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House Rulers–Let’s Have Fun—-Part One

I commend anyone who has gotten through 23 articles on House Rulers. You have distinguished yourself beyond reading Sun signs. Now, we have more work to do before the real fun begins, but we are on our way. I have to enlist the help of James, my dear friend and an ace Astrologer.

I will begin with a brief review and then go on. We care about House Rulers because we want to know which spheres of life are important for each person. We want to know which areas each person values. Moreover, we want to know how each person “weights” the various spheres of life. For some people. they value fast relationships over committed ones. Some people value work over relationships, altogether. Some people value status over their actual careers and relationships. The list goes on, but all can be determined by House Rulers. As we go to the next step, you will see how much more you can discover with House Rulers, under your belt.

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