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Israel’s Right To Her Land——–For Dummies

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I like the “For Dummies” series of books. There is something comforting about thinking you can approach a difficult topic like car mechanics with a simple and fun book. 

The topic of Israel’s right to her land does not need a For Dummies book because it is very simple. It is so simple that I can explain it in a few steps.

I have had the SAME discussion with all sorts of Israel haters. Each one, to a man, agrees with the historical facts of Israel’s right to her land.

However, each and every one left the discussion with the same hate for Israel. *Sigh*

I have seen this time and time again.

It is a spiritual problem, not an intellectual one. People who hate Israel hate her because they have a spiritual blindness. Only God can remove those blinders

I have seen these blinders removed,  in many cases.

However, man cannot take off the blinders from the eyes of another man. I have learned that, as well. One can only present the facts and pray for the people.

This article is not about the spiritual but the political, so I will go onto that. I needed to give the above information as to why people would reject clear, black and white historical facts in favor of blindness.

I think I told you why and now I will move on to the topic.

How Israel Got Her Land

1. There was a Holocaust. There was no place for the Jews to go, so they were murdered in the millions.

2.Chaim Weitzmann gave his invention of the chemical formula for acetone to England in return for a parcel of land in the Middle east which England owned.

3. England divided up the parcel of land between the Arabs and the Jews. The Arabs picked first and picked the bigger piece of land. This was called Jordan.

4. The Jews got the leftover smaller piece.

5. The Jews made their sliver of land turn into an oasis. Israel feeds the Middle east and produces as many  flowers as Holland for the entire world.

Israel is a mecca in every technology and every other form of man’s achievements.

It is a center of light in the Middle East. It is the only place in the Middle east where all people are free because it is a democracy.

6. As soon as Israel became a state, she was invaded by her surrounding Arab enemies.

7. No country can defeat her, then or now because God upholds her. However, they try.

8. Back to the Palestinians, they were thugs from Jordan who got kicked out into refugee camps. They are not any sort of ancient people. That is a lie. They are Jordanians whom Jordan did not want.

9. These fake Palestinian people are used by the Arabs and the Anti Semites to wage war on Israel.

10. The hatred of Israel is Anti-Semitic. The Israel hater is the Jew hater. No one can refute these historical facts.


I will end with this. Bible Prophecy will play out. All nations will come against Israel. Each nation and each person will choose with whom they will ally themselves. The spiritual war is between the ancient brothers Ishameal and Isaac.  I am a teacher, by nature. I can only teach. It is up to the heart of each man to reject or accept. Now, you know the truth. What you do with it is between you and God.




Lyn found a great article

Isaac and Ishmael: The Origin of Middle East Conflict and the Foundation for Understanding Eschatology

22 thoughts on “Israel’s Right To Her Land——–For Dummies

      1. amiannGillies

        Isreals they’re like the Muslimites. You persecute the innocent Muslimites and so you are condoning the mistreatment of the Isralies, as well.

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            That does not deal with the facts in this article. If you want to discuss the subject, you need to deal with the historical faces, Gee Gee Gillespe.

  1. amiannLon Spector

    Why do you joust with the Anti-semitic nitwits? Are you a glotten from punishment?
    This vermin has it’s own websites. You will NEVER change them.
    Only Christ will change them at His bloody Second Comming.

  2. amiannLon Spector

    The posting about sociopaths above: Are you aware that my posting is still in “moderation?”
    I don’t see anything particularly controversal about what I said!
    I detest “moderation.” It’s a tool for censorship!
    RE your new forum: All forums are social. And my “Christian” viewpoints are NOT considered
    “Christian” by many. My appearence on the forum would only cause strife, division and drive
    people away. I simply lack the social skills, and I’m my own person. I wish you luck with it

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I meant, do YOU want to help me by being a Moderator on my Forum? I am sorry about the comments in Moderation. The web guy told me that my site is super susceptible to trolls and hacking because of the nature of it, so the new web design has more protection. I have about 5 people try to hack it a day, so they did this with the comments, I guess. I am sorry 🙁

  3. amiannLon Spector

    I’m not refering to the initial phrase: “These comments are being moderated.”
    I talking about the comments STILL being held in moderation, many hours, or days after
    the fact.
    I’ve written some postings that STILL haven’t been released from moderation. Are you aware
    of that? Do you personally review each and every comment that is posted to see which you
    want to delete, or does someone else?
    I stopped going on the forum for lack of response because I didn’t want to waste my energy
    communicating with people I was alienating. People communicate with the idea of recieving
    feedback, even if it’s one or two lines. My pirorieties are different from the “kids” that post
    on the Forum, so there is a “failure to communicate.” This has been my experience on most
    of the sites I have visited in the brief time I’ve known how to use the computer. Everyone
    has their own personal agenda, and either they get angry or non-responsive if a person
    disagrees with their viewpoints.
    I trust you to moderate my viewpoints, but not a stranger. Try to be more attentive of the
    statements I post. They may seem strange, but they are NEVER obscene.

  4. amiannLon Spector

    RE: Israel.
    Fear not! God has His predetermined unchangeable plans for Israel.
    Sure, many have to die. It’s unavoidable. When have people NOT had to die?
    There will come a time when 2/3rd’s of the population of Israel will be wiped out.
    But the 1/3rd WILL survive, and that will push the envelope of propracy further.

  5. amiannLon Spector

    You simply can’t expect almighty God to jettison His predetermined plans and
    behave in ways that make sense to you!
    The Jews WILL ALWAYS have to undergo tormenting treatment until Christ returns!
    Sure, Christ died for ALL the world’s sins. Everyone has a role in placing Christ on the
    tree, BUT the Jews have MORE of A role!
    You’ve read the Gospel of John, (Which many regard has being Anti-Semetic, for a
    variety of reasons.) When Pilate asked the crowd “What then shall I do with Jesus,
    who is called the “Christ?” The crowd responded, “Let HIS BLOOD BE ON US AND OUR

  6. amiannLon Spector

    You have to understand that Paul said that “God concluded them (Jews) in disbelief
    so He could have mercy upon ALL.” (Gentiles)
    Jews were ALWAYS accorded first status when it came to salvation. After all, they ARE
    the Chosen People. But God wanted to extend salvation to the entire world.
    The way God works, He has to seemingly take away from one, to give to the other.
    One must decrease so that another can increase. Imagine a cruise ship with reserved
    exclusive seats. But the seats go unfilled because the people are unaware the ship is to set
    sale. They miss their booking. So other people fill the seats. That’s the case of the Jews.
    They had FIRST RIGHTS to the seats, but they NEVER boarded the ship. The Gentiles
    took their place. (Like the Gentiles being grafted unto the Fig Tree)
    The Jews will resume their primary status but ONLY until after the “Fullness of the Gentiles”
    is brought in.”
    Since we have the Moslem world, the Hindu world, the Chinese world, and the rest of the
    Asian world, you can see it’s going to take a great number of decades before all these
    unconverted “worlds” are brought in.

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