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Five Quick Ways To Identify a Player From the Natal Chart

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1. A 5th House Stellium–A stellium is 3 or more planets in a House.

2. These planets should NOT be in the stellium—Saturn and Chiron. If they are, he is unlikely to be a player

3. Planets in the 5th House that strongly make him a player—Jupiter, Mars, Uranus, Pluto, Sun, Moon, Venus

4. The RULERS of the planets are, most likely, from 5th House( it’s own House), the 7th House, the 8th House, the 10th House and the 12th House.

5. In the above instances, the person is using romance to take the place of other life activities. He is using romance/playing to take the place of actual intimacy. Actual intimacy is the 8th House. A serious relationship is the 7th House. Career is the 10th House, Mysticism and creativity is the 12th House. For the player, he subsumes these activities/interests/passions in favor of quick romance and quick sexual affairs.

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