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How To Keep Yourself Safe From a Predator?

red legs girlI will say something you won’t like. Many times, the shrewdest person cannot see through a predator. I had an employee who turned out to be a sociopath. I could never have seen it coming, not in a million years.She was the most genuine appearing person. I am very perceptive but she gave no clue. In these cases, you need God to show you. He will. God knows what is behind the surface of things. Even with her, there were signs but they were not huge red flags. She was being sued for defamation or slander. She said the other person was a nut. In time, she treated a family member badly. She extorted and lied. However, without these signs, I would never have known.

The take away is that if a sociopath is that good, you can’t know, unless by Divine intervention. I had another situation where Divine Intervention saved me. This time, I had signs but I did not heed them. I was too innocent and too vulnerable. God swooped down and simply prevented me from wreckage. I think of what could have happened to me and I cringe. I am one fortunate person. God loves us so much. That should be another take away lesson.

Lets say that the sociopath is not that good, unlike the girl above, then you can protect yourself with certain methods. I will share them, here.

1. Trust your gut

In most cases, something will not ring true. Something will trigger your inner alarm bell. Most of the time, people will say that they knew something was not right, but they would not listen.

2. Realize that what seems too good to be true is.

This is a tough one because we all want fairy tales to be true. That is why they are so beloved. However, they are not true, in most cases. You see, I still hold out hope 😀 .

I think God can make your dreams come true. However, you have to commit your life to Him. You have to be close enough to Him to figure out what is His will and what are your desires. If you can do this, you should be safe 99% of the time.

3. Know your own weaknesses

Know your own vulnerabilities. A predator will figure this out fast. They have a lightening radar for vulnerability. They will know you better than you know yourself. This is one of the main ways that they take advantage of you. If you need lots of TLC, they will give it. If you need lots of ego stroking, they will give it. If you need lots of reassurance, they will give it. They will become your dream lover. Most everyone who is fooled by a predator says that this person was the person of their dreams. That is because a predator can figure out your dreams and give them to you. In time, they will become your worst nightmare. Many women were lucky to escape with their lives, having lost much of their property and wealth.

4. Love yourself with flaws

When we hate ourselves, we can be manipulated by both praise and criticism. No one will get perfect love for themselves, but we can try to love ourselves, warts and all.

5. Have a relationship with God where He can speak into your life

If you are heading for trouble, God will give you signs. If doors keep closing, don’t push through them. I have never seen a case of this work out well. There is a Divine Force guiding us. He will show us the way. We can hear, if we listen. This point is the best one for avoiding trouble. Learn to hear God’s voice. Distinguish it from your own. Distinguish it from the voice of other people. This pursuit will be well worth the effort. It may just be the life preserver you need when the waters seek to overwhelm you.


Thank you, Lon for giving us this song recommendation. It is purrfect.



14 thoughts on “How To Keep Yourself Safe From a Predator?

  1. amiannMel

    Bless you for posting this.
    This is something I’ve been contemplating heavily recently.
    “The Sociopath Next Door” is a book I highly recommend. The first chapter is a slightly academic and dry (written by a PhD, what do you expect? Haha) but if you can make it to the 2nd, you wopuit down!
    Trust is hard, so I’ve taken to saying “obey your gut,” it helps

  2. amiannLon Spector

    Sociopaths need love too. You can give them your love without giving them your
    Incidently, the best song I ever heard about a sociopath was a satirical song titled:
    “Hey There Little Red Riding hood,” by Sam Sham and the Pharo’s

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      So true. People do forget that Satan came as an angel of light. When you are taken down, it is usually with someone of beauty, in some way, beauty of looks or beauty of spirit.

  3. amiannJ.L.W

    It is an interesting area and although I consider this post very on the mark I don’t know whether I explicitly agree that as a whole we cannot see into others. I think perhaps some of us cannot, and that perhaps it is an ability you are less likely to have if you are strongly attached to positive spirituality. (Perhaps those guiding forces have other priorities? Or the language they speak doesn’t lend well to discovering malevolence? Also, sometimes if you are really aware of negativity you cannot be doing the same positive things you would normally be doing. Also, the positive person has to address what is in their lives to some extent. I think that those who see these things and don’t address it perhaps lose bits of their soul) But I do not think it is how everyone experiences things.

    I knew a guy, not well, but he was a Cancer,Sun, opposing Neptune, and had many interesting placements. One of them was Mars retrograde in Capricorn in the seventh and if he was angry at you… Damn, I would take the anger of everyone else at the workplace instead of his. He just had this passive aggression that deflated a person.

    I think he could easily see through people, and he could see malevolent people as though they were wearing big hats shaped in rude ways. I really do. I mean I suppose I do not know the guy that well but just a comment here and there tells me there was something going on there.

    There are different factors that influence it. For instance, obviously a guy is more likely to be on the lookout for malevolence than a woman, they just confront things more and are less easily swayed by emotion/ estrogen, and they seem to have less of a stake in things being positive in general. Those with more brothers and sisters see things in people I think. Perhaps certain astrological factors. Like, I have Pluto in the seventh, sometimes discovering things about other people is an intense and sudden experience as though my energy field is keyed to it and so obviously, I learn as I go. I have found Jupiter in the seventh also quite insightful. Also those who already have a sociopathic leaning themselves. Well there is absolutely no fooling these people, and you do get people with that genetic tendency trying to be good people.

  4. amiannE

    My two cents here: be very aware of your personal transits for this one. Certain transits will signal times of life where you are destined to be victimized or mislead. Neptune transiting the 7th house is a big one. Especially if you also have natal Neptune in hard aspect to Sun and/or Venus. In fact, if you have natal Neptune in hard aspect, you can pretty much assume you will be targeted throughout your life. It’s pretty common to be a victim of a con, whether it’s in your personal life or otherwise, so don’t feel embarrassed if this happens, just plan on being more self protective in the future!

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