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Henry Tudor and Anne Boleyn

henry and ann



My Venus in Gemini is fascinated how womanly wiles could change a kingdom. I am fascinated how the course of history could be changed because a woman simply teased a man. This may sound strange but it is the case, in my opinion. Anne was not very attractive. There are historical accounts and paintings which show her to be plain. I was perusing the  synastry chart and stopped at one aspect which stuck out like a black smudge on a pure white dress. Anne’s Nessus is an exact conjunction with Henry’s vertex. That one aspect compelled me to write this article.

I have  never seen a Nessus conjunct a Vertex.Nessus is abuse. The vertex is a fated point. In each chart, our Vertex will show what a person will bring to us. Never neglect this point because it is of utmost importance. It will play out.  Hence,  in this case, the Nessus person was fated to being abuse to the Vertex person. We are very fortunate to have exact birth times of both people. That allows us to study everything. I hope you will take this fascinating journey with me. I went on Amazon and greedily thought I could buy up all the books on Anne but then stood back and thought the synastry would tell me more, so here goes!

Whenever you see a couple who ride many hurdles to be together, think Moons. Great Moon synastry is rare. It is the ultimate soul mate aspect, to me, because simpatico is what we all seek. Passion wanes. Heart remains forever. Hence, I was not surprised to find an exact quincunx between Henry and Anne’s Moons. The quincunx is an interesting aspect because it is the only one with an implied promise. The promise is that one can change. One can change through transformation. The transformation could be seen  in combing the color red and the color white and  birthing a whole new color, pink.

The nature of the quincunx is that both people will emerge very different. They will have to adapt and in doing so, they will become new in ways they could not imagine. The Moon quincunx would provide a deep challenge. Anne seemed to be a deep challenge to Henry. That challenge was a huge part of her appeal. You have to remember that he could have had anyone but he moved heaven and earth for a woman who was not beautiful but who was enigmatic.

The fact that the royals have  the  exact time of birth is a thing of beauty for the Astrologer. We have to muddle through so many charts with unknown times. Many famous people alter  their time of birth, so an  Astrologer cannot know personal information. Hence, the Astrologer is in her glory when she has the correct time for both people. There is no place that we cannot go when this is the case. We can look at the Composite which shows married life. We can look at the angles which are very personal points on any chart. We can look at all asteroids and know where they fall.  Hence, I approach this chart with an excitement I do not have with unknown times.

It is interesting that Anne has her Saturn conjunct her ASC. This shows a very hard childhood in which she had to mature early. This is the aspect of the child who looks like an old man or old woman. I was surprised to see this  but the chart is the true window into the soul. Hence, we can know that Anne did not have a blessed childhood but one in which she was not allowed to be a child, at all.

Anne’s Saturn trines Pluto. This shows someone who can put her primal passions to use. If it were a square, opposition or conjunction, it could indicate cruelty. However, in a trine, it would indicate great discipline. Anne was very disciplined in how she  manipulated  Henry into  marriage, in spite of having to shake up an entire kingdom to have her way.

Henry’s Sun is quincunx to Anne’s Saturn conj the ASC. This shows us that she brought a restriction to his ego. She was the main man, so to speak. She made him her inferior, to put it VERY simply. I say all this because their accounts show this to be the case. She bossed him and she denigrated him such that people were amazed and appalled that a commoner did this to the King of England.However, in time, things changed and he murdered her, so the quincunx did transform both parties.

Henry’s Sun conjuncts Anne’s North Node. Henry made Ann shine. Henry brought Ann to the spotlight.

Henry’s Pluto trines Anne’s North Node. Henry had a powerful presence which Anne felt and she felt it in a way that made her feel empowered.

Henry’s Moon conjuncts Anne’s Uranus. I find Uranus to make an instant attraction when it makes a close conjunction. This can be a love at first sight aspect. This can be cupid sending a nuclear powered arrow. Hence, we can say there was an instant attraction on Henry’s part and it hit deep. The same was the case for Anne but she was the one who shook up Henry more than Henry shook her up.

Henry’s Jupiter conjunct Anne’s Par Fortune, exact. I am not that familiar with PF but when I do a professional chart and am not familiar with something, it is time to study. That is how I got familiar with the vertex and the Yod. Clients had these and so there was no fooling around. Now, I am off to study the POF. The closeness of this conjunction and the unusual nature of it makes it an important find.

Part of Fortune: I was surprised to see how often conjunctions and oppositions of one person’s planets or points to another person’s Part of Fortune occurred in the charts of married couples!  The Part of Fortune (POF) is the synthesis of a person’s Ascendant, Sun, and Moon, so perhaps it should not be so surprising. The POF is a point that indicates good fortune. When another person’s planets or points conjunct or oppose your POF, they will likely help you increase your wealth and happiness, and achieve your goals. According to Robert Hand, the POF is also an indicator of the physical body and its relationships with the social world. Thus, it makes sense that POF aspects in synastry are often found in the synastry charts of married couples.

I think we have our answer here. Henry brought good fortune to Anne, at least in the beginning of the story.

Just an interesting note about the Houses of the Part of Fortune. It is in Anne’s 6th House, which is the House of Service and health. The Jupiter is in Henry’s 10th house which is the public House of society and career. Hence, he brings her public fortune but he destroys her, too. He murders her and hence, she pays the ultimate bodily price. The charts never cease to show the whole story, creepy as it may be.

One of my big surprises is that Anne is not a Venus in Gemini because we are the quintessential teases of the Zodiac. However, we are light at heart. I don’t know if we would have the drive to revolutionize a whole kingdom for our own purposes. We just may flit to another flower and call it a day. Anne is a Venus in Aries which does make sense. At first, I read her chart wrong and thought she was a Venus in Pisces. I was flummoxed. A Venus in Pisces is too gentle to do what she did, in my opinion. Venus in Aries makes sense. Venus is in it’s Detriment. This Venus will chase after a man. A male with Venus in Aries will be too passive. There is a reversal here. Hence, Anne combined love with aggression. She waged her own war on the traditions of the day.

Anne’s Elemental Profile fits, too. She is essentially  a Water Void. She has one generational planet in water–Uranus. This makes for Uranus to be a singleton, as well.Singletons can be funky. Uranus as a Singleton could make for a nuclear powered Uranus. Uranus is rebellion. Uranus is listening to no man. A strong Uranus is the quintessential rebel. She was all of the above. Also, people seem to need to prove their Singleton to the world. With Uranus, one may  need to prove one was unique and listened to no man. This does fit for Anne.

The almost water void could make Anne cold and unemotional. People will Water Voids will remind me that they process emotions differently.  I do not disagree. However, a water void will have a lower empathy than a strong water person. I hate to be so honest but I must say what I believe and I try to teach, as well.. Hence, in Anne’s case, her cold hearted war to marry Henry was done from a heart that had a void in emotions.

I look at Anne’s chart and wonder how she had the kind of fortitude to wage this kind of war on an entire kingdom. It was due to Henry’s desire for her that the realm changed from Catholic to Protestant. That was a HUGE change, as you can imagine. The Papacy is a powerful political institution that rules with an iron hand. It is one of the richest institutions in the world, in our day and then. Hence, for the sort of upheaval that Anne sought, she had to have an iron will. Let’s look at that in her chart.

Anne has Pluto in the 4th House. This tells us that she had a violent kind of childhood. If there was not actual violence, there was the feeling of violence. Some homes can have a quiet feeling that violence may erupt at any minute, even though the actual eruptions are few. In any case, it was one or the other with a 4th House Pluto. . If we add her Saturn conjunct the ASC, we know she had to grow up early. She had to be responsible and mature before she was ready. She had an old head on her shoulders.

If we add Chiron in the 2nd, she felt she was poor. One does not need to be poor to feel one is poor. II am an avid reader of the biographies of Jackie O. She felt like she was poor compared to others of her social station. She had a pedigreed bloodline but little money. She married JFK who had lots of money but no pedigree. Jackie would buy expensive clothes and sell them at consignment shops so she could have her own cash. This is not the behavior of a woman who feels money is natural to her.

This is getting so long. I hope you are still with me. Perhaps, I should make it into parts. I will continue here and if it gets too long. I will chop it into parts, later.

Anne has Moon in Libra, which is called the Courtesan’s Moon because the person can have sex with no heart. Moon in Libra is a cold Moon. I know, first hand, from a relative and someone I thought was a friend and betrayed me. One learns Astrology from one’s own life, too. Watch the charts all the time. You will learn valuable insights. At any rate, Anne had a cold Moon .

Anne’s Venus is in the 8th House. This makes her have a sexual intuition that 8th house natives are famous for. She would be able to use sexual wiles to  forward her purposes. That is a nice way to say it.

Uranus in the 8th house can make for a kinky person. Her Uranus is a singleton, as discussed earlier. Hence, she may have been quite,quite  kinky. I bet this was one of her allures.

Anne has Moon conjunct Pallas at 3 degrees. Three degrees is wide but ambient. Pallas is tribal wisdom such as the elder of a tribe would have. Anne was wise, in her own way.

Anne has both Jupiter and the Moon in the 3rd House, as well as Nessus. She was a wonderful communicator. However, she may have used this ability for evil. I bet she had a silver tongue.

Anne has Eris conjunct Mars at 3 degrees. Three degrees is wide but would be ambient. Anne may have had a buzzing kind of feeling about her like she was in the process of stirring up trouble, which we know she was based on history.

Anne has Sun combust mercury at the tail end. Five degrees is so far at the end of the combust that we could say it is not really a combust. The combust is one of the hardest aspects in the entire chart. The exact combust is a truly unfortunate aspect, in my opinion. The person cannot get out of her own way. The person is SUPER, SUPER self centered. I will say it straight out. How are you going to learn if I hide myself under political correctness? Ann does not have an exact combust. Hers is more so the conjunction between Sun and Mercury. This confers great intelligence. I think she had a great intelligence from the accounts we read of her.

Pholus conjunct Juno is very interesting. Juno is the loyal wife. Pholus explodes what it touches. Anne’s role as a wife was literally exploded when she was murdered by her husband. This is one of those strange things we find in charts that make us pause. Every part of the chart matters. Every part of the chart can yield information.

I knew, intuitively, that Anne must have some Fixed Stars. Fixed Stars can be overlooked but they will play out. There are three categories of Fixed Stars–all good, all bad, and conditional on integrity. Reguls is the sign of  royalty. It confers great honors and prestige, beyond one’s wildest dreams. However, if one gives into revenge and other such negative states, one could have a bad, bad fall. Regulus would be what I would call a conditional Fixed star.

Ann has Regulus conjunct her Saturn and her ASC. This is so very amazing. Regulus is the sign of royalty. Regulus conjunct the ASC would be the Fixed Star of a royal, which she was as Queen of England. Regulus conjunct Saturn poses another situation. What conjuncts Saturn is what makes one obsessed. Anne was obsessed with being queen. She worked, tirelessly, to that end. She achieved her goal but lost her life in the process. I am sure as we move on with asteroids, we shall see this written in the chart, as well.

I had to post this because it was so amazing. It is from Dark Star Astrology.


Brave, bloodthirsty, gutsy, ambitious, driven, unstoppable, proud, pompous, majestic, magical, vain, arrogant, egotistical, regal, loyal, poised, famous, flamboyant, fabulous, dashing, flash, outrageous, chivalrous, courteous, conquering, entrepreneurial, outré, controversial, glorious, bold, hot, brutish, sexy, passionate, diva-esque, haughty, naughty, playful, flirty, childlike, extremist, romantic, generous, fanatical, bossy, unhinged, stalker, predatory, man-eater.

I am going to look up some asteroids for Anne’s chart and will do a Part Two, as this is getting really long.



16 thoughts on “Henry Tudor and Anne Boleyn

  1. amiannKristie

    Where did you find the birth information? I was really interested in their synastry one year (after I watched the entire Tudors television series), but the websites I consulted didn’t even know the year of Anne Boleyn’s birth.

  2. amiannBecki

    This is fabulous! combining two rich royal figures. This is the most ancient synastry chart I’ve ever seen lol.
    Towards the end you wrote about saturn representing obsession (where ann’s saturn is conjunct regulus). Did you mean that ? as I thought obsession was more relatable to pluto.. Saturn more restriction and boundaries which could also explain her gruesome downfall esp with regulus involved as you wrote it is conditional on integrity..? It’s also interesting that her nessus conjoined his vertex and she was the one who got her hear lopped off!!

    This is brilliant and of great fascination to me – Thank you!

  3. amiannBecki

    This is fabulous! combining two rich royal figures. This is the most ancient synastry chart I’ve ever seen lol.
    Towards the end you wrote about saturn representing obsession (where ann’s saturn is conjunct regulus). Did you mean that ? as I thought obsession was more relatable to pluto.. Saturn more restriction and boundaries which could also explain her gruesome downfall esp with regulus involved as you wrote it is conditional on integrity..? It’s also interesting that her nessus conjoined his vertex and she was the one who got her hear lopped off!!

    This is brilliant and of great fascination to me – Thank you!- not sure you’ve got the dogs right tho..

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Becki!! Yes, Saturn makes for obsessions in that which it conjuncts. It seems to keep pushing the person to make sense of the asteroid/planet. Hence, it seems to form a kind of obsession

  4. amiannSasha Marks

    Hello Ami,

    As a fellow devotee of Anne Boleyn and an astrologer, I came across your articles on Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII. You do a beautiful analysis but I am compelled to write to you because the birth data you are using is blatantly incorrect.

    For generations historians put Anne’s birth year as 1507 but that has since been adjusted to 1501 due to a letter Anne wrote to her father from the court of Margaret of Austria in 1513 and which could not possibly be written by a six hear old. The earlier birth year would have made her about 12 at that time.
    See Eric Ives The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn. He set that record straight and 1507 is now regarded as an incorrect birth year for Anne.

    Henry VIII was born on June 28 1491 at Greenwich ( Julian calendar) and here is a link to a workable natal chart for him:

    In your article on Henry and Anne I was shocked to see you had a birth date of 14 January 1511 for Henry Tudor. There was indeed a “Henry Tudor” born around that time but he was the infant son of King Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, who was born around New Years Day 1511 and who died as an infant. The astrological information you use for the comparison between Henry and Anne is therefore NOT of the King.

    I have read many of your articles and enjoy them very much. You have a lot of knowledge and a nice writing style and I believe your site to be very valuable. But please, please, verify the accuracy of the birth information on people in history as the astrological analysis is only as good as the birth data.

    I am actually working on a possible natal chart for Anne since there is not one our there at the moment and I will write up my reasoning for it. If you like I can send it to you and I would be happy to see what a fellow fan of Anne Boleyn would think.

    Thank you

    Sasha Marks

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Please, send me the chart. I would love to do an analysis of it, too as well as would really love to read your! I found 2 amazing Ann books on Amazon–works of fiction. It was a series–well 2. I can tell you the names if you want. You go back in time with the author and truly walk in Ann’s shoes.

  5. amiannMarks

    Hi Ami,

    Thank you so much for your kind response to my critique!! I was worried you might be put out by that . Yes I will send you the chart when I am done. I would love to see your analysis of the “real” Anne along with Henry’s chart. You are a very talented writer and I would look forward to what you would make of it.


    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I have not had time to do it. I just get so busy with my finger in so many pies that I have it on the back burner. I am so sorry John. Would you like to do it?

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