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Loyal Mars

girl black and white wedding dressPeople seem to love( or hate) my Loyal Moons article, so here I am with a companion. I know that I learned a great deal from my Loyal Moons articles. Some of the people who took offense to my characterization of the Aquarius Moon spoke to me in tones I could hear. Maybe, I brought down my level of defensiveness a bit, but all in all, I know that I learned and I hope you did, too.

I am not the final authority of Astrology. I do not call myself a master. I am a humble, almost  seven year student of Astrology. However, more than that, I am very curious and I love Astrology with a passion. If my articles spark discussion and we all learn something new, I am happy.

Onto Loyal Mars. This love fest has to come to an end,  so I will proceed to get myself in trouble with Mars. I cannot speak to every Mars the same way I cannot speak to every Moon. I learn from my own experience and those of whom I am honored to do charts. I do have  quite a bit of experience with certain Mars signs. Let me start with those. I am a Cancer Mars. Cancer Mars  is  Mars in it’s Fall, making it somewhat of an impotent fellow. Men with Cancer Mars are not the most aggressive of men  *Cough* *Sputter*

Women with Cancer Mars can get away with inertia because we are the weaker sex. I have not needed to chase, speaking from my own experience. However, beyond the realm of amor, there are other passions  ruled by Mars. Mars rules any desire, whether it be for sex or career. Mars rules one’s personal manner and form  of assertion in any situation in which assertion is needed. This could range from a simple setting of boundaries to a blow to the head of your opponent, figurative or literal.

With Cancer Mars, assertion is difficult. However, Cancer Mars  is the consummate mother bird. If any of it’s nestlings are hurt, Cancer Mars will be as fierce as  the strongest Mars, which is Scorpio, in my opinion. I have to add that  a Cancer Mars in the 12th House may not fit this paradigm. I have experienced this with one of my relatives. However, as a general rule, Cancer Mars is not to be provoked  when she loves someone. Conversely, if you betray her, her blood can run as cold  as ice and she can cut you off without a single good bye.

You know I must touch on my single  favorite Mars in men–Mars in Scorpio. Mars in Scorpio is the penultimate Mars. I like that word. It is almost as awesome as the Mars itself. Why is Mars in Scorpio do darn purrfect? Any Mars wants to achieve his goals. This goes for  the clanky Mars in Cancer to the  dreamy, artistic  Mars in Pisces to the penultimate  Mars in Scorpio. The difference is in how.  Any Mars in Scorpio will be very sexy, regardless of  other placements. The ever so industrious Virgo Sun will still be a lady killer if he has Mars in Scorpio. You  just have to look a little harder.

I lost track of my subject, which is Loyal Mars. Mars in Scorpio is the perfect companion to Mars in Cancer because they  both view loyalty in the same way. Both would die for those whom they love. If not die,  both would  come  closer than  any Mars sign , perhaps with the exception of Mars in Aries, who  would be more likely to die for a cause. Hence, in my famous rankings, I would rate Mars in Cancer and Mars in Scorpio as the top Mars for personal loyal

I would put Mars in Aries second, just for the fact that he is more cause oriented than personally oriented but he will be extremely personally loyal, as well.

I do not have much experience with Mars in Taurus, Virgo or Sagittarius. I will await your responses on those.

Mars in Gemini can be loyal but I wonder if he can stay loyal. Gemini, in general, is King of the Short Attention span.

Mars in Leo can strut his stuff. If there is a cock in the rooster house, it is Leo Mars. He can stand up. He can be counted. He is very glamorous in all that he does. I want to take my hat off to this Mars because he deserves if for staying power, loyalty and guts. This goes out to Samuel–my favorite Leo Mars. I hope he will allow me my usual Mars in Scorpio rant. You know I can’t help it :D

Mars in Libra is in the Detriment. This Mars has a very hard time making a decision or choosing a course of action. This is due to the fact that Libra sees all sides of the coin. Libra, also, loves harmony. Libra is perfection in Venus but a no-show in Mars. I would not count on a Libra Mars to have my back in a time of need. I would not count on him to choose the restaurant–Chinese or Italian.

Mars in Pisces is too dreamy to be of much earthy good. I exaggerate, of course, but this Mars is a denizen of the next dimension, as are all Pisces placements.

Mars in Aquarius is one of the few Aquarius placements I like, personally. I do not warm up to Aquarius Sun or Moon. I can tolerate the Ascendent. However, Aquarius seems to reach its zenith in Mars and Venus. Aquarius seems to be the best of itself in these placements. It seems to truly be a citizen of the world. I think Mars in Aqua is loyal but perhaps not foxhole loyal as is Mars in Scorpio. His loyalty may be conditional on JUST how hard it is. If it is too hard, he may walk away( rationalizations intact, of course. He is an Aqua, after all)

Mars in Capricorn rivals Mars in Scorpio but Mars in Capricorn will do in the boardroom what Mars in Scorpio does in the bedroom. When you think Mars in Capricorn, think Steve Jobs. He may not have had this Mars but he should have.



18 thoughts on “Loyal Mars

  1. amiannLinda

    Hi Ami,
    I am a Cancer Mars in the 12th House, but I can be as fierce as the strongest Mars (Scorpio) when one of my nestlings are hurt. Even stronger, cause I have got a Scorpio Moon 🙂

  2. amiannsessybeate26

    I have a scorpio mars as you know 😉
    Fiercly loyal where I choose to be so. But, it must feel right or I will drift or let the person drift away. Once fixed upon staying nothing in this world or any other can change my mind.

  3. amiannsnoopie23

    i’m mars in pisces… yowser it’s hard to stay in this particular reality…
    I really try hard to give good estimates on how long something will take to do.. but even when i think I give a good-time margin and double it, I still get it wrong.
    I prefer tune-in-to-your-feelings o’clock… and do what’s right/good/synchronises with everyone… and trust… give a guideline margin not a definite- you cannot always plan and always know how things are going to be exactly… we have to be flexible ’cause Go(o)d always throws in his two cents… 🙂 and sometimes if we’re not open/flexi- we can miss something really good.
    I know, I can imagine Virgo shaking his/her head and thinking me a little impractical 🙂 x

  4. amiannAngel

    I am Mars in Virgo and have never been in a serious relationship, not because I can’t be loyal, but because of other factors that can be explained with chart aspects.
    Not that I don’t want to be in a relatuonship, I do, but I have to see that the other person truly respects himself, like in a Cappy way – having integrity. I like when I see a person that is stable despite everyrhing he may feel is wrong about him /her, actually, I’m a male/.
    These, of course are things I’m trying to develop for myself as well and I am ready to be loyal to someone in whom I can acknowledge those and other likebale traits for me.
    As a Virgo Mars, this usually requires time, but in the end one has to be sure why he is devoting oneself to another, and in return acceping the heart of the other as one’s own.

  5. amiannAzaria

    Feb 14 2000 1:43 pm
    I know my mars is aries. I just want to understand the meaning of the degrees more than what’s online if that’s possible.

  6. amiannbaby

    my man is mars in scorpio and i am mars in capricorn. think how our s*x life would be . evry time i amlike dammnnn. and can u tell our compatibility level.

  7. amiannSifu

    I know two mars in scorpio, one of them is my dad and other my bestie. And i know both of them help me at extremes. These are the two persons i can rely upon with my closed eyes. My bestie love me so much , he is a venus in taurus too.i really wanna know one thing is that we r clearly in love, but he keeps on saying he cant be in rs but he dont want to hurt me. He has a gf , but still he shows me more love than her. I wanna know why he says so.

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