrage with is my feeling that some things can’t be changed. You have to make the best of them and live with them. This seems to be a politically incorrect stance.

  1. amiannanonamous

    My parents fixed my marriage with guy against my wished in month of May 2013, we were to get engaged in Aug 2013 and married on 5 Dec 2013… Though i didnt like him first once we both started talking over phone he won me over with his love………. i fell in love with him and got very attached to him. we would speak hours over phone and meet up without my parents knowledege…..

    Suddenly few weeks before engagement my parents were against him and called of our marriage and insulted him … main reason was his and my family are orthodox families and he live alone in city while his parents are in village…. he has a group of friends and he would come very late night to home and would consume alcohol and smoking without his parents knowledge to…. so my parents felt i wont be happy and called off….and someone told my parents they have lost all property etc… before this person told my parents they liked him a lot and were very happy that my marriage got fixed he would come home also.

    i love him very much i am not able live without him….. now he is not talking with me …. and his family is looking out for another girl for him to marry …..

    Plz help me , i dont know if he has feelings for me now…. i want to marry him and lead a happy married life ……also now both mine and his family and friends are against our marriage, his family likes me even now…. but they are angry and upset with what my family did.. that is hurt their ego n self respect……

    could you plz tell me if he ll come back, if yes when and when will get married and how is my future…Will he look after my parents as they dont have a son and will we both be happy

  2. amiannAngela

    I have a couple of interesting charts. This is as relationship k own as the “twin flame” garbage. A lot of obsession was involved, first by the female. There was an awful lot of psychic phenomena happening. Lots of betrayal and the female finally left, only to have the Male go off the deep end, stalking from a treehouse and trying to break in and harm. He lost his mind and now sits in jail. I wonder if you are interested in taking a peak?

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