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The House of Saturn——The Place in Which We Are Wise

I write articles based on my own experience, the experiences of people in my life or those of my clients. I have Saturn in the Second House in Scorpio. I am very practical about money. I am an earth void, so one may think an earth void is not like this. However, I like to think ahead and plan for a “rainy day”, so to speak. I do not think I would put love above money when considering a marriage partner–just being honest here. I think I would be practical first and fall in love later. In this, I am like a Capricorn Moon or Venus. Saturn is Capricorn’s Ruling Planet, so the House in which we have Saturn gives each of us a little “head over heart”. Let’s explore Saturn in the Houses.

First House
The First House Saturn native may be wise about his body. He may choose healthy food and may exercise. He may be wise in all of his physical actions, actually, whether they be in the sexual arena or the sporting one.

Second House
This native will not make foolish choices with money. She will plan for the future. She will be willing to climb the ladder of success from the bottom rung to the top.

Third House
This native will be wise with his words. Words are very powerful. They have the ability to uplift or to destroy. This native has an intuitive understanding of this.

Fourth House

This native will be responsible in her home. She will, likely, take good care of her possessions. Her home will be in order— a place for everything and everything in its place(unlike mine)

Fifth House
This native may struggle to “let loose” and let his inner child out to play and laugh. Creativity may be hard for him. However, he will be responsible when it comes to romance. He will not, likely, be a “love em and leave em” dude. He has too much of a conscience for that.( I would like to infuse this into a few people)

Sixth House
This native may have health struggles of a chronic nature, such as chronic headaches. The native is, likely, responsible about health matters, such as eating a good diet and exercising. He is a very good worker and a tribute to any company in which he is an employee.

Seventh House
This native may marry late. He may learn valuable life lessons through his marriage relationship and become wise about human nature.

Eighth House
This native may be shy sexually. He may feel shy about his body and his passions. As a result, he will be responsible not to toy with the emotions of others, which is a wonderful trait. The Eight house teaches lessons about death, so death may have brought lessons to the native.

Ninth House
This native may struggle to find God. She will, likely, find God due to a relentless search. Then, God may be very precious to her. Saturn in the Ninth may delay higher education, as well. The person may return to school as an adult. She may excel in academitcs and encourage others to do the same.

Tenth House

This native may have delays in career. However, he will be an excellent employee or responsible business owner. He will work for what he gets and will succeed, as a result of his hard work.

Eleventh House

This native may be shy in groups. If not,her hopes and dreams may be delayed. If she perseveres, she may become a group leader. If she perseveres, she may find her hopes and dreams later in life.

Twelve House

This native may feel “left out” of life. She may struggle to simply feel she fits in. If she can overcome this, she will, likely, be the person to include others who feel left out, as well. I like when someone overcomes their own struggles and offers a helping hand to others. This is really what it is all about!

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    @Ami Chronic and high levels of inflammation, Acid Reflux, Chronic Migraines, Some other things which I need to keep am eye on. My doc thinks I could have a stroke

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